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Best Baby Wipes for Any Situations

Top 10 Best Baby Wipes for Any Situations

When you’re out and about with your baby, it’s important to keep them clean and healthy. One way to do this is to use baby wipes. Baby wipes are a great way to clean your child quickly and easily. They are also great for cleaning up any messes they might make. Every family is different, so what works for one family might not work for another. However, there are a few baby wipes that have been proven to be the best in various situations. Whether you’re just starting out as a new parent or you’ve been through it all, these wipes will come in handy! 

Best Baby Wipes for Any Situations

#1 – Huggies Pure Clean Baby Wipes

Description: Huggies is an American brand of disposable diapers and baby wipes that is marketed by Kimberly-Clark. Huggies were first test-marketed in 1968, then introduced to the public in 1978 to replace the Kimbies brand.

No one will ever care more for your baby’s health and wellness than you. They’re inspired by your committment, which is why every decision they make and every step they take is meant to ensure Huggies® Diapers and Wipes help keep your baby’s skin clean and healthy.

Brand: Huggies


Their Huggies  Clean Care Baby Wipes provides gentle care for your baby’s delicate skin

  • Gentle care for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Huggies® Pure Clean baby wipes are made of skin-loving natural fibers that trap mess and clean 4X better compared to ordinary/ other spunlace wipes.
  • Formulated with 100% Pure Water which uses 100% purified water through an 8 step purification process
  • Fragrance-free, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free and MIT-free.
  • Clinically tested safe for skin including hands, face and body.
  • Specially designed with EZ pull for dispensing 1 wipe at a time
  • Soft, absorbent and the thickest ever Huggies® Baby Wipes sold by Huggies® Singapore


  • 64s X 12 (Carton)

Pricing: $ 35.95

Where to Find: Website Link


#2 – Cloversoft 100% Antibacterial Unbleached Bamboo Organic Wet Wipes

Description: Safe and Eco-friendly products are considered as niche products in our society. Something that is seldom or rarely bought.

Cloversoft works hard to empower individuals to be the hero we have always wanted to be to mother earth. This is done through making Affordable, Safe and Eco-friendly daily consumables accessible globally.

Their goal is to facilitate convenience for this change into every household and business.

They could not have done it without you. You have made it possible to save trees and our polar bear friends

Brand: Cloversoft


  • [10-packs] Cloversoft 100% Antibacterial Unbleached Bamboo Organic Wet Wipes (15/40 sheets)
  • Thicker and larger than the usual wipes.
  • Free of Alcohol, bleach, Chlorine, Phthalates, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol and Formaldehyde.
  • Certified Organic Aloe Vera By EcoCert
  • Unscented, Non-Toxic
  • Food Grade Preservative
  • Lab Tested & Proven, Kills 99.9% of Bacterial like Staph & E. Coli, germs that can live on surfaces.


  • 10x15shts

Pricing: $ 15

Where to Find: Website Link

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#3 – Oldam 올담 Signature (9 pkts X 70pcs) Korean baby wipes

Description: Oldam means ‘rightfully placed’ in Korean. Their products are made with the care of a mother’s heart.

For your dear baby, and other family members, Oldam will make it right! OLDAM is a Korean brand which produces various types of wet wipes such as flushable wipes and baby wipes.

OLDAM’s motto is ‘Honesty’, which is their belief.

Oldam first objective is to keep your family healthy and safe. It is proved by the fact of using natural fabrics and ingredients.

Oldam wet wipes have obtained the “excellent” grade of Dermatest, a skin irritation testing agency in Germany, and have been certified with an irritation index of 0 through the Primary Skin Irritation test by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Brand: Oldam


  • No Paraben, No Phenoxyethanol, No fragrance, No alcohol
  • SUPER THICKNESS 80GSM baby wipes
  • SUPER MOIST – contains closes to 500ml of water
  • Each piece Soft Embossed Fabricdoesn’t cause irritation to baby’s skin
  • Each piece is big. Size: 200mm x 200mm = big surface absorbency
  • One Carton = 9 packs X 70 pieces wet wipes
  • Uses 6-steps of water purification
  • Manufactured in Korea


  • (9 pkts X 70pcs)
  • 70 pieces per packet

Pricing: $ 32.88

Where to Find: Website Link


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#4 – Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cut Cotton

Description: Suzuran Baby is made with love. And they believe tender care starts from newborn.

