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How To Treat Skin Hyperpigmentation [Singapore Edition]

It’s one of the leading concerns as we grow old, and it’s not an easy problem to solve. Dark spots and skin pigmentation can’t just be solved with a nightly skincare routine and a barrage of brightening creams and face masks. Tropika Club finds out more about how to treat skin hyperpigmentation below.


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Why are Dark Spots and Skin Hyperpigmentation More Prevalent on Asian Skin?

t’s actually more common than you think. We all have cells (melanocytes) that produce the melanin, a natural pigment in our skin. Melanin gives our skin its colour, especially when we’re exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays. It’s a defence mechanism against UV rays since it blocks the radiation from UV rays, preventing the oxidative damage to DNA of the melanocytes. This protects you from skin cancer too.

Your skin type and the ethnic group you belong to can affect the number of melanocytes on your skin. So that’s why our Asian skin condition is more prone to skin hyperpigmentation and discolouration compared to Caucasians since they usually have lighter skin tones. With our darker skin tone, there are more melanocytes that could produce excess melanin. 

After melanin is produced, your body has the ability to spread out the melanin throughout your skin. But it’s not. a perfect process. Some melanin pigments may not be spread out properly and so they clump together, forming the dark spots and hyperpigmentation on you see on your skin. And as we age, the body’s ability to spread out the melanin weakens. So the excess accumulated melanin will stay in your skin unless you treat it.



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