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Best Pottery Classes in Sydney

Top 10 Best Pottery Classes in Sydney, Australia

Pottery is an age-old hobby that has been enjoyed by people of all ages for centuries. It’s a great way to relax, be creative, and make beautiful pieces of art. If you’re looking for a pottery class in Sydney, you’re in luck! There are many great options to choose from.

 Best Pottery Classes in Sydney

#1 – Glost Studios


Glost Studios is a small leafy ceramic studio in Dulwich Hill, run by Ciane Brewster. The studio provides a comfortable and harmonious space for its members to explore their interest in pottery and ceramics. Glost is equipped with top of the line Shimpo Whisper-T pottery wheels and hand building facilities, as well as an electric kiln and an array of glaze

Type of Services:

Studio Access (January) 6 hours @ A$120.00

Hand Building Single Beginners Hand Building Class 2 hours @ A$80.00

Wheel Throwing Four-week Beginners Wheel Throwing Program (January) 10 hours @ A$280.00

One-Off Beginners Wheel Throwing Class 2 hours 30 minutes @ A$90.00

Opening Hours:

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sunday Closed

Tue, Thu 6pm-8:30pm

Sat 10am-4:30pm


783 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, Australia

Contact:  +61 450 868 046

Website: Website Link Here

#2 – Clay Sydney – Marrickville Wheel Studio


Ceramics is their passion. And, they love sharing it with their clay community: from classes to courses, and to membership and services for experienced potters.

They offer a variety of workshops, both in-studio and virtual online classes, from beginner handbuilding (you’ve heard of their super popular wine and cheese nights, right?!) and wheel throwing, to intermediate sessions, private classes and corporate events!

Maybe you’ve taken a few courses. Maybe you’ve been practicing for a while. Their community is for you.

Alongside their entry-level courses, they’ve a thriving community of potters, located in three fully equipped studios.

For those wanting to work on their own practice, but with a little hand holding from a tutor, they’ve open studios. For those who want 24/7 access, be it as a gym member in communal spaces, or in a private studio, membership is for you. Or opt for a firing service if you’ve your own space, but need their facilities.

Type of Services:


Wine & Clay $80.00

Wheel Throwing Taster $80.00

Coiling Techniques $110.00

Nerikomi Techniques $110.00


Four week: Introduction to Wheel throwing $280.00

6 Week Handbuilding Course – Introduction $400.00

6 Week Wheel Throwing Course – Introduction $400.00

Matt Katz Mastercourse: Glaze of Our Lives $795.00

Opening Hours:

Mon, Tue, Sun Closed

Wed – Fri 9am-3pm

Sat 12pm-4pm


146 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Contact:  +61 449 819 336

Website: Website Link Here

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#3 – The Pottery Shed


At The Pottery Shed the throwing class is your first basic class. Over the two hours, they introduce you to the studio operations, then demonstrate and explain throwing. In the second half of the class you get hands-on with the clay and learn how to spin and form the material. Use as many clay balls as you need to make a basic vessel. You may try and fail a few times, but with some concentration and luck, you’ll have made enough potential projects to choose your best two as keepers or store more on two project boards. The studio’s limited storage space keeps them to 2 project boards per student per class/session. The clay from failed attempts or from the non-keepers is completely recycled at the studio and used again.

Type of Services:

BASIC COURSE CLASSES $69 per person:

1st THROWING CLASS (in Surry Hills) book with a credit card or voucher

2nd TRIMMING CLASS (in Surry Hills) book with a credit card or voucher

3rd GLAZING CLASS (in Surry Hills) book with a credit card or voucher

PRACTICE SESSION $49 per person:

Returning students in Surry Hills book with a credit card or voucher

Practice Session 10-Pack available for $440, please use the contact form to enquire.


Buy a full set of three classes and get one practice session free (a total of 8 hours of pottery) for $207, a saving of $49. Schedule each class and the practice session according to your schedule. Sold as a certificate, use the Gift Certificate Order Form below.


Single Class Gift : $69
Three Class Gift (+ 1 free Session): $207

Opening Hours:

Mon – Wed, Fri 9am–2:30pm, 4:30–9:30pm

Thu 4:30–9:30pm

Sat & Sun 9am–4:30pm


7 Nickson St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Website: Website Link Here

#4 – Bondi Clay


Their Bondi studio focuses on those that are new to pottery and ceramics offering a range of classes, date nights, workshops, school holiday programs and events. Their goal is to develop your pottery skills from beginner to master potter under the guidance of their multi-talented teachers.

