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Top 10 Best Ban Mian in Singapore

The name ban mian (board/block noodle) came from the Hakka method of cutting the noodle into straight strands using a wooden block as a ruler. In Hakka, some might call it Man-Foon-Char-Guo (麵粉茶粿) or Dao-Ma-Chet (刀嬤切). In Hokkien, it was called Mee-Hoon-Kueh (麵粉粿; lit. “wheat snack”) but what can be found at hawker stalls is generally called ban mian. It is a popular Chinese noodle dish, consisting of handmade noodles served in soup. Now, in today’s context, no one is a stranger to ban mian [source]. Hence, if you are a ban mian-lover, you are in the right place. Tropika Club will take you through aggregated rankings or “ranking of rankings” compared from the following sources to further ascertain the final rankings. This is further refined using the TripAdvisor rankings to decide between the position in case there is a tie. Read on to find out where are the Top 10 Best Ban Mian in Singapore.

Top 10 Ban Mian in Singapore
The Top 10 Best Ban Mian in Singapore Rankings

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  • L32 Handmade Noodles: A stall in Geylang that offers thick and springy noodles with minced pork, anchovies, egg and a spicy soup.
  • Qiu Lian Ban Mian: A chain of outlets that specializes in ban mian with a smooth and chewy texture and a rich broth.
  • Hock Kee Handmade Noodle: A hawker stall in Yishun that serves ban mian with crispy ikan bilis, fried shallots, mushrooms and a runny egg.
  • Jin Hua Fish Head Bee Hoon: A restaurant in Maxwell Food Centre that is famous for its fish head bee hoon and also serves ban mian with sliced fish, fish cake and vegetables.
  • Ban Mian @ Food Opera Ion Orchard: A stall in a food court that offers ban mian with a choice of noodles, soup base, meat and toppings.
  • Xin Ban Mian 辛板面: A stall in Ang Mo Kio that serves spicy ban mian with minced pork, mushrooms, vegetables and a fiery chilli sauce.
  • iNoodle: A stall in Jurong West that serves ban mian with handmade noodles, fresh ingredients and a savoury soup.
  • Formosa Delights: A stall in Dhoby Ghaut that serves Taiwanese-style ban mian with braised pork, chicken cutlet, dumplings or beef.
  • Guan’s Mee Pok: A stall in Tanjong Pagar that serves ban mian with mee pok (flat noodles), minced pork, mushrooms, liver and a vinegar-based sauce.

1. Top 1 Home Made Noodle

Introduction: Since 1989, the founder of Top 1 Home Made noodle started making handmade noodles with a wide variety of soups, sides, and noodles.

Offerings: TOP 1 Homemade Noodle 一级棒好吃面粉粿 is no stranger to residents and ban mian lovers, especially for its hand-made noodles and exceptional chilli. Their noodles are one of the best – known for its chewiness without the starchy after taste. Go soup (rich flavoured broth with a tinge of sweetness), or go dry, but both are packed with enough to have you satisfied. Beware, their famous chilli will make you perspire.

Location: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #04-44, Beauty World Centre, Singapore 588177

Contact: +65 9857 6126


2. L32 Hand Made Noodles

Introduction: Established since 2003, their brances in Geylang and Tampines 1 Foodcourt has been loved by many.

Offerings: Highly reviewed by local diners, the must-try is the dry ban mian- the fish is served fresh and the juice-filled meatballs leave you wanting for more. Coupled with their chilli that breaks you into sweat, this is one of the go-to stall for residents.

Location: 558 Geylang Road Lorong 32, Singapore 389509

Contact: +65 9770 2829

Website: https://www.facebook.com/L32handmadenoodles/

3. China Whampoa Home Made Noodles

Introduction: Founded in 1989 by owner Ah Bee, aged 48, and his 42-year-old wife Ah Chiam, China Whampoa Home Made Noodles is easily one of Singapore’s most popular ban mian stall. Other than its original outlet at Whampoa Makan Place, it has also opened at Geylang Lor 12 (Nam Wah Coffeeshop) which is operating 24/7 (Ban Mian for supper!), and 2 Bukit Merah ABC coffee shop which is opposite ABC Brickworks Food Centre.

Offerings: The ban mian’s soup base is riched in flavor from the natural sweetness of the ingredients. The noodles have a good bite and are cooked just right; the prawns are fresh and the meat has a flavourful natural taste; the Ikan Bilis is crispy and provides that salty burst. One bite altogether truly satisfies you.

Location: 91 Whampoa Market, #01-24, Singapore 320091

Contact:  +65 9625 6692

Website: https://www.facebook.com/chinawhampoahomemadenoodle/

4. Seletar Sheng Mian

Introduction: More than 20 years in the market, they used to station at Seletar before relocating to Toa Payoh. This stall is one of the most popular in the food centre, and the constant queue last throughout the day, especially during lunch time. However, expect the waiting time to be faster than expected as their service is prompt.

Offerings: Hand-pulled mee hoon kway tossed in chilli, black sauce and a mixture of ingredients like minced pork, vegetables and prawn is definitely a simple but very satisfying bowl. The chilli wasn’t too spicy but still gave a nice elevation of flavour to the black sauce. If you fancy dry mee hoon kway, here is the place for you.

Location: 210 Lor 8 Toa Payoh, #01-05, Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 310210

Contact:  NIL

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Seletar-Sheng-Mian-Tao-Payoh-Lor-8-Food-Center-Market/207713899345870?ref=br_rs

5. Greenview Café

Introduction: Founded in 1992 and situated in the hearts of Orchard Road, enjoy some of the most authentic local cuisine created and presented in the most traditional way.

