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How to spend 20 seconds to really clean your hands

Is hand washing essential in this COVID-19 crisis?

It’s a familiar situation in a public bathroom: You’re on your way in, and somebody else is leaving without washing their own hands. They visit you and wheel around toward the sink. They begin whistling, as if to appear casual, then give their hands a quick spritz with water.

Even among those who will never find each other, there is a compulsion to perform a tiny baptism of the fingertips: Not enough scrubbing or soap to eliminate a virus, just enough to signal civility. Studies have set the average hand-washing time at about six seconds, less than half of what is advocated by global-health guidelines. Only around 5 per cent of us regularly wash long and thoroughly enough. In this adapted article, the Tropika Club shares on how you can spend 20 fruitful seconds to really wash and clean your hands.

The coronavirus has become a pandemic

Our failures feel newly relevant as, for the last month, anxiety has gripped parts of the planet over how to stop the spread of a deadly strain of coronavirus–a variant of this common-cold virus. So far, the virus is known to have killed at least 500 people and infected some 25,000 longer, chiefly in China, where the epidemic began. In response to the crisis, the country has enacted a historically unprecedented quarantine. Streets in the metropolitan heart of Wuhan are seen empty, and individuals caught outside are berated by drones.

In Singapore, as of 14 March 2020, we have a total of 107 active cases, with 93 hospitalised and 14 in critical care. While the numbers are low by global standards, it is still a cause for worry. Two-thirds of Americans feel that the virus is a “real danger,” according to a questionnaire released yesterday, and a sense of need for forcible activity is pervasive. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health have mobilised to operate on a crisis vaccine. Face masks have sold out in several places, even though little proof that they are helpful outside of specific scenarios.

Amid so much concern and resource allocation, many people continue being dismissive of the most frequently accepted, simple advice to slow the spread of most viruses.

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