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Best Eats at Marine Parade Central Food Centre

Top 10 Best Eats at Marine Parade Central Food Centre

Located at Blk 84, Marine Parade Central Market and Food Centre is a famous site of the estate and has many food stalls worth visiting. In terms of all the options offered, the Food Centre is also one of the leading locations around that area for good and cheap food. Here’s our suggested top 10 best eats based on user reviews.

Best Eats at Marine Parade Central  Food Centre

#1 – Tip Top Western Food

Introduction: One of the star ingredients of this meal was the meat gravy, which had been handed down from generation to generation. Made entirely from vegetables, this was the gravy served when the establishment first opened back in 1976. The owners informed us the beef was sourced from grain-fed cattle, known for their marked marbling and a buttery taste. Apparently, the stall only makes one dollar of profit from this dish.

Menu Items:

  • Pork Chop (Price $7.50)
  • Chicken Chop (Price $7.50)
  • Fish & Chips (Price $7.50)
  • Steak (Price $10)

Location: Block 84 Marine Parade Central , Singapore, Singapore

Contact: +65 8750 2529

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (1pm – 9pm), Closed on Monday

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tiptopwestern

#2 – Apollo Fresh Cockle Fried Kway Teow


For over 40 years, this stall has been delighting Singaporeans with their gravy-heavy, wet rendition infused with garlic and wok hei / breath of the wok.

I love the slippery slick noodles coated in egg, pork lard, and dark sweet soy sauce, with its fragrant savoury salty sweet eggy spice flavours. The way they cook this results in a pronounced sweetness.

The generous garnish of crisp bean sprouts, bouncy blood cockles, tender fish cake, and chewy lup cheong / dried cured pork sausage, complete this delightful dish. (Ivan Teh from Burple)

Menu Items:

Prices start from $4

  • Char Kway Teow
  • Tender Fish Cake
  • Chewy Lup Cheong
  • Dried Cured Pork Sausage

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central #01-174 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 440084

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday (11:30am – 9:30pm), Closed on Tuesday

Website: https://www.burpple.com/apollo-fresh-cockles-fried-kway-teow

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#3 – Kun Ji Duck Rice

Introduction: The braised duck was tender and tasty, similar to the char siew and shao rou, may not be the finest food but we can only assert with confidence that Kung Ji is above all the usual. The shao rou had crispy skin with tender and juicy meat, even my daughter, someone concerned with maintaining a strict diet, didn’t mind.

Menu Items:

Prices start from $3.50

  • Braised Duck Rice
  • Char Siew
  • Roasted Pork
  • Drumstick Rice

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central #01-178 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 440084

Opening Hours: Daily (9:30am – 10pm)

Website: https://www.burpple.com/kun-ji-duck-rice-porridge


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#4 – Neptune Hong Kong Dim Sum

Introduction: Gem at Marine Parade Hawker Centre! The century egg porridge was of the texture that I like – thick and mashy, topped with some crisps. The fried dishes were also satisfying ☺️ The prawn chee cheong fun was not bad but wished there was chili to go with it hehe. Total damage: $16.80. (Jsln T from Burple)

Menu Items:

Prices start from $3

  • Steamed Custard Bun
  • Steamed Carrot Cake
  • Egg Porridge
  • Prawn Chee Cheong Fun

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central #01-176 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 440084

Contact: +65 9005 4894

Opening Hours: Daily (8am – 9:30pm)

Website: https://www.burpple.com/neptune-dim-sum

#5 – Yok Mari Yok Nasi Padang

Introduction: For a delicious serving of mee rebus, be sure to stop by Yoke Mari Yok. This longstanding establishment will be offering your favorite Malay choices, including nasi padang, ayam penyet and mee siam. But make sure you save room for the mee rebus black tea ($3.50), a vibrant dish with chewy yellow noodles, fresh green chilies, egg, and fish cakes.

Menu Items:

Prices start from $3

  • Mee Rebus
  • Nasi Padang
  • Ayam Penyet
  • Mee Siam

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central #01-151 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 440084

Contact: +65 6225 5632

Opening Hours: Daily (7am – 10pm)

Website: https://www.burpple.com/yok-mari-yok


#6 – D’Authentic Nasi Lemak


Came at 12+ and there’s not that many dishes left, so I had the chicken wing, curry veg, begedil, and peanuts and ikan bilis. The only dish I didn’t have was the sunny side up. Everything on the plate was perfect. The rice was soft and super fragrant on its own with a good amount of coconut milk taste but not super overpowering. It tastes even better in their curry sauce. The chicken wing was crispy on the outside while the meat is soft and tender and juicy and flavourful. The veggie, begedil and peanuts and ikan bilis were all good, though nothing amazing.

