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The Best Ways to Eliminate Blackheads [Gent’s Edition]

It seems simple, but you might not know how to get rid of blackheads? First, it helps to understand what blackheads actually are. If you do not take care of your pores, eventually the oil and dirt will accumulate. If someone has a great deal of blackheads, you can feel that the skin is rough, scratchy, and bumpy. If you are wondering how to get rid of blackheads and considering the best ways to eliminate blackheads, below are some useful and helpful dermatologist-approved tips by Tropika Club to make it easier to eliminate blackheads on your nose, chin, and forehead.

Pores, also called comedones, are little dimples in the skin which surround a hair follicle. They also house your sebaceous glands, which make the oil (sebum) in your face. When those pores become clogged, a blackhead may form. Blackheads are also called open comedones because, unlike whiteheads, they do not have a layer of skin cells at the top. That allows the gunk inside the pore to be exposed to the atmosphere and become oxidised, which causes it to switch to a darker colour.

Basically anyone can get blackheads, but those with combination or oily skin are most prone to creating them. And if you really feel as though you get them round your nose more frequently than anywhere else in your face, you’re not imagining it: The skin around your nose has a particularly high concentration of sebum glands, meaning extra oil and a higher possibility of clogged pores.

The Best Ways to Eliminate Blackheads [Gent's Edition]

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