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Brown Rice vs White Rice

Brown Rice vs White Rice – Know the Difference!

You’re stocking up your groceries as you hunker down as the Circuit Breaker kicks in. You have to pick up rice, another opportunity to choose brown rice, oft-quoted as the healthier version. But you never really knew why people say that. Well, time for you to find out. Tropika Club shares the true story behind this millennial rivalry: Brown Rice vs White Rice 

The Key Difference between Brown Rice and White Rice 

We already have a bunch of foods that we associate the ‘brown’, whole grains version as the healthier, more nutritional counterpart, such as brown rice, wheat bread, and wheat pasta. We get brown rice when we leave the bran and germ in place during the milling process of rice. Brown rice is a type of whole-grains because of this. But why do so many experts recommend brown rice? 

Brown Rice vs White Rice


Good explanation between brown rice and white rice.

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