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5 Tips For Getting Used To Going Back To Work

When was the last time you saw your beloved (or otherwise) colleagues? It feels like we ended some fever dream as more of Singapore head back the office. While some see it as a return to form, where one can once again have spirited discussions and collaborations at work, others lament the hectic commute and another huge change in routines. As we adapt to staggered hours, shift or split team arrangements, and unsightly, but necessary, decor changes in our offices, Tropika Club offers 5 tips for getting used to going back to work, so you can have a smooth return to the office.


  1. Ask to Work from Home if You Can
  2. Share How You’re Feeling
  3. Bring Lunch to Work
  4. Limit Sharing of Tech and Stationery
  5. Be Kind to Yourself

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1. Ask to work from home if you can

Not wanting to have that smooth return to the office just yet? If you’re still worried about the risk of exposure of COVID-19, you can ask your managers, or the persons-in-charge, to see if you have the option to continue with doing remote work. Even with Singapore’s relatively low infection rates, it’s best to stay home to avoid infection. After all, tech giants Google and Facebook stated that they’re letting most employees stick to remote work 2020 to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

2. Share How You’re Feeling

COVID-19 has affected each and one of us. Chances are, your colleagues and managers are feeling the same. In a survey of over 500 Singaporeans back in August, 59 per cent of them indicated that they weren’t comfortable with returning to their offices.

So there’s no need to feel embarrassed since remote work has improved organisational resiliency. You can raise any concerns you might have with your higher-ups. If you think that your employer has breached the Singaporean government’s Requirements for Safe Management Measures at the Workplace, you use SnapSAFE to report workplace safety and health issues to the Ministry of Manpower.



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