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adam road Food Centre

Top 10 Best Eats at Adam Road Food Centre

If you’re seeking a hawker centre or food centre in Singapore loaded with great food near Botanic Gardens MRT Station, Adam Road Food Centre need to be on your listing! Although it might be taken into consideration to be rather tiny, it is among one of the most preferred hawker centres in Singapore! From Nasi Lemak to Mutton Soup, and also Rojak to Fishball Noodles, Adam Road Food Centre supplies a variety of multi-ethnic foods! Here’s our recommended top 10 great eats at Adam Road Food Centre! 

adam road Food Centre

#1 – Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak


Nasi lemak is nasi lemak, yet what makes Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak’s so unique to us is their use basmati rice as opposed to the typical jasmine variety. This long grain is much fluffier and also lighter, which merges and fuses really well with the wonderful and also piquant sambal.

Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak’schicken wings are superb also. Fresh out the fryer, they flaunt a great smelling scent of turmeric and ginger and we liked that the batter was slim, enabling the hen wing itself to end up being super crunchy without being too oily.

Menu Items:

  • Flash Meal (Price $2.50/$2.70)
  • Fish Meal (Price $3.50/$3.70)
  • Chicken Wing Meal (Price $3.50/$3.70)
  • Full House (Price $4.50/$4.70)
  • Royal Rumble (Price $5.50/$5.70)


 2 Adam Rd, Singapore 289876, stall #2

Contact: +65  9843 4509

Website: https://www.burpple.com/selera-rasa-nasi-lemak


#2 -No. 1 Adam’s Nasi Lemak


This is just one of Singapore’s most renowned and cherished Nasi Lemaks, as well as you can tell from the snaking line and the number of awards displayed on the delay’s front. The 50 minute delay time definitely made us inquiry if any Nasi Lemak could be worth it. Long story short, we weren’t disappointed with the Chicken Set. The rice was so aromatic with coconut, the chicken juicy, and the hen skin so crispy that we couldn’t aid yet dig in. The pleasant chilli and the fresh peanuts were no afterthought either. It appears the Singaporean saying stands– see queue, must try!

Menu Items:

  • Nasi Lemak Chicken Set(Price $3.50)
  • Adam’s Special ($5)
  •  Fish Set (Price $4)
  • Chicken Set (Price $4)
  • Sutra Special (Price $5.50)


2 Adam Road
#01-01 Adam Road Food Centre
Singapore 289876




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#3 – Adam Road Noo-Cheng Big Prawn Noodles


Adam Road Noo-Cheng Big Shellfish Noodles has actually been around for greater than 30 years, and also today it is helmed by the 2nd generation. In the past, it was among couple of prawn noodles delays with large prawns. At Adam Road Noo-Cheng Big Shellfish Pasta, you have the common choice of having pork ribs and additionally not-very-typical pork stomach with your shellfish mee. Costs are between S$ 5 to S$ 7. However, if you like to have more substantial shellfishes, the costs start at S$10.

Menu Items:

  • Pork Ribs Big Prawn Noodles  (Price $5)
  • Pork Slices Big Prawn Noodles(Price $4)


Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road #01-27, 289876, (Bukit Timah)

Contact: +65 9693 7961

Website: https://sg.openrice.com/en/singapore/r-noo-cheng-adam-road-big-prawn-noodle-bukit-timah-chinese-noodles-r19331


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#4 – Warong Pak Sapari


Head on over to Adam’s Road Food Centre for the best home cooking– Mee Soto Ayam. Assume aromatic, thick and flavourful broth with shredded chicken and yellow noodles with excellent bite, garnished with shallots and coriander. Include a Begedil and also sambal kicap for added oomphf. Also excellent is their sweet as well as savoury Tenderloin and Tummy Soup that goes fantastic with white rice. The sambal kicap is just one of the most powerful ones we have actually discovered as well as it certainly included some dimensions to the tastes.
When it comes to the bergedil, it is firm as well as did not break down despite being half submerged in the brew.

Menu Items:

  • Mee Soto Ayam ($5)
  • Bee Hoon Soto ($5)
  • Mee Rebus($5)
  • Soto Ayam ($5)
  • Stomach Soup(Price $8.50)

Location: 2 Adam Road
#01-09 Adam Road Food Centre
Singapore 289876

Contact: facebook.com/177638506065935

Website: https://www.burpple.com/warong-pak-sapari-mee-soto-mee-rebus


#5 – Adam Chicken Rice


Adam Hen Rice has just 3 points on the food selection– ayam or ikan penyet, poultry rice and also roti john. Obviously this approach has actually done well in winning over the groups; it is not uncommon to see a long line up before Adam Poultry Rice at any time of day!

The rice is aromatic and coloured a great yellow. The little fried bits spread throughout the plate additionally provide a wonderful crunch. The soup is light, not greasy, and washes down the dish well. The very best component for us is the chilli– albeit a little also pleasant, we took pleasure in the good kick of warmth and structure of it. There’s a slight bitterness to the meal, probably as a result of the flavors used. The recipe likewise features a large piece of fried tofu, some cherry tomatoes and a few pieces of cucumber.

