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Balayage Is The New Game-Changer For Men’s Hair

Some men prefer to speak than to shout when it comes to hair. So men, lighten up with subtle, natural colours for your next hairdo because the balayage will soon take over hair salons. Tropika Club dives headfirst to bring you this latest 2020 trend for the gentlemen that’s on the lookout for the perfect colour technique.

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Throw on Some Subtle Shade

Originating from the French phrase ‘to sweep’, balayage is a hair colouring technique where you paint hair colour freehand through small, triangular strokes. There’s even a buzzy catchphrase for the male version of this stylish colouring technique – ‘Malayage’.

With this high fashion styling, you get a soft and natural gradation of towards the end of your hair. Professional colourists often blend your natural roots to get a softer grow out.

It can be confused with ombre, which is derived from the French word for ‘shadow’. Ombre refers to the hairstyle where a lighter shade gradually transitions to a darker shade from top to bottom. While this execution may be different from hair salon to hair salon, this style is usually done with applying the lightener horizontally on your hair with full saturation. Then the hair colour is blended upwards to diffuse the colour line.

Take On a Natural Look

With balayage, you won’t be ending up with sub-optimal color results. You can achieve a natural look because the technique follows the shape of the head. Hair dyes are applied through small sections of your hair, so you can apply hair colour to where it’s needed carefully. That way, it’s easier to get ideal colours or color effect that match your skin tone. Because, with balayage, you’re more able to blend a few colours to keep your look balanced.

And, if you’re going back for more highlights, you can ask the stylist to get some of your natural color back in if you’re staying with the subtle look. This blended colour look is perfect if you’re keeping it cool.

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Things to Note Before Getting a Balayage

If you have existing foil colour, don’t worry about it. Balayage can be easily applied over your hair’s existing colour. If your engaging professional colourists, they should be able to refresh your hair roots with the balayage colour and cover up grey hairs.

And you don’t have to go with the blonde balayage. Lighter colours may be of the more popular trends to get this type of highlighted hair, this haircolor technique allows you the freedom to experiment with new hair colors.

Here are a few tips for your next styling inspiration: try incorporating different multi-tonal shades based on your base color (or root color). That way, you’ll get extra depth and texture for your hair color after your treatment. If you have a medium skin tone, avoid any light colours. Lighter colours are more of an ideal option for darker skin tones.

It may take up to three hours if you’re going all out with a layered balayage. But if you’re just getting a simple few highlights, it shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes.

Low-Maintenance Cool

Though maintenance for balayage is indeed minimal, you’d have to keep a lookout for hair care products that cleanse your hair. Seal your hair’s beautiful new colour with some colour conditioner.

Most importantly, get moisture shampoos and conditioners too. The ends of your hair tend to get drier faster since it’s so saturated from the balayage application. If heat styling is part of your hairstyling regime, opt for a bottle of protective hair oil too.

To prevent your hair’s brighter colour from turning brassy, get a purple shampoo to neutralise yellow tones. If you’re okay with brassy tones, you can schedule appointment back at the salon six months apart to maintain the hair color. If not, you can return to the salon once after 3 – 4 months.

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