Type of Services:

Team Building Pottery Class $100.00

Wheel Throwing Workshop (10 week) $659.00

ClayKit $59.00

Kids Pottery Class – After School ClayTime $499.00

Special Event $100.00

Kids & Teens Pottery Class Parties $65.00

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 9:30am–5pm


2-4 Flood St, Bondi NSW 2026, Australia

Contact:  +61 2 8328 0302

Website: Website Link Here

#5 – kil.n.it


Kil.n.it Experimental Ceramics Studio is a not-for-profit incorporated association of experimental ceramic artists and community members. They believe in sharing skills and supporting the development of each artist’s unique ceramic practice.

Type of Services:

Internship Program
Kil.n.it has an active intern program, providing students from UNSW, NAS and TAFE courses with the opportunity to work within a vibrant ceramics studio and create connections with the clay community.

For information, please contact their studio manager at [email protected]

Master Classes & Private Tuition
Please enquire via email ([email protected]) to learn more about classes and tuition at Kil.n.it Studios.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 10am–4pm

Sat & Sun Closed


184 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia


+61 459 500 164

[email protected]

Website: Website Link Here

#6 – ClayGround


Their Rosebery studio offers date night classes, workshops and masterclasses. Uniquely this studio also offers no-lock in memberships. Members can book wheels, fire and glaze their creations with other like minded members for only $47 per week.

Type of Services:

Advanced Wheel Throwing MasterClass $449.00

Drop In Pottery Studio $30.00

Team Building Pottery Class $100.00

Wheel Throwing Workshop (10 week) $659.00

Hens Party Pottery Class $100.00

Kiln Firing Services $5.00

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 9am–5pm

Sat & Sun 10am–2pm


601 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

Contact:  +61 2 8065 8985

Website: Website Link Here


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#7 – Sydney Clay Studio


They are a collective of professional potters and ceramic artists. Their individual studio spaces are complemented by communal pottery wheels, hand-building facilities and private tuition and classes

Type of Services:

Communal Space

Use of the communal space is first accessed by joining one of their classes (handbuilding or wheel) or private lessons. Their studio usage fees are $12 per hour (or $30 for a 3hr block) which entitles one person to use one wheel or table space during the session. Shelving is available for work in progress. Communal studio Access gives students an opportunity to practise between lessons and hone skills at their own pace and timeframe.

Classes and Workshops

4 week introduction to making on the wheel . Starting Tuesdays, Thursdays 6.30pm and Sundays. $350

Hand-building classes – Come and spend 2.5 hrs being creative and learn some basic handbuilding skills to begin your journey into ceramics. Classes are held on Saturday mornings, 10am-12.30pm. $75 per session

Open Air Glazing classes – Delve into the world of dip glazing. Learn to prepare your bisqueware for glaze application and become familiar with how to make their house glazes sing on your creations. Small group classes (1.5 hrs) are held Saturdays and Thursdays. $35 per person

Corporate workshops, contact them to tailor a package for your team bonding workshop which combines hand-building and wheel-throwing with Them.

Kiln Hire and Firing Service

Large kiln – Internal dimensions:- 68cm wide x 67cm deep x 91cm high; Shelf size 60x30cm; max. firing temp 1280 degrees celcius – $160 per kiln load for bisque or glaze

Medium kiln – Internal dimensions:- 46cm wide x 45cm deep x 55cm high; Shelf size 40x40cm; max. firing temp 1280 degrees celcius – $100 per kiln load for bisque or glaze

Small kiln – Internal dimensions:- 33cm wide x 31cm deep x 40cm high; Shelf size 30x30cm; max. firing temp 1280 degrees celcius – $50 per kiln load for bisque or glaze

CROCK’D CLAY PACK, cost is $20 per kilo.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 10am–9pm

Sat 10am–6pm

Sun 10am–5pm


3A/1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd, St Peters NSW 2044, Australia

Contact:  +61 408 963 722

Website: Website Link Here

#8 – Art Est Art School


Art Est. is Sydney’s leading independent art school, offering art classes for kids, teens and adults.

