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RealEase (Dempsey)

RealEase – Connect. Release. Heal. Husband and wife duo Rowena Choo and David Thoo established RealEase with their ardent belief that our body is designed to heal itself. ​Through RealEase, their mission is to empower people to get in touch with themselves with Spinal Flow Technique (“”Spinal Flow””). It’s a powerful yet gentle healing modality that facilitates healing via the nervous system, without manipulation, popping or cracking of the spine. Spinal Flow promotes a full rewiring of the brain, and the body relearns what it already knew, to begin with — how to self-heal. Spinal Flow has helped with recovery from chronic headaches, back pain, disc injuries, low energy, infertility, digestive complaints, stress, depression and more. Improvements in autism symptoms can be seen as well.

  • Opening Hours: 09:00 – 20:00
  • Region: D10 Ardmore, Bukit Timah, Holland Road, Tanglin
  • Location: 27A, 30B/C Loewen, Core Collective Dempsey, S248839
  • Tel: 82000690

Start your healing now with their 30-minute Spinal Flow Trial, Initial Consultation & Spinal Flow treatment (approximately 60 minutes) or Follow-up Spinal Flow treatment (approximately 30 minutes).

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Signature Services:

Fitness & Wellness

  • 30-minute Spinal Flow Trial
  • Follow-up Spinal Flow treatment (approximately 30 minutes)
  • Initial Consultation & Spinal Flow treatment (approximately 60 minutes)



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