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7 Kinds of Hair Removal for the Gentleman

55 percent of men admit to having felt embarrassed by their body hair. And this feeling of humiliation does not just affect their self-image. One-third of the surveyed men say they have avoided swimming because of their body hair while one-fourth have avoided going to the gym. And the effects don’t stop there. One-fifth state that their body hair has negatively affected their sex life. Do not allow your body hair to keep you from loving your body or enjoying life. Keep reading this article on hair removal by Tropika Club to discover the different kinds of hair removal methods.

1. Shaving

If you’ve never attempted hair removal before, shaving might be the best alternative for you.Shaving entails using a razor to remove hair from the surface of your skin. If you’re a guy, you have probably shaved your facial hair before. The method is the same for shaving away other hair on your body.

Always use shaving cream and a post-shave lotion to reduce irritation. Bear in mind that both irritation and in-grown hairs are 7 common with shaving, especially in sensitive areas like pubic hair.

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2. Waxing

Another one of the more popular forms of baldness is waxing. This is the procedure of applying a sticky substance to the hair. When the sticky material is removed quickly, it requires the body hair and its origin with it.

There are two main waxing methods, hard wax, and strip wax. A difficult wax is traditionally done in a salon. This is a peelable wax that is applied thickly onto your skin. This approach is used for sensitive areas, like the face, underarms, and pubic region. A strip wax is a waxing method which can be done from home. These kits have a strip which comprises wax substance prepared to be put onto your skin and peeled off.

Waxing generally lasts three to five weeks depending on the method used and the body area.

3. Sugaring

While lots of individuals consider waxing and sugaring to be the same thing, there are significant differences between these hair removal methods.A sugar wax is a wax alternative made with pure cane sugar, lemon juice, and sea salt. The all-natural ingredients are safe enough to eat, making sure that you’re not putting any harmful chemicals on your body.

It is possible to use a kit safely at home, providing results for up to eight months. Start by applying a thin layer of sugar wax on your skin then firmly employ an epilating strip. Instantly remove the strip and wash off any remaining wax from the skin.

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4. Threading

Threading is a hair removal method that’s grown in popularity in recent years. It is most commonly used for facial or wavy hair, but the concept can be applied to any area of the body hair.

The method is considered virtually painless, though it can be a lengthy procedure. This approach lasts for two to six weeks. Lots of people with sensitive skin opt for threading because it doesn’t involve putting anything in your skin except for a sanitary cotton string.

5. Depilatory Creams

Have you heard the term depilation and are wondering what is depilation? Essentially, depilation is the removal of hair above the surface of the skin. This is commonly linked to shaving or trimming. However, there are also depilatory creams that provide the very same results. These creams are applied over the part of the body you want to remove hair from. The formulation in the cream then dissolves any hair that it comes in contact with.

While this method is basically painless, you may feel a slight tingling sensation while it’s applied to the skin. When the tingling turns to burning or irritation, wash off the formula immediately. Some folks find that their skin is sensitive to those lotions. Since this method only removes the hair on top of the skin’s surface, it continues around the same time as shaving.

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6. Electrolysis

This system involves a professional passing an electrical current through your hair follicles using a small needle. Electrolysis requires follow-ups every week for several weeks. Experts recommend anywhere between fifteen and thirty procedures for permanent hair removal.

7. Laser Hair Removal

With this method, a laser is used to emit light on particular areas of your body. The light transfers to heat energy, which then damages the hair follicles within your skin. Once damaged, any existing hair falls off and any additional growth is prevented. To get the desired results, you’ll generally need between six to twelve sessions. While the results can be permanent, lots of men and women follow up with you to two sessions annually. To find out more about the top-notch hair removal salons in Singapore for guys, check our article on Top Hair Removal Salons for Males in Singapore.


As you now know, there are lots of different types of hair removal methods.

Prepare for spring and try several of these methods yourself. Don’t get frustrated if the first couple of methods you try are not functioning as desired — everyone’s body reacts differently to hair removal methods. It can take some trial and error, but these methods is bound to provide the results you’re looking for.

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