Menu Items:

  • Ayam Penyet  (Price $6)
  • chicken rice (Price $4)

Location: #01-08 Adam Road Food Centre

Contact: +65 8688 3248

Website: https://www.facebook.com/AdamChickenRice/


#6 – Adam Fishball Noodles


Adam Road Food Centre may be best known for its Indian as well as Malay Food, yet that does not suggest the Chinese stalls aren’t worth your interest. A medium-sized bowl of completely dry Fishball Mee Pok from Adam Fishball Noodles got here with fish cakes, shallots and also some veggies on a bed of al dente mee pok. The rounds were served in a different dish of brew teeming with umami, with the mild taste of fish, as well as we appreciated the sweet chilli in the sauce. It had a sharp kick to it and cheered up the dish well.

Menu Items:

  • Fish Ball Mee Pok (Price $3/$4)
  • Fish Ball Soup (Price $3/$4)
  • Tong Hoon Fish Ball Soup (Price $3/$4)
  • Laksa (Price $3/$4)

Location:Adam Road Food Centre, Stall 14, 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876

Contact: +65 9638 4934

Website: https://ieatandeat.sg/adam-fishball-noodle-%E4%BA%9A%E5%BD%93%E9%B1%BC%E5%9C%86%E9%9D%A2/


#7 – Cheng Ji


If you love canned pork or tinned pork, you will certainly love Pork Leg Fried Bee Hoon from Cheng Ji. Many commonly forget this simple food stall as various other food dishes it markets are additionally offered in other stalls. Nonetheless, this is the only stall that sells Pork Leg Fried Bee Hoon. One could wonder why you intend to get this when you can prepare in your home, yet I merely say the wok in your home will certainly not get the exact same wok hei. In addition, there are pieces of pork lard that offer this recipe an extra porky flavour. There is absolutely nothing not to such as for this plate of five-dollar noodles.

Menu Items:

  • Pork Leg Bee Hoon (Price $5/$8/$12)
  • Hokkien Mee(Price $3/$4/$6)
  • Fried Tung Hoon (Price $4/$6)

Location:  2 Adam Rd, Singapore 289876

Contact: –

Website: https://www.misstamchiak.com/cheng-ji-adam-road-food-centre/


#8 – Adam’s Delights


A decent pairing of noodles, mutton and french fries topped with mayonnaise and cheese sauce, the Maggi Goreng Combo is a calorie bomb (and also a cost-efficient means to filled up swiftly). The noodles are dry as well as a bit tough, which we actually like over a too-greasy recipe. Its zesty tomato flavour paired well with the fairly unsalted french fries, which got bit soggy under the generous helping of sauces.  

Menu Items:

  • Nasi Goreng Puteh Ikan Bilis(Price $8)
  • Murtabak (Price $14.10)
  • Mee Hoon Goreng Puteh Ikan Bilis (Price $8)
  • Mee Goreng(Price $6)

Location: Adam Road Food Centre, 2 Adam Road #01-11, 289876, (Bukit Timah)

Contact: +65  8149 4850

Website: https://sg.openrice.com/en/singapore/r-adams-delights-bukit-timah-indian-halal-r2591


#9 – Adam’s Indian Rojak


Adam’s Indian Rojak claims to be the “possibly best in town, if not in Singapore”. It is likewise unusual to see a hawker stall devoted to only selling Indian Rojak. This shows how positive they are with their food. Indian Rojak is a distinctively Singapore and also Malaysia meal. It is a plate of cut-up deep-fried shellfish fritters, potatoes, eggs, cuttlefish, beef lung, tofu, fish cake and other things. You choose what you want, as well as it is after that thrown right into the warm oil. The meal features a pleasant as well as hot red sauce. It is quite an aesthetic reward seeing just how fast the hawker sliced up the cucumber as well as onion.

Menu Items:

  • Plain Dough (Price $0.90)
  • Egg Dough (Price $0.90)
  • Vegetable Dough (Price $0.90)
  • Potato Dough (Price $0.90)
  • Sweet Corn Dough (Price $0.90)
  • Beansprout Dough ( Price $0.90)
  • Anchovies Dough ( Price $0.90)
  • Coconut Dough ( Price $0.90)
  • Fishcake ( Price $1.50)
  • Prawn Roll (Price $1.60)
  • Chicken Roll ( Price $1.60)

Location: 2 Adam Road #01-05 Adam Road Food Centre Singapore 289876

Contact: +65 83214131

Website: https://www.burpple.com/adams-indian-rojake

#10 – Bahrakath Mutton Soup


Sup Kambing, or Mutton Soup, is a Southeast Asian (or Singaporean?) mutton soup frequently found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It is prepared with goat meat or mutton utilizing spices such as coriander, cumin, black pepper, turmeric etc., providing it its trademark yellowish-green color. The soup is garnished with crispy fried shallots and also fresh coriander. At Bahrakath Mutton Soup, the soup is thick and also very tasty with mutton flavour. The mutton is soft, not gamy as well as really flavorful. A dose of soup need to go after every bite of the ribs. You then round it up with an item of the bread dipped into it. This is a best dish throughout the year, but especially good during cold weather.

Menu Items:

  • Mutton Tongue
  • Mutton Meat
  • Mutton Ribs
  • Mutton Tripe
  • Mutton Leg
  • Mutton Brain

Location: Adam Road Food Centre 2 Adam Rd, #01-10, Singapore 289876

Contact: +65 8510 8197

Website: https://guide.michelin.com/sg/en/article/dining-out/supper-series-5-stalls-for-kambing-soup


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