Happy that I got to try this! (Gerald Lim from Burple)

Menu Items:

  • Nasi Lemak (Price $1)
  • Chicken Wing (Price $1.5)
  • Begedil (Price $0.80)
  • Mee Rebus Special (Price $3)

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central #01-156 Marine Parade Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 440084

Contact: +65 9380 4516

Opening Hours: Daily (7am – 3pm)

Website: https://www.burpple.com/dauthentic-nasi-lemak

#7 – Xin Long Cooked Food

Introduction: I enjoyed my latest meal from Xing Long so much I went straight back and ordered the exact same combination to go. Always get their otah, as their rendition is smooth and lemak. On hindsight and probably the reason why I enjoyed this iteration more than on my last visit, was because my subconscious selections were more akin to nasi lemak than economic rice. Sayur lodeh, a generous serving of fried chicken wing and a huge ass begedil rounded out my heaving plate. The 3 types of chilli available are all amazing, from the piquant chicken rice-style chilli sauce, to the sweet and spicy sambal and soy sauce-soaked cut chilli. Mix into the rice, dab onto the ingredients or eat them straight up, each and every way is enjoyable. (Jason Wong from Burple)

Menu Items:

Prices start from $5

  • Sayur Lodeh
  • Fried Chicken Wing
  • Begedil

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central, #01-20, Singapore 440084

Contact: +65 9757 4143

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday (11am – 8:30pm), Closed on Sunday

Website: https://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Restaurant_Review-g294265-d5874293-Reviews-Xing_Long_Cooked_Food-Singapore.html

#8 – Aziza Putu Piring

Introduction: Serving their Putu Piring in servings of either two or three pieces, the Putu Piring also comes in various flavours here such as Durian and Nutella. Being more of a purist, I found myself ordering a set of the original Gula Melaka flavour; the Gula Melaka within the lightly cakey exterior being all thick, gooey and a little gritty whilst being piping hot — evidently sweet but not overly so. No doubt I would still prefer Haig Road’s version; perhaps a little more well executed with more Gula Melaka, but Aziza Putu Piring’s rendition is a great substitute especially considering where it is located. (Xing Wei Chua from Burple)

Menu Items:

Prices start from $1

  • Goreng Pisang
  • Kueh Kueh
  • Putu Piring
  • Curry Puff

Location: 84 marine parade central Singapore, Singapore 440084

Contact: +65 9640 2483

Opening Hours: Daily (9am – 8pm)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/azizaputupiring/

#9 – Emmanuel Peranakan Cuisine

Introduction: Nonya style economical rice stall which also sells Peranakan style Nasi Lemak, this stall is started by the daughter of the other famous stall in the same food centre, Xing Long Cooked Food. I had the Nasi Lemak which comes in its distinct blue pea rice, along with ingredients like chicken rendang, fried egg, and fried chicken wings. The rice is aromatic and delicious with the sambal sauce, while the chicken rendang is flavourful and you can expect tender chicken meat. There are many other Nonya dishes to try such as Ngoh Hiang and Otah as well. (therantingpanda.com)

Menu Items:

  • Nasi Lemak Rice (Price $1)
  • Fried Onion Egg (Price $1)
  • Luncheon Meat (Price $1)
  • Otak (Price $1.50)

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central, #01-30, Singapore 440084

Contact: +65 9757 4143

Opening Hours: Friday to Tuesday (9am – 3pm), Closed on Wednesday and Thursday

Website: https://foursquare.com/v/emmanuel-peranakan-cuisine/5cdf679779f6c7002cf5ab1f

#10 – Soon Soon Soon Wanton Noodles

Introduction: Soon Soon Soon Wanton Noodles does wanton mee that comes with both soup and fried wanton, and lean meat char siew. Chicken cutlet noodles is available too. For this wanton mee, extra fried wanton and chicken cutlet is added. The char siew is the lean type. It is fairly soft but on the dry side. Personally I like my char siew fat and charred. This is neither. The fried chicken cutlet has a crispy crust outside and moist inside. Tastes ordinary though. Both versions of wanton are quite nice though. The fried wanton is crispy and airy. and the soup wanton has soft skin with nicely flavoured meat filling. The accompanying soup is lightly savoury and not overly salty. (the.fat.guide)

Menu Items:

Price start from $5

  • Wanton Mee
  • Fried Wanton
  • Char Siew
  • Chicken Cutlet Noodle

Location: 84 Marine Parade Central, #01-16, Singapore 440084

Contact: +65 9866 2335

Opening Hours: Daily (Open 24 Hours)

Website: https://www.burpple.com/soon-soon-soon-wanton-noodles

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