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Watch Out: How Maskne Is Taking Over and What to Do About It

Yes, maskne is a real thing. If you’ve been wearing your mask routinely, you may have observed random breakouts in the location where your mask sits– and if so, you’re not alone. Though so-called “maskne” (mask + acne) isn’t always related to acne, you might notice some facial breakouts as a possible side effect of mask use. Since masks are essential, it’s important to do whatever we can to overcome concerns about wearing them. Sometimes, for some people, wearing a mask can cause — or worsen — breakouts, rashes and other skin problems on the face. Let Tropika Club share with you on how you can prevent maskne from taking over you.

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What really is maskne?

Maskne is a 2020 term created to explain the type of acne that can happen after wearing a face mask for long durations of time. It tends to reveal up on areas of your face that your mask covers– particularly your chin and jawline. If they pop up, the good news is there are a couple of things you can do to avoid maskne breakouts and knock them out. Aside from wearing cotton masks and making certain you’re not cleaning them in severe soaps or cleaning agents (as recommended by Johns Hopkins Medicine), having a maskne-busting regimen in your skincare arsenal is essential.

However this can get challenging when you have sensitive or reactive skin (which I do), since you need to be extremely mindful what you utilise; one incorrect move can result in a breakout rapidly. After spot-testing and after that completely treating my maskne with a range of products, a few increased to the top. Here are five maskne-fighting products (and a few additionals) that are excellent for all skin types, but particularly for those with sensitive or reactive skin.

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