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Going into Phase One: 5 things you can and can't do.

Going into Phase One: 5 things you can and can’t do.

Has it already been two months?! Well, almost. As Singapore revs up its gears to come out of the Circuit Breaker, some businesses and workplaces will soon see workers return. But even if there is a sense of a resumption of normalcy, we’re not quite back to the good old days yet. Tropika Club shares the 5 things you can and can’t do as we go into Phase One.

What is Phase One?

The Singapore government has termed it as a ‘Safe Re-opening’, where activities that have lower risks of transmission can resume. Other activities that pose a higher risk, such as social and entertainment activities, will remain closed.

#1: You can visit your family members again.

Households now can receive only 2 visitors a day, and the visitors have to be from the same family. But as you visit your parents or grandparents during Phase One, you can only visit them once a day. You can now also drop your children off at your parent’s or grandparent’s home for childcare purposes.

Meanwhile, only a maximum of 10 persons can attend family events such as marriage solemnisations, funerals, and wakes.

#2: You can’t go back to the office.

Unless you are working for a business where there are lower risks of transmission. Most personal services and retail outlets will remain closed during Phase One. If you can continue to work from home or telecommute, you should continue to do so.

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#3: You can still work out in the open.

Walking, running, and cycling is one of the Phase One dos, but you should stay in your immediate neighbourhood. Keep to exercising alone, or only with members in the same household. However, sports, recreation, and outdoor facilities, including fitness studios and gyms, will not resume operations.

#4: You can’t have your bubble tea.

You will have to bear with your bubble tea cravings for just a while longer since outlets with predominantly beverages on their menu remain closed. All F&B outlets are still not able to receive dine-in guests during Phase One.

#5: You can go to the doctor’s.

Phase One will also see the resumption of preventive health services, healthcare services, and one-to-one sessions for complementary healthcare services. If you want to see a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner or your dentist, you can do so as well.

Going into Phase One: 5 things you can and can't do.

Things will get better! Vaccines are being developed all over the world. But, for now, it’s still best to stay at home and limit contact with people outside of your household. Take care, everyone.



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