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6 Reasons Why Facials are Great for Men

For the uninitiated, facials are an extravagance better suited to women than the average Joe, but that kind of thinking is wrong. Think of these like haircuts: you trust a professional to cut your own hair, why not do the exact same for your own face?

The reason is that your skin is fickle. No matter how much you clean your face or how often you slather on lotion, the skin on your face may go crazy at the drop of a hat. As it does, you may not know exactly what to do. That is where an aesthetician comes in. They are trained professionals who understand exactly what to do to make you look much better. Here is Tropika Club’s complete beginner’s guide to facials. Find out why a facial is a great routine or regime for you, and where are the great facial salons that are male-friendly and will give you that glow that will get both girls and guys talking. 

What Is A Facial?

While there are lots of facial trends that come and go, generally, a professional facial treatment involves a few standard skin care steps. According to the National Institute for Biotechnology Information, those steps are as follows: cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extractions, mask, massage, and facial moisturiser. Basically, a facial is a one-stop-shop for bettering your complexion—whatever that may mean for you. It may sound similar to the routine you follow in your home, but where your at-home regimen is like washing your car, a facial is like going to the car wash.

The most important difference between the facial skin you get at a spa and one you get at the dermatologist’s office is the downtime. The type of treatment an aesthetician does tends to have more short term outcomes. They’re not medical procedures, where the type of facial remedies a dermatologist does might have more long term impact.” This does not indicate that one is far better than the other, just they’re suited for different things. An aesthetician is for maintenance just like brushing your teeth; a dermatologist is to get a few times annually, such as getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist,” he states.

6 Reasons Why Facials are Great for Men

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