Offerings: They are well known for their dry ban mian – the kways are chewy and it is tossed in a savoury sauce that is flavourful but not too salty.

Location: 14 Scotts Rd, #04-96, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Contact: +65 6734 2312

Website: http://greenviewcafe.getz.co/

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6. Qiu Lian Ban Mian

Introduction: The story of Qiu Lian began in the year 1988. Ong Qiu Lian was an enterprising housewife who came up with a unique soup and chili recipe for Ban Mee and Mee Hoon Kuay, which has been an unassuming noodle dish common in Malaysia and Singapore households and popularised it commercially in the 90s. Using a small hand-held noodle maker, Qiu Lian started her first stall in an industrial area canteen in the east of Singapore and soon her tasty fresh noodles in delectable soup attracted the queues of customers. Retaining her unique recipe for soup and fresh noodles, Qiu Lian remains as one of the top-of-mind recall when it comes to Ban Mee even after 30 years.

Offerings: Qiu Lian Ban Mee, the signature in the stall – Freshly made Ban Mian noodles in their signature soup.

Location: 18 Raffles Quay, Telok Ayer Market, Singapore 048582

Contact:  +65 6220 7397

Website: https://www.facebook.com/QiuLianBanMee/

7. Qiu Rong Ban Mian

Introduction: Situated in Old Airport Food Centre, they have been in business for about 20 years.

Offerings: Aside from the generous portion of their ingredients, the best part of the food is definitely the broth. Qiu Rong Ban Mian definitely lives up to their generosity. Fun fact: Get the sliced fish version and you get both fish and meat.

Location: 51 Old Airport Road, #01-30, Singapore 390051

Contact:  +65 9739 8618

Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005143665061

8. Poon Nah City Home Made Noodles

Introduction: They have been around for 20 years, serving fresh and sumptuous handmade noodles at City Plaza. They also offer for pick-up and delivery too.

Offerings: The fried Ikan Bilis, chilli, and the hand-made ban mian pack a punch. Coupled with flavourful soup and generous portion of ingredients. it is an absolute family favorite.

Location: 810 Geylang Rd, #05-02, City Plaza, Singapore 409286

Contact: +65 6741 4221

Website: https://www.facebook.com/poonnahcity/?ref=br_rs

9. Madam Leong Ban Mian

Introduction: Mdm Leong came from Malaysia and her recipes followed the Cantonese-Hakka style flavors she grew up with. Her mother was also a great inspiration and basis for most of her dishes. She also believes in serving a good bowl of ban mian that you can’t find anywhere else in Singapore. As she says, if you put your heart into cooking the food, people will feel it. They use freshly handmade noodles and broth with no MSG added.

Offerings: The dry ban mian is the most sought-after in Mdm Leong. Authentic and freshly made noodles, generous portion of ingredients, MSG-free, and homemade chilli, one of the best in the food centre!

Location: 7 Maxwell Rd, #02-109, Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 069111

Contact:  NIL

Website: https://www.facebook.com/mdmleongbanmiansg/

10. Grandma Ban Mee 老妈子板面

Introduction: Being in operation for 5 years and counting, expects a long queue for Grandma Ban Mee 老妈子板面 especially during lunch hours. You will never miss the red signboard and cartoonish white Chinese characters “老妈子” when you’re there for a meal.

Offerings: Noodles were springy, the dark sauce was thick and flavourful, the poached egg would have made Gordon Ramsay proud. And most importantly, the chili was the crunchy and fragrant – a review made by Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu. Go on and try the signature dry ban mian already.

Location: 7 Maxwell Road, #01-07, Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 069111

Contact:  +65 8522 8812

Website: https://www.facebook.com/grandmabanmee/


Ban mian is a versatile and delicious dish that can be enjoyed in many ways. Whether you like it thick or thin, spicy or mild, with fish or pork, there is a ban mian for you. The next time you’re craving for some noodles, why not try one of these 10 places that serve the best ban mian in Singapore? You won’t regret it. Tropika Club Magazine hopes you enjoyed this article and found it useful. If you did, please share it with your friends and family. And don’t forget to check out our other articles on the best food and beauty deals in Singapore. Thank you for reading and happy eating!



Q: What is ban mian? 

A: Ban mian is a popular Chinese noodle dish that consists of handmade noodles served in soup. It can be made with different types of meat, vegetables and spices, depending on the region and preference. Ban mian is a comfort food that is enjoyed by many Singaporeans.

Q: Where does ban mian come from? 

A: Ban mian originated from the Hakka people in China, who cut the noodle into straight strands using a wooden block as ruler. It was later adapted by the Hokkien people, who tore the dough into bite-sized pieces by hand. Ban mian was brought to Singapore by Chinese immigrants and became a common hawker food.

Q: What are the different types of ban mian? 

A: There are many variations of ban mian in Singapore, such as:

  • Dry ban mian: The noodles are tossed with a sauce, usually made with dark soy sauce, vinegar and chilli. Some stalls also add braised mushrooms, minced pork or other toppings.
  • Spicy ban mian: The noodles are served with a spicy soup that has a hint of sweetness. The soup is usually made with dried chillies, garlic and vinegar. The noodles are topped with minced pork, mushrooms and vegetables.
  • Fish ban mian: The noodles are served with a clear and refreshing soup that has a subtle sweetness from the fish. The noodles are topped with sliced fish, fish cake and vegetables. Some stalls also add an egg to the soup.
  • Herbal ban mian: The noodles are served with a herbal soup that is simmered for hours with pork bones and herbs. The noodles are topped with pork, chicken or seafood, and vegetables. Some stalls also add cheese, crab stick or luncheon meat.

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