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6 Tips to Enjoy Alcohol while Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Let’s set it straight from the get-go that the tips provided by OMNI Strength & Performance in this article won’t give you a free pass to drink bottles upon bottles of alcohol, and still look and feel the way you want to. They will, however, teach you a few tricks of the trade so you can sustain a balanced lifestyle (and that means not beating yourself up if you have a few extra drinks once in a while) and continue to achieve all your fitness goals. This article is curated by Tropika Club in conjunction with the Core Collective.

Let’s start off by gaining a better understanding of why excessive alcohol consumption isn’t ideal and how it can affect your fitness progress: 

Why Excessive Alcohol Consumption is Bad for Your Fitness

Impairs muscle growth 

Excessive alcohol consumption in the long term will throw off hormonal balance and also interfere with muscle recovery and regeneration after exercise. Ultimately, these can cause a major setback in our body’s ability to generate gains. 

Barrier to fat loss

Since alcohol contains energy value (1gr equals to 7kcal), it can be a barrier to fat loss if consumed excessively. Calories from alcohol will take priority as fuel in the body over other fuel sources because its byproduct, acetate, is toxic. Put simply, when you consume alcohol, your usual fuel source – fats – will stop burning until you’ve burned all the alcohol off. This isn’t ideal if fat loss is the main goal. 

Affects training and performance 

Whether or not alcohol consumption affects your training and performance is entirely dependent on the dosage. This is why your trainer will often let you off the hook if you report to drinking within a reasonable standard. 

Excessive alcohol consumption, however, has the ability to inhibit mental focus after ingestion. Reduced focus can affect your training performance, and suboptimal training performance results in suboptimal stimulus. 

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