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How To Get Smaller Pores

It happens to the best of us. Even with the best makeup or skincare products, some of us just can’t get a clean break from big, open pores. It’s an especially acute skin woe for Singaporeans with its relentless heat and humidity. Is there a way? Tropika Club wonders about the perennial question: How to get smaller pores?

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Why You Have Open Pores

Some of the sebaceous glands on parts of your skin could be larger, leading to larger pore sizes. If your skin has higher sebum production, which leads to oily skin. That could cause larger pore sizes as well. Which is why acne and comedogenic makeup could be behind larger pore sizes too, and so is prolonged exposure to the sun.

Clogged pores could lead to enlarged pores as well. You get enlarged pores dead skin cells and sebum create plugs as they accumulate at the hair follicles. That makes your pores look more noticeable.



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