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Really Useful Features of Tropika Club Booking Site

Tropika Club is specially designed to help our customers navigate the portal with ease, and easily find the best off-peak discounts from where they are located. In this guide, we will showcase to you all the really useful features of Tropika Club. Through this guide, you will be able to explore and maximise all the really useful features of Tropika Club to get your best deals!

Universal Search Bar

1. Universal Search Bar

When you type a keyword, the bar will suggest relevant results. You can also click on SEARCH to see more results.

  • You can search by treatment type (E.g. hair removal, teeth whitening, hair colour)
  • You can search by location (E.g. Pasir Ris, Clementi)
  • You can search by name (E.g. No.5 Salon)

2. For Her / For Him / Magazine

We have created visuals across the 8 key categories for your use. Please feel free to download to use these for your marketing purposes. To download, click on the target file, right click and then download.

You can select FOR HER to access services and content for females. Choose FOR HIM to access services and content for males. Or browse our latest articles on beauty, lifestyle and all things Singapore via MAGAZINE.

3. Login / Signup

To login, click on the LOGIN/SIGNUP and then select CUSTOMER LOGIN. You can easily login using your email/password or via Facebook or Google, Easily sign up by filling up the form. You can also sign up via FACEBOOK or GOOGLE.

Featured Venues

4. Featured Venues

Every fortnight, Tropika Club will feature three Service Providers each for FOR HER and FOR HIM sections. Check out their latest offers and deals easily here.

5. In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight showcases the latest articles from our magazine. Or check out the latest promotions from our service providers here.

Featured Articles / Attractive Discounts

6. Featured Articles / Attractive Discounts

  • The Featured Articles are generated from the latest articles from our Magazine. You can click on them to read more.
  • The Attractive Discounts showcases our service providers with great discounts. You can easily check on them via this section.
Landing Page Footer

7. Landing Page Footer

  • About Us – Find out more about Tropika Club via this link
  • How It Works – Use this link to quickly understand how to use the Tropika Club portal. For a more detailed link check out our Knowledge Base
  • FAQ – The FAQ answers your most commonly asked questions. For more answers, go to our Knowledge Base via our “i” button on lower right
  • Contact Us – Reach out to us easily via this link
  • Magazine – Check out our articles on beauty, wellness, lifestyle and all things Singapore here
  • Terms of Use – This governs the terms and conditions for the use of the Tropika Club portal and platform
  • Privacy Policy – This Privacy Policy spells out the conditions and manner for the way Tropika Club website and portal collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from each visitor and user
  • News & Press – Read the latest updates and news on Tropika Club here
Search Filters

8. Search Filters

Click on the filters to adjust your search results

  • Recommended – This shows the service providers with the most number of bookings
  • Least/Most Expensive – Filter your results based on pricing. Please note that this filters the results based on the original price. To filter base on promotions, click on the promotion tab
  • Best Discount – Filter your results based on the highest discount (50%) and in decreasing order
  • Distance – Filter your results based on the service providers closest to you

9. Filter By Price Bar / Discount Tag

This useful price bar not only helps you to filter the search results, but also shows the number of services in the price range. The taller the bar, the more the number of services at that price range. Click on the Discount Tag to show the services being offered based on the discount tag.


Map View

10. Map View

his is one of the most useful feature of Tropika Club. Use the VIEW MAP feature to bring up the map with all the service providers and their best possible discount.

  • Filters – Too many results? You can filter by Region/Location, Service Category and Gender to narrow your search.
  • Best Discount Possible – The best discounts from the Service Provider will be shown.
  • Scroll and Move Around – You can scroll and move around the map to see what services and discounts are located near you.
  • You then click on the button to see the Service Provider. Then click on the Service Provider to go to its profile page.
%%%%% and Bookings

11. %%%%% and Bookings

The number of yellow %%%%% showcases the maximum discount offered by the service provider. The number of total bookings for the service provider on Tropika Club is also shown for your reference.

  • %%%%% – This means that the service provider has a 30% discount offered at a certain day/time. All you need to do is to search for it

12. Service Provider Profile Page

At the profile page of the Service Provider, there are many features to enhance your customer journey:

  • Services – The Services tab will be shown by default. You can click on the various services, which are grouped by service categories. If there’s a time-of-day discount, it applies to the entire service category.
  • About – You can read the description of the Service Provider via this tab.
  • Review – Tropika Club integrates with Google Reviews to showcase honest and authentic customer reviews of the service provider.

You then click on the button to see the Service Provider. Then click on the Service Provider to go to its profile page. You can also use the map to check the location of the service provider. The opening hours, region, address and contact number of the service provider will also be shown for your convenience.

Drop-down Guide for Discounts of the Day

13. Drop-down Guide for Discounts of the Day

To easily find out what discounts are available during the day, you can do the following:

  • Scroll the Time Tags – You can scroll through the time tags to see what discounts are available for each 30-minute slot
  • Use the Discount Drag-Down – You can use the Drag Down to see what are the discounts of the day. In this example, you can see that there are only 0% and 30% discounts for the day


Cancellation Policy and Terms of Booking

14. Cancellation Policy and Terms of Booking

At the booking page, please do take some time to review the Cancellation Policy and the Terms of Booking. Do take note of our generous 4-hour cancellation window. Also do take note of our refund policy.

15. Booking Date and Time + Voucher Code

After making a booking, your booking details, as well as your particulars will be auto-populated into the fields. Please check to make sure they are all accurate. If you need to change the date/time, kindly refresh the page to redo the process again. If you have a voucher code, you can enter it here and click on APPLY to apply the code.

Login to PayPal (Optional)

16. Login to PayPal (Optional)

If you have a PayPal account, you can log into PayPal to process your payment. Alternatively, you can also click on Pay By Debit or Card Credit to directly pay by card. At any point in time, you can cancel and return to Tropika Club.



Tropika Club's Flamingo is the chief editor and curator for all newsfeeds, articles and guides for Tropika Club Magazine. Beside contributing content to the magazine, the Flamingo also helps to give our reward points to customers who have booked beauty, wellness and fitness services in the search directory.