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Fengshan Food Centre

Top 10 Best Eats at Fengshan Food Centre

Browse the guidebooks online for Fengshan Food Centre, then head over to give a try at any of the famous hawker stalls here you have yet to see. Here’re are our top picks in this popular hawker centre based on customer online reviews. 

Fengshan Food Centre

#1 – Chan BBQ

Introduction: Chan BBQ is located in the much-loved Bedok 85 Fengshan Centre, where they serve up a spacious variety of meats that are barbequed to perfection. A popular option is the sambal stingray, which boasts hearty portions and reasonable prices.  Served on a banana leaf to give it an extra aroma and on a sizzling hotplate, diners will be impressed by the dish right from the first glance.

Menu Items:

  • Spicy Kang Kong ( Price from $12 )
  • Sambal Stingray ( Price from $12 )
  • BBQ Chicken ( Price from $12 )
  • Spicy Lala ( Price from $13 )
  • Spicy Sotong ( Price from $13 )
  • Spicy Siput ( Price from $13 )
  • Hot Plate Cockles ( Price from $11 )
  • Chan BBQ Stingray ( Price from $12 )
  • Baby Kailan ( Price from $7 )

Location:85 Bedok North Rd, #01-24, Singapore 460085

Website: https://www.burpple.com/dishes/1053606/chan-bbq-sambal-stingray-01-24


#2 – Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian (Bak Chor Mee)

Introduction: Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian is probably the most popular / known hawker stall at 85 Fengshan Food Centre to a point where it has become synonymous with the hawker centre. Just mentioned Blk 85 Bedok Market to anyone and the response would most likely be “Oh…. the late night bar chor mee place” . Apart from being a mainstay at 85 Fengshan Market, Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian is also known for putting the minced meat noodle (soup) on the food map and is considered to be the OG (Original Gangster) of the dish. Many hawker stalls selling this dish have a shared recipe origin history with this stall. 

Menu Items:

  • Minced Pork Soup ( Price from $3.50 / $4.50 )
  • Minced Pork Noodles ( Price from $3.50 / $4.50 )

Kindly contact for more information on the pricing and etc via the phone number below.

Location: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-07, Singapore 460085

Contact: +65 9879 4599

Website: https://www.facebook.com/bedok85xingjircm/


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#3 – Bedok 85 Fried Oyster Omelette

Introduction: Located at 85 Fengshan Centre, or more commonly referred to by the locals as “Bedok 85”, is a hidden culinary gem called 85 Bedok North Fried Oyster. It was recently featured in the Michelin Guide and east-side foodies should definitely keep a lookout for this stall if they want to satisfy their late-night Orh Luak cravings. Bedok 85 makes an exceptional supper spot as many other stalls are too serving local delicacies till past midnight.

According to the Michelin Guidelines, in order for a stall to be accredited, there are five criterias that it has to meet – the quality of ingredients used, the mastery of cooking techniques and flavours, the projection of the chef’s personality in his/her cuisine, how value for money and the consistency of the dish across the entire menu and how it withstands the test of time.   

As soon as we collected our dish, we were instantly hit by the aromatic whiff of the Orh Luak. The plump juicy oysters tasted like the ocean and the eggs were fried to a crispy golden brown. The best part: biting into the potato starch. It had a thick consistency, followed by a firm chewy texture.

Menu Items:

  • Fried Oyster Omelette ( Price From $7 )
  • Fried Oyster ( Price From $7 )
  • Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee ( Price From $5.50 )
  • Fried Kuey Teow ( Price From $5 )
  • Black Carrot Cake ( Price From $4 )
  • White Carrot Cake ( Price From $4 )

Kindly contact for more information on the pricing and etc via the phone number below.

Location: 85 Bedok North Street 4 #01-09/10 85 Fengshan Centre Singapore 460085

Contact: +65 8180 7751

Website: https://www.burpple.com/bedok-85-fried-oyster-omelette



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#4 – Swatow Wanton Noodle

Introduction: Noodles were a little springy, a plus point because I don’t fancy soggy mee. Do not expect burnt charsiew or those with fats that melts. These were lean and sweet. Chilli sauce was not that spicy. I requested for extra chilli sauce and the heat was absolutely manageable. The wantons were quite flavorful with a tinge of sweetness. 