Babies have that amazingly soft skin which is much more delicate and sensitive than adults. Therefore, it needs protection against outside organism, irritants and allergens.

With this in mind, Suzuran Baby pride itself in delivering 100% pure cotton and antibacterial baby essentials. Their pure plant-based baby essentials are 100% natural, gentle and non-allergenic to keep your babies comfy and fuss-free all day so they are able to grow happily and healthily. They believe a happy baby makes a happy mommy!

Suzuran Baby is founded by Suzuran Medical Inc in Japan which has over 180 years of experience in providing medical grade cotton products to hospitals and consumers.

With over 100 years of research and dedication to product excellence, their products are thoughtfully designed to cater to baby’s needs. They bring you premium quality products through selection of high-quality raw cotton and strictly monitored production process to ensure your baby has a tender care from the start.

Brand: Suzuran Baby


  • Lint-free andgentle on baby’s skin
  • Larger surface for more efficient cleaning
  • Antibacterial
  • Non-allergenic
  • No additives or chemicals added
  • Can be used with or without water
  • Suitable for daily cleaning on baby or children
  • For cleaning baby’s genitals and diaper area when changing diaper
  • Suitable for prenatal/post-physiological cleaning
  • Suitable for cleaning wounds
  • Recommend to use with lukewarm water when cleaning baby
  • Suitable to be used as cosmetic pads


  • Packaging Dimension:21cm (w) x 13cm (h) x 14cm (L)
  • Product dimension: 10 x 13 cm
  • Material:100% pure Japan medical use standard absorbent cotton
  • 120 pieces/pack
  • 2 layers

Pricing: $ 15.84

Where to Find: Website Link


#5 – Pigeon Hand & Mouth Baby Wet Tissue Wipes

Description: The company name “PIGEON” come from the English name for dove, written ‘pigeon.’

In 1951, they set this name symbolizing peace to express their strong desire for babies to grow happily in a peaceful and prosperous world.

Their desire hasn’t changed and nor will it change in the future.

Their logo takes the shape of two hearts joined together, which represent the bond between a mother and the baby she’s carrying in her tummy. It illustrates the letter ‘P’ from “Pigeon.”

Brand: Pigeon


  • Gentle and safe on baby’s skin while effectively clean food stains
  • For usage on hands and mouth
  • 100% food grade ingredients
  • Easy one hand system
  • Alcohol Free
  • Microbiologically tested
  • Fragrance Free


  • 60pcs (2 pack)

Pricing: $ 6.60

Where to Find: Website Link


#6 – Baby Wet Wipes Newborn Kids Letter Print Wet Tissue with Lid

Description: Founded in 2017, I Love Daddy&Mummy is a professional, high-end mother and baby management brand, covering more than 5,000 products.

With professional service attitude, brand image and excellent product quality, they have served tens of millions of people.

Their brand has always been adhering to the market values of “quality first, responsibility first, and professionalism first”.

They hope to accompany every baby’s growth and feel every mother’s happiness.


Features: features of the product

  • Non-woven fabric material
  • Usage: Dedicated for hand and mouth
  • Fragrance-free


  • 80Pcs/bag x wet wipes
  • Paper grade: First class
  • Technical indicators: First class
  • Type of packaging: Bag

Pricing: $ 2.09

Where to Find: Website Link


#7 – RICO Signature Baby Wet Wipes

Description: Established in 1991, RICO has undergone more than 30 years of Research & Development in order to provide the safest products for babies.

Through years of testing with leading research staff, RICO has managed to build trust in their brand and is greatly loved by children and parents.

