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Getting your dream job during COVID-19

Getting your dream job during COVID-19

You’ve just graduated, a fresh degree or diploma under your belt. Your resume and portfolio all spick and span. Or maybe you’re looking for new challenges to by switching industries. But where do you go to find your job, especially considering the current situation? With the plethora of job portals out there, it’s difficult to know where to start. Tropika Club recommends the MyCareersFuture job portal to begin getting your dream job during COVID-19. 

The Perfect Matches at MyCareersFuture 

Scouring endless lists in job portals you have vague suspicions about is a thing of the past with MyCareersFuture. You are in charge: once you fill-up the criteria form, you can see results tailor-made for your abilities and your preferences. 

They can get very specific about their search filters. In addition to selecting the industry you want to work in and your preferred employment type, you even get to select results based on the minimum salary you want. 

Their criteria for Job Levels lets you search for 9 different choices, so you can comfortably see jobs that suit your level of experience, be it if you’re looking for entry-level positions, or if you’re looking to get into middle management. 

Getting your dream job during COVID-19

You don’t have to blindly look for jobs that take hours to commute with MyCareersFuture too. The website allows you to look for jobs based on your preferred location, so you’ll have a better chance of escaping the crammed buses and trains a little sooner than everyone else.  

For those who prefer to deal directly with potential employers, they have a toggle for the job posting origin for you. You can see if you’re dealing with recruiters, or if you’re talking directly to the hiring manager of the company. 

What’s more? You can further refine your search results by adding your relevant skills to the search, so you’ll be looking at jobs that actually need your skills, rather than reading till your eyes go blind at job postings that don’t match with your capabilities in the end. 

This level of specificity sets them apart from most other job portals in Singapore. It can save you tons of time trawling through results that seem to blend into each other after hours of searching. At MyCareersFuture, you get to see the job you’re looking for. 

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3 ways to continue your job hunt during the Circuit Breaker

We know things are still a little crazy now. But when it’s all over you’d want to be prepared when everyone gets right back on their feet. Get your career back on track! Here are three simple ways you can still keep your job hunt up and going during the Circuit Breaker.

1. Expand your network online 

Expanding your professional network is one of the most crucial ways to get into the job you want. But now you should probably stay home, rather than go knocking on someone’s door. Find professional groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn, you’re sure to find a group that aligns with your career goals. 

2. Keep your resume and interview skills sharp 

You never know when an opportunity will present itself, even during times like this. Always make sure that your resume and/or portfolio is up-to-date so you can still continue your job search during the Circuit Breaker. Maybe you can find samples on Pinterest to freshen up your resume with an eye-catching, relevant design. 

Getting your dream job during COVID-19

You should brush up your interview skills too. Even if you’re not actively looking for a new job, take up a call by a recruiter. It’s a great way to figure out essential questions like: Why do you want a new job? How do you fit into the company? How do you want to progress in your career? And of course, what are your strengths and weaknesses? 

Since everyone has to stay home now, you can’t underestimate the power of practising for video interviews. It’s a totally different experience from attending the interview in person. Try and have a few test runs, and look for tips to ace your video interview

3. Continue developing your skills 

Now that you can see what your dream job requires in terms of skills and experience, it’s time to actually get those skills and experiences. There are countless platforms where you can learn: Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare. If you’re looking for free courses you can try The Open University, and Harvard University (yes, the Harvard University) are offering free online courses.

Getting Your Dream Job During COVID-19

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