Menu Items:

  • Pork Ribs Noodles ( Price From $4/$5/$6 )
  • Mushroom Chicken Feet Noodles ( Price From $3.50/$4.50/$5.50 )
  • Dumpling Noodles ( Dry/Soup) ( Price From $3.50/$4.50/$5.50 )
  • Laksa ( Price From $4/$5 )
  • Dumpling Soup ( Price From $3.50 for 5 pcs, $5 for 8 pcs )
  • Wanton Soup ( Price From $3.50 for 10 pcs, $5 for 16 pcs )
  • Mushroom Chicken Feet ( Price From $3.50/ $5)
  • Homemade Fried Ngoh Hiang ( Price From $3 per pc )
  • Fried Wanton ( Price From $2/ $3/ $5 )
  • Fried Wanton Noodle ( Price From $3.50/ $4.50/ $5.50 )

Kindly contact for more information on the pricing and etc via the phone number below.

Location: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-50, Singapore 460085

Contact: +65 9220 1929

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Bedokwantonnoodle


#5 – Chai Chee Pork Porridge

Introduction: Smooth, thick and almost gooey congee with meatball and pork slices, topped with crispy you tiao, spring onions and white pepper. Both the meatball and pork slices are well seasoned and tender with a chewy bite. Not the best but still one of my favourite porridge stalls for a comforting late-night supper.

Menu Items:

  • Pork Porridge ( Price From $7 )
  • Pork Ball Porridge ( Price From $7 )
  • Pork Porridge with Century Egg ( Price From $8 )
  • Mixed Porridge ( Price from $9 )
  • Cuttlefish Porridge ( Price from $7 )

Kindly contact for more information on the pricing and etc via the phone number below.

Location: 85 Bedok North Street 4 #01-23 85 Fengshan Centre Singapore 460085

Contact: +65 9672 0521

Website: https://www.burpple.com/chai-che-pork-poridge


#6 – Shi Wei Da FengShan Satay Bee Hoon

Introduction: The line for Shi Wei Da starts at about 4pm, even before stall owner Ng Kim Song is quite ready for business. In the mornings and at lunch, the stall is run by his nephew who sells Teochew muay, or rice porridge with an assortment of side dishes. Come evening, Ng takes over the helm, hawking something different altogether. While pre-made satay sauce can be bought easily and cheaply from wholesale satay suppliers, Ng insists on spending his off days labouring over his, roasting peanuts, removing the skins and grinding the nuts before cooking the sauce down slowly with over a dozen other ingredients.

The result is a rich and nutty gravy that ties in all the flavours and textures on the plate. The sauce is sweet, savoury and spicy all at once, clinging on to smooth vermicelli and coating creamy slivers of pork liver as well as being absorbed deep into spongy slices of fried tau pok. It was this dish that caught the Michelin inspectors’ fancy and landed Shi Wei Da a spot in the Bib Gourmand selection of the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2018.

Menu Items:

  • Satay Bee Hoon ( Price from $3 )
  • Fish ( Price from $2.50/ $3/ $4 )
  • Meat ( Price from $2/ $3 )
  • Vegetable ( Price from $1/ $1.50 )
  • Rice ( Price from $0.50 )
  • Porridge ( Price from $0.40 )

Location: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-41, Singapore 460085

Website: https://guide.michelin.com/sg/en/article/dining-out/behind-the-bib-shi-wei-da


#7 – Sin Bedok North BBQ Chicken Wing

Introduction: The BBQ chicken wing came with a rich honey and butter glaze on expertly charred skin. They were heavily marinaded with various layers of flavours. The first sensation was the texture of the charred skin, followed by the tenderness of the meat and the delicious burst in my mouth. There was also a hint of smokiness in every bite.

Menu Items:

  • BBQ Chicken Wing ( Price From $5 )
  • Fish Meat Otah ( Price From $1.20 )
  • Pendang Otah ( Price From $2 )
  • Nasi Lemak ( Price From $2 )

Kindly contact for more information on the pricing and etc via the phone number below.

