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Author: Benedict Lim

A curious wanderlust at heart, Benedict is always out to explore the world around him, and share his discoveries.

For Father's Day 2021, Tropika Club takes a look at a wide range of goodies that could become perfect gifts for your dad. After all, there are all kinds of fathers out there. Not all of them enjoy a pint

Nowadays, we get more and more information from our screens. Graphic design has played a silent, but crucial, role in the ways we interact with our myriad of devices. There may be thousands of free design courses online, but what

Our Top Best GSS Beauty Deals for and Your Besties will have your entourage cruise through whatever's next for the COVID-19 pandemic. But these beauty salons are increasing their digital presence too, showcasing their wide range of beauty services. Discover luxurious

As the gentle steam from the steamer basket covers the bustle and the chaos of the busing waiters and the rambunctious crowd, the exquisite food within invites you to feast. Be it in a fancy restaurant, or your humble neighbourhood

Forget Chye Seng Huat Hardware and Wheeler's Yard, Westies can definitely get a great brunch and a cup of aromatic coffee at these Top Best Cafes in Jurong, and save the hassle of travelling all the way to the usual

Every bite of egg tart is rich with nostalgia. The sweet yellow custard, the crisp tart, the warm fragrance that wafts out of the paper box; even the thought of it sends me into a reverie of memories. back in

Day 5 of the circuit breaker: you slowly feel the sluggishness dragging your bones down after hours of Netflix. The swimming pools, gyms, and now even the stadiums are closed. And now you're itching for a workout after finishing the

With a new spate of unlinked COVID-19 cases in Singapore, the government has increased restrictions in the hopes of containing the disease. Well, at least we're the best place in the world to be during the pandemic by Bloomberg LP

Reviewers rave over them and the market's flooded by them. There's even a spike in Google's search about it just last month. But do they help clear pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads? Tropika Club finds out more below.

Production for The Year of No Return started innocently enough back in 2018. Haresh and his team were looking to create a production that could include a few international artists. Climate change seemed to be able to unify the