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Jin Jin Hair Beauty

Priscillia, the director of Jin Jin Hair Beauty, inherited the salon from her mother over 40 years ago. With that, she carries on the expertise and heritage through her passion for hairdressing. The stylists at Jin Jin Hair Beauty listens to understand your needs. And through combining experience and modern technique, Jin Jin Hair Beauty can create a hairstyle that complements who you are.

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Region: D1 Raffles Place, Cecil, Marina, People’s Park
  • Location: People’s Park Centre #B1-63, S058357
  • Tel: 96877613

Enjoy a selection of over 15 hair services including the classic Hair Cut and Wash, Hair Colour, Hair Perm, Keratin Treatment as well as Hair Treatment.

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Signature Services:

Hair Styling & Regrowth

  • Hair Colour (Short Hair)
  • Hair Color ( Medium Hair Length)
  • Hair Color ( Long Hair Length)
  • Hair Perm (Short)
  • Hair Perm (Medium)
  • Hair Perm (Long)
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Treatment (Short)
  • Hair Treatment (Medium)
  • Hair Treatment (Long)
  • Keratin Treatment (Short)
  • Keratin Treatment (Medium)
  • Keratin Treatment (Long)
  • Hair Cut and Wash (Male)
  • Hair Cut and Wash (Female)



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