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Electrolyte Skincare is Your Next Secret Weapon

Yes, it’s the stuff in that bottle of sports drinks, the thing that your coach asks you to have after working out, the secret to recovering from a bad hangover. Electrolytes provides your body with essential minerals while retaining the water inside it. That’s how it keeps you hydrated. But now, imagine it doing that magic on your skin. Tropika Club discover the reasons behind all the hype behind electrolyte skincare in 2020.


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Electrolytes: Explained

Before you start pouring 100 Plus on your face, here’s what you need to know about electrolytes. It refers to the essential minerals found in your blood, sweat, and urine, such as Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphate, and Bicarbonate.

These essential minerals are vital in maintaining the balance of your internal environment, as well as the functions of your muscles and nervous system. When it comes to hydration, electrolytes maintains the balance of the amount of water inside and outside the skin cells in your body through osmosis. With osmosis, water moves from a dilute solution (fewer electrolytes) towards a more concentrated solution (more electrolytes).

“The Hydrating Ingredient of 2020”

Don’t take it from us. Electrolytes has been given that honour by skin care insiders. Glamour and Elle Australia covered about it in late 2019, touting its ability to regulate moisture above and below the skin’s surface.

When it comes to skin hydration, the theory is that by, applying electrolyte-infused skincare, it causes water to be drawn into your skin. That could give you buoyant, healthy skin. The beauty industry caught on to this idea, creating adding electrolyte-infused offerings to their skincare range.. However, the jury’s still out on how deep electrolyte-infused products can sink to provide that extra hydration in your skin.

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How to Add Electrolytes into Your Skincare Routine

Electrolyte-infused skincare products is best if you work out fanatic, or if you have dry or sensitive skin, since it helps balance the water levels of your skin. To give your skin a further boost, try looking for ingredients that are identical to the elements found in your skin as the skin doesn’t absorb every compound on it. Ingredients such as lactate, gluconate, and pyroglutamic acid (PCA) work similarly to the molecules already present in your skin, and electrolytes actually help them work more effectively.

The humble moisturiser needn’t make way for electrolyte skin care products just yet. Electrolytes can help improve the effectiveness of vitamins, retinals, alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids. To boost the skin’s barrier function regulate moisture levels, you could combine electrolyte skincare with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, or glycerin.



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