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6 Great Tips on Getting Things Done, No Excuses

Year after year, we think that we have learned time management, but there are still loads of missions that we want to accomplish in life. Hence, perhaps the key to doing great things lies not with time management, but attention management. Instead of scheduling every minute of your day around to-do lists, why not approach work from another perspective? In this article by Tropika Club, we are doing to deep dive into how to get things done skilfully by paying the right attention. 

1. Do Not Procrastinate 

Procrastination typically means putting off until a later time or date. However, it is more than just voluntarily delaying your task or work. Procrastination is also derived from the ancient Greek word “Akrasia”, which is the doing of something against our better judgement. This self-awareness is a critical factor of why delaying or procrastinating things makes us feel inadequate and guilty. When we postpone and delay our tasks, we are not only feeling that we are avoiding something that we are compelled to do, but we are wrong and bad by not doing it now. While procrastination is irrational and comes with negative consequences, we do it anyway. The way around it? Do it now. Do a quick mental check to see if the task on hand is essential. If it is, do it immediately. 



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