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Terrence is a content writer who featured in the plenty aspects. A writer by day and a reader by night. When he is not doing all those, he loves to read and try new things.

Top 10 Slimming Centres in West Singapore [2021 Edition] Having trouble to shape your nice body physique? It would be your best choice to follow us. The Tropika Club Team has rounded up the Top 10 slimming salons in the

There are two different sorts of duck rice in Singapore – the Hokkien type which is vigorously sauced up and once in a while cooked with yam rice and the Teochew type which looks plainer with its light sauce and

Do not confuse this with the dessert carrot cake, a moist cake made with carrot and spices; covered with cream cheese frosting. This savoury carrot cake has no carrot, at least not of the orange variety. Instead, the core ingredients

There are various types of laksa (spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup) in Singapore–from the tamarind-tang of Penang Laksa to the curry-like Sarawak Laksa. But none is more famous than our home-grown Katong laksa. Katong laksa is inspired by the Peranakans

Indian rojak is the sister dish of Rojak (Chinese rojak). It is always equally tasty as Rojak and even tastier somehow! Not at all like the fruit rojak that you had, the Indian Rojak doesn't use shrimp paste and you

Cheng tng, meaning clear soup, is a traditional Singaporean sweet treat that is commonly enjoyed as a dessert. Although the ingredients may vary, the dish is typically made by combining dried longan, white fungus, gingko nuts, red dates, pearl barley,

Rojak means an “eclectic mix” in colloquial Malay, and the dish sure lives up to its name. Its ingredients reflect the cultural diversity of Singapore, bringing together disparate items with strong flavours into a harmoniously tasty blend. It is a

Here we go again with the very best selection of nails salons located in the northern region of Singapore. They might be just around the corner in your neighbourhood filled to the brim with amenities like Yishun, Ang Mo Kio,

Char kway teow is made of a mix of flat rice noodles and yellow wheat noodles, stir-fried over high heat with light and dark soy sauce, garlic, chilli, lup cheong (Chinese waxed sausage), egg, fishcake and beansprouts. The most sinful

Lor mee isn't one of the more globally prestigious Singaporean dishes, however, Singaporeans love this Hokkien dish with season pressed, clingy sauce and springy broad noodles. Generally, fried fish bits were added to Lor Mee, however now numerous changed it