Location:  85 Bedok North St 4, #01-56, Singapore 460085

Contact: +65 94841511

Website: https://www.facebook.com/bedok511bbqchickenwing/


#8 – Meow Xiang Vegetarian Food

Introduction: I used to patronize Meow Xiang Vegetarian very often more than 2 decades ago. This is a typical Chinese vegetarian hawker stall that serves the traditional ‘Zhey Mee Hoon’ early in the morning. And yes, they open very early as I used to buy from them around 4am in the morning! There is a standard modus operandi of ordering and the process is very efficient due to the long queues during peak period. You can also watch a ‘spectacular show’ orchestrated perfectly by the Auntie while she picks the different ingredients for the Mee Hoon. You would be sure to see long queues during 初一 十五 or during the weekends. Be sure to check it out as this is probably one of the best vegetarian stalls in Bedok North that serves delicious vegetarian mee hoon. One of the con would be the typical serving of mock meats in traditional Chinese vegetarian stalls, but the mee hoon is really good! One of my favorite breakfast location if I am around Bedok North area. I have also seen them do catering for Buddhist societies and temples when there are events and activities.

Menu Items:

  • Meow Xiang Vegetarian Food ( Price From $2/ $2.50

Kindly contact for more information on the pricing and etc via the phone number below.

Location: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-58, Singapore 460085

Contact: +65 9862 7233

Website: https://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Restaurant_Review-g294265-d21088513-Reviews-Meow_Xiang_Vegetarian_Food-Singapore.html


#9 – Lin Yuan Satay

Introduction: The satays are grilled so that they are fresh. They glisten under the light of the warm light, which has a golden hue. The meat is speckled with charred pieces, providing it with a smoky aroma. The pork and chicken satays are tender and well seasoned. The chicken satay tastes rather average, with nothing remarkable about it.

Menu Items:

  • Chicken Satay ( Price From $1.40 per stick )
  • Pork Satay ( Price From $1.40 per stick )
  • Mutton Satay ( Price From $1.40 per stick ).

Kindly contact for more information on the pricing and etc via the phone number below.

Location: : 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-11, Singapore 460085

Contact: +65 9862 9875

Website: https://sg.openrice.com/en/singapore/r-lin-yuan-satay-bedok-bbq-r19350


#10 – 85 Ngor Hiang Hei Biar

Introduction: Buying food from 85 Ngor Hiang Hei Biar is like going shopping at a buffet of sorts. I start by taking my pick from a large variety of ingredients, which are categorised accordingly. I found myself spoilt for choice – think crispy prawn crackers, sotong you tiao, luncheon meat, Taiwanese sausages, ngoh hiang rolls, century eggs, handmade fish cake, otah rolls, and the like.
We find the prawn crackers from 85 Ngor Hiang Hei Biar to be the best of the lot. Irresistibly crispy, the crackers are light without being greasy. The ingredients go well with the accompanying chilli, which adds a mildly spicy and tangy touch. A dish of gooey pink sauce is also given, infusing the ingredients with umami. (hawkerpedia.com.sg)

Menu Items:

  • Ngor Hiang Hei Biar
  • Bee Hoon ( Price From $1.90 )
  • Crispy Prawn Cracker ( Price From $3 )
  • Beansprout Cake ( Price From $3 )
  • Sotong You Tiao ( Price From $3 )
  • Beancurd ( Price From $1.90 )
  • Spring Roll ( Price From $2 )
  • Yam Roll ( Price From $3 )
  • Crispy Sweet Soya ( Price From $1.90 )
  • Luncheon Meat ( Price From $1.90 )
  • Taiwan Sausage ( Price From $3 )
  • Chinese Sausage ( Price From $5 )
  • Liver Roll ( Price From $3 )
  • Ngoh Hiang roll ( Price From $3 )
  • Water chestnut Cake ( Price From $2)
  • Century Egg ( Price From $1.90 )
  • Bee Hoon ( Price From $1.90 )

Location: 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-54, Singapore 460085

Website: https://www.burpple.com/f/8LNEQ6aP


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