Brand: RICO Baby


  • Ultrapure Water – Made with 7 steps purified extreme grade ultrapure water
  • No Skin Irritation by Korea Cosmetic Test Institute – Rated ‘No Erythema and Eschar & No Edema’ tested by Korean skin test Institute (Ellead)
  • Special Additives – Ceramide helps vitalize and strengthen baby’s delicate skin
  • Aqua Jet Spunlace Process – Fabrics are softened with high-pressure Aqua-Jet instead of chemicals making it safe for babies and kids
  • Trustworthy Wet Wipes – All processes are handled directly by RICO in-house production
  • Additive-Free – RICO Baby products don’t contain any chemical additives or synthetic materials that can potentially put your little one at risk of developing irritations and allergies
  • No Skin Irritation – Manufactured safely in accordance with cosmetic safety standards and certified by ELLEAD for 0.0% skin irritation
  • Natural Ingredients – Made of naturally derived ingredients and specially formulated with natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic effects


  • Each RICO Signature Baby Wet Wipe is 19cm x 17.5cm

Pricing: $ 9.35

Where to Find: Website Link


#8 – NUK Oral Wipes

Description: Understanding life – what does that actually mean? At NUK, it means keeping in close contact with experts who are important for the healthy development of a new life: midwives, doctors, nutritionists and, of course, you the parents. They have copied the best ideas from nature: e.g. as a model for the typical shape of their soothers and teats which resembles a mother´s nipple during breastfeeding.

However, first and foremost, understanding life means being mindful of the needs of those who are most important to us: children. They research their different stages of development at every age and improve their products accordingly.

All NUK products build upon each other – so you can always be sure of doing the right thing for your child – right from the start.

Brand: NUK


  • NUK Oral Wies is thoroughly sterilized by autoclaving machines at 115 degree celcius.
  • Only purified water is used, and contains no preservatives or chemicals.
  • Wide range of use in removing mucus, releasing phlegm or applying solution to any area of the oral cavity.
  • Individually air-tight sealed, hygienic and convenient to carry.
  • Helps to reduce the breeding of bacteria in the mouth while maintaining oral hygiene for the baby
  • 100% cotton
  • Non woven fabric
  • No Chemicals
  • With purified water


  • 25 sachets per box
  • 25 sachets individually sealed and packed for easy traveling

Pricing: $ 47.52

Where to Find: Website Link


#9 – Rascal + Friends Sensitive Baby Wipes


Rascal + Friends was the brainchild of a Mom who dreamt of a diaper that checked all the boxes: affordable, perform exceptionally and ultra gentle on skin.

After testing hundreds of designs, they landed on what they believe is the best diaper in town. They make diapers made to move in, that are free from nasties, deliciously soft, fit like a dream and don’t cost a butt-load.

They don’t know about you, but life’s messy enough without having to deal with poo everywhere too!

Brand: Rascal + Friends


  • Thick and soft, Rascal + Friends 99% natural, sensitive wipes were developed with babies’ skin in mind.
  • With extracts of Aloe, Chamomile and Pomegranate, the wipes are soothing and gentle on delicate skin.
  • Specially developed to be pH balanced, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic! Rascal + Friends wipes have also been dermatologically tested with your little one’s skin in mind.


  • 80 per pack

Pricing: $ 9.90

Where to Find: Website Link

Rascal + Friends Sensitive Baby Wipes 3x80s | Lazada Singapore


#10 – RedMart Gentle Care Baby Wipes

Description: Founded in August 2011, RedMart is reportedly Singapore’s largest online supermarket.

The company was co-founded by Roger Egan III, Vikram Rupani, and Rajesh Lingappa. RedMart reportedly sells more than 100,000 products and offers home delivery seven days a week all year round.

RedMart is an online supermarket in Singapore that delivers groceries and home essentials to your door. they are not a traditional retailer. They are a platform that enables manufacturers to bypass retailers and engage shoppers directly. Their platform provides manufacturers with pioneering marketing capabilities and data analytics.

Brand: RedMart


  • Alcohol free
  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free
  • Great for hands, faces and your baby’s bottom
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera extract and Vitamin E and 100-Percent soap-free keeping your baby’s skin soft.


  • 3×80 per pack

Pricing: $ 6.90

Where to Find: Website Link


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