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Allantoin Is The Silent Helper Your Skin Needs

Blink, and you might miss this ingredient on that bottle of cleanser you’re buying. Allantoin is more common than you might think. Some K-Beauty experts are taking notice of this unsung skincare hero. But what can allantoin do to your skin, especially when you have sensitive skin? Tropika Club finds out more about allantoin below.

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What is Allantoin?

No, it’s not a new café opening in Tiong Bahru. Allantoin, or aluminium dihydroxy allantoinate, is named after allantois, a structure involved in the exchange of nutrients and waste for developing embryos. It exists in nature as an extract from comfrey leaves, and the comfrey plant is native to the temperate climates of Asia, North America, and Europe. The uric acid in cells can also produce allantoin.

But some plants, animals, and microbes can produce it as well. You can find traces of allantoin in tobacco seeds, beets, chamomile, and wheat sprouts. However, even if it’s a substance that occurs in nature, the allantoin compound in skin care products today are usually artificial and comes in the powder form.

What can allantoin do?

The lab-created allantoin is just as powerful as its natural counterpart. It’s a pretty versatile compound, used as an active ingredient for a wide variety of cosmetic applications. So far, some studies suggest that allantoin has antioxidising, exfoliating, and wrinkle-smoothing properties. Allantoin also proved to prevent transepidermal water loss, as well as stimulate collagen production. With its ability to promote collagen production, it’s a potent anti-aging ingredient, in addition to being a potent antioxidant.

Allantoin is great for acne scars too. It has skin-soothing properties as well and helps with anti-inflammation and hydration. That’s why you can find it in sun care, lip products, and anti-acne products; it prevents the skin from chapping, and heal small wounds.

It’s also effective in promoting cell proliferation. This helps with rejuvenating dull skin, as it stimulates the skin to exfoliate itself, rather than having it repair itself. With allantoin, it exfoliates the dead skin cells at upper layers of the skin as it supports cell regeneration, allowing the new skin to more easily transit to the top layer. That’s another way you can get youthful skin with allantoin.

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Can you use allantoin?

Allantoin is a gentle ingredient, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. Since it’s a calming agent, allantoin is worth considering, especially if you have dry and itchy skin. It works with most skin types and a range of skin conditions as well.

Though you’d have to be careful of allergic reactions to the ingredient, especially in its natural form as it contains toxins. A severe allergic reaction to allantoin is rare. However, if you experience side effects such as itching, skin irritation, redness, stinging, and burning, stop using it immediately and see a doctor. Do keep a lookout for unusual skin reactions too, such as when it turns white, soft, or soggy.

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3 Allantoin Products to Get 

Here are some products you could add to your skin care routines to get the amazing skin benefits of allantoin.

1. Dermalogica Super Rich Repair Moisturizer

Give your dry, dehydrated skin a break. This heavy cream restores the skin’s natural moisture levels to improve the skin’s defences. Packed with Shea Butter and Oil of Evening, it further complements the ability of allantoin to reduce the oxidative stress of the body by defending against free radical damage. Meanwhile, the peptides and the acid-free smoothing complex inside the moisturiser enhances skin resilience and tone.

2. Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber with Soothing Allantoin 

Soothe your skin with this two-step rubber mask inspired by cryotherapy – lowering the skin’s temperature to increase blood flow and absorption of active ingredients. The cool rubber mask prevents the active ingredients from evaporating, and the allantoin supports the skin’s healing process. This skincare product also has Tiger grass to ease redness and irritation.

3.  Peach & Lily Wild Dew Treatment Essence 

Here’s a quick and easy fix for your skins hydration needs. This essence sinks fast ad deeper into your skin. It’s chock-full of fast-acting extracts in addition to allantoin: lotus extract that’s rich in antioxidants, radish leaf extract for nourishment, and bamboo extract for extra protection. It also contains niacinamide for brighter skin, adenosine to firm up your skin, as well as anti-ageing yeast ferment.

We need your help! Do you know any other noteworthy products that deserve to be added to this list? If so, do write to us via our email at [email protected]. Tropika Club will do a review of your recommendations and update the list accordingly.

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