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How to Find the Best High Teas in Singapore [2020 Edition with Menu]

There’s nothing better than catching up with friends over the weekends over high tea, at a cosy and relaxing cafe and watch the world go by. Lounge lazily around one of these tea rooms and forget about your worries with every morsel of tea-bites. From sugary treats to delightful tea blends, high tea in Singapore is a great way to escape from all the daily strains. Need some directions to all the possible high tea locations that are available post-circuit breaker in Singapore? Let the Tropika Club team share with you the latest ins and outs for the high tea scene in Singapore. 


Anti:dote at Fairmont Singapore

Anti: dote Five-o’clock tea fit the bill as when friends collected for the objective of catching-up, we prefer to rest at a comfortable crouch, appreciate the tasty food and also have a relaxing afternoon chit-chatting as well as possibly gossiping also. Buffet is not the finest. Situated at the ground floor of Fairmont Singapore, with primarily large sofa-seats for diners to relax and enjoy the finger-sized food and also tea.

At Anti:dote, every item on the menu is crafted perfectly to appeal to the most discerning taste buds. Known for serving afternoon treats in its iconic pristine white chest of drawers during the day, Anti:dote transforms into a stylish cocktail bar when night falls. Combining traditional bartending and the artistry of experimental mixology techniques, classic recipes are reinterpreted with contemporary flair. 



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