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3 Simple, Effective Tips to Treat Dry Lips

3 Simple, Effective Tips to Treat Dry Lips

It’s time to chuck that pesky chap stick away – it’s not the be-all and end-all solution for your burning lips. You can look forward properly pucker up with these 3 simple, effective tips to treat your dry, chapped lips by the team at Tropika Club

Why your lips get dry easily 

Your lips are one of the most delicate parts of your body; the skin on the rest of your body is almost three times thicker. So when your mother asks you to not lick your chapped lips, she’s right. Your saliva dries off easily, and there are no sweat glands on your lips to help maintain the moisture on your lips. Wondering how you can retain your luscious lips? Here are some tips for you: 

3 Simple, Effective Tips to Treat Dry Lips

3 Easy Ways to Cure Dry Lips 

1. Stay hydrated 

This goes without saying. If you’re feeling your lips are beginning to flake, it might be a good time to pour yourself a good tall glass of sky juice. 

3 Simple, Effective Tips to Treat Dry Lips
2. Know what’s on your lips 

Whether if it’s a lipstick or a lip balm, take a closer look on the ingredients list. Some of the products you use could have irritants that cause dry lips. One general rule: you may want to avoid lip balms as they might contain ingredients that dry out your lips, such as camphor, phenol, and menthol. 

You can try switching to moisturising lipsticks, or lip balms with moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. You might also want to get lipsticks or lip balms with SPF protection, which can help protect your lips from UV damage, which can dry out your lips. 

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3. Splurge on a humidifier 

Okay, maybe you don’t have to get a fancy one. But if you have chronic dry lips and you’re often living or working in an air-conditioned environment, this could be the way to go. They help add moisture to the air, preventing your lips from drying up. You can try sleeping with your humidifier on, which could improve the quality of your sleep too. 

If nothing works and it hurts badly, you may want to get tropical steroids to treat it. You can just buy them over the counter first, or those with a 1 per cent hydrocortisone formula. Always, always remember to read the instructions. Consult a doctor if you’re still having a bad case of chapped lips, so you can get the right medication. 



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