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Skincare Tips while Staying Indoors All-day

Great Tips for caring for your skin while keeping indoors during the coronavirus pandemic

Even for those who are healthy, staying home to decrease the spread of coronavirus is a significant change in surroundings and routine, each of which can impact your skin. A change in diet, activity and air can lead to facial breakouts, dryness and other adverse reactions. To fight those issues, you will find simple tips you can use to practice decent skincare by assessing your daily routine, and with what you already have available in your house. By caring for your skin while you stay cooped up indoors, you can improve and nourish your skin and keep it in the best possible condition – take it as a therapy session for greater skin!

Social distancing can lead to harmful effects on the skin from too little exercise, change in diet, and anxiety. To prevent breakouts and to age throughout the coming weeks inside, practice these fantastic skincare tips by Tropika Club which you can conveniently practise in the comfort of your home.

While social distancing is drastically changing our daily lives, the transfer to spending more time indoors can negatively influence your skin.


Great advice! This is something that we do subconsciously.

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