They believe people of all ages and abilities can discover their artistic potential in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

Their classes are run by practising and award-winning Australian artists. They offer term courses for week-on-week learning, a year-round workshop program for adults and a school holiday workshop program for kids and teens.

Art Est is based in Leichhardt, where they have been operating for over 14 years and created a community of local creatives. They have recently opened the doors to their newly refurbished venue which has transformed Art Est into a multi-venue art space and the largest independent art school in Sydney.

Type of Services:

Hand-building Ceramics for Beginners and Beyond with Tanya Bechara $450.00

Hand-building Ceramics for Beginners and Beyond with Kara Pryor $650.00

Fun with Ceramics | Age 8-12 years $390.00

Ceramics | Porcelain Christmas Ornaments | Kara Pryor $90.00

Ceramic Coily Christmas Trees | Family Class $90.00

Ceramics | Quirky Bird Sculptures with Kara Pryor $214.00

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri 10am–5pm

Sat & Sun Closed


10 Hill St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia

Contact:  +61 2 9564 1519

Website: Website Link Here



Claypool is Sydney’s original communal pottery studio housing a community of like-minded people and a centre for creative energy, run by Cherie Peyton, Sally Cooper and Brett Stone.

The studio is enriched by the breadth of talent of its members who enjoy the resources of a productive environment and extensive facilities.

Since it opened in May 2013, Claypool has quickly grown into a centre that reaches out to professional and non-professional potters. Firing services and studio facilities are also provided to non-members.

They are now an integral member of the wider ceramics community both nationally and internationally. They run series of classes throughout the year, exhibitions and educational events for members, collectors and enthusiastic supporters of clay.

Type of Services:


Daily drop-ins can attend 7 days a week, between the hours of 10am and 5pm when there is someone on duty.

Prices: $70/day or $35/half day (up to 3 hours)


Members – $10 per kilo
Non-members and daily drop-ins – $17 per kilo
Prices include bisque and glaze firings

Individual kiln hire is also available to the public (prices on request)


They offer one-on-one wheel throwing lessons on weekends, and some evenings (prior bookings essential).

1 PERSON: $60/hour (plus clay/firing)
2-3 PEOPLE: $40 per person/hour (plus clay/firing)

NB 2 hours are needed for beginner first lesson

TEAM BUILDING/BONDING: $100/head, includes clay – Maximum 16 people, (8 hand building and 8 wheel) – 2 hours

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10am–5pm


Rear of Block J Studios, 1605 Botany Rd, Botany NSW 2019, Australia

Contact:  +61 422 392 502

Website: Website Link Here

#10 – Ceramic Studio En


At Ceramic Studio En, they are prepared to create the perfect tableware for your restaurant or cafe. Their tableware has been selected by a number of Sydney restaurants since 2007.

Here at the studio, everything is made individually with care and passion. They take pride in their craftmanship and they make everything to suit your needs and imagination. This is your opportunity to add a unique touch to your special restaurant.

They offer high quality handcrafted items at an affordable price.

Type of Services:

​2 classes package $190 (Includes 2 classes, Material, Firing, GST)

​1 day of making and 1 day of glazing) Make slab plates & bowls using mould (Approximately 4 items, Maximum 8 items)

​4 class Package $280 (Includes 4classes, Material, firing Fee, GST)

​3 days of making(hand building) and 1 day of glazing. Make slab plates & bowls using mould (Approximately 4 items, Maximum 8 items) and hand building cups, vase, pots, sake bottle, etc (4-6 items)

8 classes Package $48 (Includes 8classes, one bag of clay 12.5kg, firing Fee, GST)

Learn hand building basics in 8 weeks:

​week 1: Plates and bowls using mould (Approximately 4 items, Maximum 8 items)

Week 2-3: 4-6 Hand building Bowls

Week 4-5: 4-6 Hand building Cups

Week 6-7 Hand building a Tea Pot​

Week 8 glazing

Opening Hours:

Mon & Tue Closed

Wed 1–5pm, 6–9pm
Thu, Sat & Sun 9am–12pm, 1–5pm
Fri 1–5pm


28 Elizabeth St, Artarmon NSW 2064, Australia

Contact:  +61 423 393 726

Website: Website Link Here


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