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Top 10 Best Beef Noodles In Singapore

Beef noodle soup is a noodle soup which is made of stewed or red braised beef, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles. It can be served in either soup or dry base. In Singapore you can choose various types of noodles from thick bee hoon, yellow noodle, thin egg noodle, kway teow or hand-pulled noodle. A bowl of beef noodles is always comforting with tender slices of beef and fresh veggies on the side. This noodle dish exists in various forms throughout East and Southeast Asia. While many flock to Taiwan or china for this hearty dish, Singapore can be your good choice to try out delicious versions that will satisfy any of your cravings. Tropika Club aggregated rankings or “ranking of rankings” compare the following sources to further ascertain the final rankings. This is further refined using the TripAdvisor rankings to decide between the position in case there is a tie. Read on to find out where are the Top 10 Best Beef Noodles in Singapore.

2. Kheng Fatt Hainanese Beef Noodles

Introduction: Kheng Fatt Hainanese Beef Noodles 瓊发海南牛肉粉, they are located in the Golden Mile Food Centre, which is better known as Army Market. They serve soup and dry version of beef noodles and you may choose from different price range starting from $4 per bowl. People also shout out their homemade chilli sauce added with the tangy taste from the squeeze of the lime is perfect.

Offerings: The dry version of beef noodles’s thick gooey gravy that coated every strand of the thick bee hoon makes every mouthful slurp-worthy.With their translucent broth packed with strong beefy flavour, on top served with smooth slippery tendon chewy beef stomach and medium cooked beef slides would probably fix your cravings.

Location: #01-89 Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road, 199583

Contact:  +65 9821 9566

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kheng-Fatt-Hainanese-Beef-Noodles-%E7%93%8A%E5%8F%91%E6%B5%B7%E5%8D%97%E7%89%9B%E8%82%89%E7%B2%89/332317633984413

3. Zheng Yi Hainanese Beef Noodles

Introduction: Zheng Yi Hainanese Beef Noodles 正一海南牛肉粉, their beef noodles is slightly different from the other.Their special serving is they will put some peanuts and fried shallots on the top of the noodles, it enriches the overall dish.

Offerings: Let the savoury gravy coat the strands of noodles totally to enjoy a flavoursome bowl of noodles with a nutty finish from the peanuts. Moreover, diner will find generous servings of beef slices, beef tripe, beef tendons, and beef balls buried underneath which give the dish some textures.You can find out Mixed Beef Noodle Soup with ($8 large) , Dry Mixed Beef Noodle ($6)

Location: 47 Tai Thong Cres, Singapore 347867

Contact:  NIL

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zheng-Yi-Hainanese-Beef-Noodles/222822804555485

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