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More Free TV Programs and Digital Initiatives in Singapore for COVID-19

To assist Singapore citizens throughout their attempts to remain home in an attempt to curtail the spread of COVID-19, a succession of press and digital-related initiatives has been announced on Wednesday on 8 April 2020. These include providing more information for audiences on free-to-air stations, in addition to Singtel and StarHub‘s pay-TV platforms.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) stated it will additionally support telcos in creating investments to upgrade their own networks. Additionally, it is going to help low-income pupils who need digital accessibility for home based learning.

Most offices are shut, schools have proceeded into complete home dining and learning in at food and beverage outlets aren’t permitted.

A new legislation came into force on Wednesday, banning social parties of any magnitude in the public and private spaces, such as private parties or parties with friends or families not living together.

More Free TV Programs and Digital Initiatives in Singapore for COVID-19

“The initiatives will ensure that everybody, particularly vulnerable sections such as seniors and school-going kids from low-income families, can go online for daily tasks and social activities,” explained IMDA at a media launch.

“IMDA helps to make sure that those who want to can remain connected from the protection of their houses, whether for example agriculture, home learning, obtaining information and amusement, or staying connected with family members and friends.”

Minister for Communications and Information S Iswaran said:”We believed it’s timely to put out this so that as individuals embark upon the circuit breaker interval, they’re well-equipped to take care of a number of the challenges at the changing lifestyle patterns they have.”

More Free TV Programs and Digital Initiatives in Singapore for COVID-19

Additional TV Choices for Circuit Breaker Period

Mediacorp, for example, will extend the time straps for Suria and Vasantham stations with immediate effect, stated IMDA. In this time, both stations will start transmission from 9am daily. Singtel will boost its total number of free preview stations to 30 beginning from Thursday. Non-subscribers may also download its own CAST streaming solutions to get the free preview stations. StarHub will improve its completely free preview stations to 32, beginning Wednesday, for their own customers.

Both operators will give a vast selection of content spanning all four national languages, which range from premium articles including BBC Earth along with Discovery to kids’ content such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. There will also be additional choices for Asian programs such as cHK, Hub Sensasi, JiaLe, Oh!K, TVB Jade and Zee Thirai.

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