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J Team Hair Studio

J Team Hair Studio will be happy to have you! Equipped with over a decade’s worth of experience, their passionate, skilful stylists can offer a new take on hairstyling. They will spare no effort to make sure you not only enjoy their session but leave with a fresh look too.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00
  • Region: D16 Bedok, Upper East Coast, Eastwood, Kew Drive
  • Location: 741 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3079, S470741
  • Tel: 86683940

Choose from over 40 hair services and treatments including Keratin Hair Care, Highlight/Balayage, Hair Protein Treatment, Digital Perm, Hair Rebonding, and many more! They are out to ensure you enjoyed a good hair session with us, taking care of your straights and curls.

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Signature Services:

Hair Styling & Regrowth

  • Mist O3 Treatment (long)
  • Hair Straightening (long)
  • Hair Rebonding (long)
  • Hair Straightening (medium)
  • Hair Signature Ritual (medium)
  • Creative Perm (medium)
  • Creative Perm (long)
  • Digital Perm (medium)
  • Highlingting / Balayage (long)
  • Keratin Hair Care Treatment (medium)
  • Keratin Hair Care Treatment (long)
  • Hair Colour (long)
  • Highlighting / Balayage (medium)
  • Hair Rebonding (medium)
  • Hair Protein Treatment (medium)
  • Mist O3 Treatment (medium)
  • Hair Colour (medium)
  • Digital Perm (long)
  • Hair Signature Ritual (long)
  • Hair Protein Treatment (long)
  • Digital Perm with Hair Signature Ritual Treatment (short)
  • Hair Soft Straightening + Haircut (short)
  • Digital Perm (short)
  • Haircut and Finishing (Adult, Ladies)
  • Haircut and Finishing (Student, Boy, 12-16 years old)
  • Hair Rebonding + Haircut (short)
  • Creative Perm (short)
  • Haircut and Finishing (Kids, Girl)
  • Haircut and Finishing (Student, Girl, 12-16 years old)
  • Haircut and Finishing (Adult, Men)
  • Standard Perm
  • Hair Rebonding with Hair Signature Ritual Treatment + Haircut (short)
  • Haircut and Finishing (Kids, Boy)
  • Hair Protein Treatment (short)
  • Scalp Balance Treatment
  • Scalp Therapy Treatment
  • Scalp Signature Ritual
  • Mist O3Therapy Treatment (short)
  • Hair Colour (short)
  • Hair Signature Ritual (short)
  • Hair Colour with Hair Signature Ritual Treatment (short)
  • Highlighting / Balayage (short)
  • Keratin Hair Care Treatment (short)



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