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Leon Markcus Lights Up for ‘Hot City’ Virtual Tour

Let Leon Markcus light up your pandemic blues with some local pop goodness. This Singapore pop royalty is back on tour online, serving his biggest hits live, directly to your screen. Tropika Club has the inside scoop on his new digital tour.


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Dive into Hot City with Leon Markcus

Released in 2019, the ‘Welcome to Hot City’ EP lit up Apple’s pop music charts. Its title track ‘Hot City’, a collaboration with 2019 Eurovision Finalist Bilal Hassani reached no. 4 on the charts. It was even nominated for the 2019 Youth Music Awards. Meanwhile, ‘SXW’ hit no. 6 with Baltimore rapper Kotic Couture.

The EP’s filled with synth anthems of self-discovery, addressing the stigma LGBTQ+ youths face in Singapore and beyond. With his self-assured vocals, we dive into how he found his voice.

The EP has flavours inspired by Cher, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and David Bowie, as well as a whiff of Charli XCX. Besides the titular track ‘Hot City’, the intimate ‘Forgotten Natives’ shines as well, detailing his experience with bullying while reaching out to those who feel rejected. Showcasing his chops, Leon Markcus re-released the EP earlier this year, adding a soulful ballad demo ‘Princess’, as well as a live duet rendition of ‘Forgotten’.

Today, ‘Welcome to Hot City’ garners an average of 11,000 views for each music video, earning airwaves on radio stations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Taking on the Virtual Stage

Markcus is no stranger to digital concerts. He was noteworthy for Home Music Mix 2020, which streamed to online audiences in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Markcus even reached the States, performing for Atlas Digital: Stay at Home Concert Edition for Los Angeles.

Now, fresh off his Pink Dot headline with fellow Singapore pop icons Joanna Dong & Charlie Lim, he’s ready to take centre stage. Join Markcus as he takes you on a trip of empowerment and self-actualisation.

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‘Welcome to Hot City’ Virtual Tour Dates

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