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Can You Get Acne and Wrinkles from Showering Daily?

You’re eating clean, sleeping well and also making use of the right products as well as yet you’re still experiencing pimple or acne outbreaks – however did you ever realise or reckon that it could actually be your daily shower that could be creating acne and various other skin distress? Tropika Club gives you the real scope on showering and why it could be the real culprit behind your skin woes. Read on to find out more


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Are you showering with soft or hard water?

Anyone who lives in an area of hard water, might already be familiar with the bliss that comes when you spend the evening in a resort or on holiday and have softer silkier hair after your shower, thanks to the adjustment in water. It turns out that not just is tough water negative for our hair, but it’s really playing chaos with our skin.

New research from Cosmetify has actually shown that tough water can trigger skin problems like irritability and breakouts and also even accelerate the ageing procedure! Hard water contains excessive amounts of naturally occurring calcium and magnesium. These minerals reduce the effectiveness and solubility of soaps. When you shower in hard water you’re left with a layer of soap scum on your body that when left over a period of time, can dry out and irritate the skin

Dermatologist Vikram Rajkomar, of Pall Shopping center Medical, clarifies, “If you reside in a tough water area, this means that calcium and also magnesium can be left on your skin, triggering totally free radicals which are linked to ageing. Make certain that you thoroughly clean as well as moisturise to help reduce the chances of early ageing.”



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