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How the COVID Pandemic is Changing the Beauty Industry & Sustainability

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the world economy, but its impact on sustainability efforts has been more mixed. How would this pandemic shape the beauty industry, specially when it comes on its role on sustainability. Tropika Club finds out more in this in-depth article.

The COVID Pandemic

Over the past two months, there are lighthearted reports of jellyfish swimming within the Venice canals, where the water has cleared up thanks to a discount in boat traffic and pollution, and goats running amok in an exceedingly town virtually abandoned by humans. There are reports that babies are likely to turn healthier in cities like Beijing as air quality has improved. There’s also a brand new “nature is healing” meme that mocks the fabricated news stories round the topic. But the pandemic has also reintroduced single-use plastic bags and proliferated the utilisation of plastic latex gloves. What’s more, because the Atlantic reported, sustainability historically takes successful when economies reemerge from pandemics.

The conflicting reports on the present and future status of the environment leave industries like beauty in an exceedingly conundrum. Influential players have repeatedly stated commitments to sustainability in recent years, although these efforts are arguably facile given the 153 billion units of plastic the industry produced in 2018. But the new normal of the pandemic provides the chance to reset not only to cultural values and social norms, but also business priorities. Sustainability plans can be thrown out the window to save lots of on production and margins, though there are no confirmations that this has occurred, but it could even be a chance to specialise in the “reduce” component of “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

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