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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Funan Mall

Still fresh from its three-year renovation, the Funan Mall has become another iconic shopping mall in the Civic District. It provides all kinds of lifestyle experiences, with a football pitch and a urban farm on the seventh floor. So wine and dine at the Top Restaurants in Funan Mall. There’s Tiong Bahru Bakery on the fourth floor of Funan Mall. if you’re looking for a hearty, soupy meal, there’s Gong Yuan Ma La Tang in Basement 2 level. There are also plenty of alfresco dining options for a lively dining experience. If you’re ever at Funan Digitalife Mall, here are some of the top restaurants there.

1. Bizen Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse

About: BIZEN Okayama Wagyu Steakhouse envisions bringing high-quality and exclusive Bizengyu (Wagyu) to all steak lovers out there at affordable prices that start from only S$18.90+. Exclusively only partnering with cattle farmers in Okayama prefecture, Japan, their Bizengyu is carefully-curated and delicately-processed by experienced butchers who are trained in Japan.

The entire process, albeit tedious, is ultimately worthwhile because they feel assured knowing their diners get to indulge in 20 different prime-cuts, butcher-cuts and adventure-cuts of A3 grade Wagyu beef that are prepared and served in techniques they are best suited for. Besides their steaks that are caramelised on high-intensity ceramic charcoal grills imported from the land of the rising sun, their menu also offers some all-time western favourites such as burgers, chops and wholesome fusion side dishes; all with a Japanese touch.

For their diners who enjoy having a gulp or two, a fine selection of wines, sake, shochu and beer are also available in their steakhouses! With prime locations on the island and value-for-money, authentic Japanese cuisine, you will embark on a gastronomic journey here like nowhere else.

Menu: Menu

Address: Funan Mall #B2-22

Website: https://bizen.com.sg/

2. Cafe Kuriko

About: Café Kuriko is a Japanese Mont Blanc specialty store offering an array of desserts adorned with strands of rich and creamy chestnut and purple sweet potato paste, giving the Mont Blanc its distinctive spaghetti-like appearance. Cha-nabe, a robust one-pot Japanese savoury soup dish is also a signature with a choice of housemade udon or rice. 

Address: Funan Mall #01-11

Website: https://www.instagram.com/cafekurikosg/

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3. Collin’s Gastro Dining

About: Committed to making great food accessible, they put together their creative best to delight your taste buds through their carefully planned and wholesome cooking. Curated with quality and the freshest ingredients, COLLIN’S® seek to bring together family, friends and loved ones closer to indulge with one’s company with the language of food.

Established since 2012, COLLIN’S® – an award-winning F&B local brand has grown to be a household name with 13 restaurants across Singapore. Spurred by the success in Singapore, the brand expanded their footprints overseas in 2018 with the launch of their first restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since then, COLLIN’S® has grown regionally and expanded to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Chong Qing China.

Menu: Menu

Address: Funan Mall #01-15

Website: https://www.collins.sg/

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4. Flavours by Saute

About: As brother and sister growing up, they delighted in the tasty nutrition of Plant-Based Food at home. They had always wanted more people to enjoy this same goodness.

​Today, they are able to fulfil this aspiration through the Saute Group. “Saute” evokes appetite appeal, while their Chinese name “素特” stands for Extraordinary Plant-Based Food. It is their utmost desire to push culinary boundaries, making their food better each time. Saute embodies what they set out to pursue –

​It’s not just Plant-Based Food. It’s also crafted with Passion and Dedication for the extra goodness.

​It’s not just the food we take. It’s also giving back to Mother Earth for future generations.

​It’s not just a restaurant. It’s also a community of believers to inspire more people.

​The list goes on.

​At Saute, good is simply not good enough. It has to be accomplished with Passion and Dedication because things that are done with the whole heart can be felt.

Menu: Menu

Address: Funan Mall #B1-30

Website: https://www.saute.com.sg/

5. Godmama

About: Everything they put their hands to, reflects their uncompromising quality for authenticity and passion in honouring their Godmama’s treasured recipes. From their kitchen to your dining table, Godmama showcases Peranakan food at its best.

Godmama is built on the belief that food plays the important role of bringing people together in a way that goes beyond just satiating appetites. It is a vehicle for the sharing of culture, the carrying on of a legacy and the celebration of people through recipes. Godmama is the perfect place to experience all that the Peranakan culture has to offer – bold colours, intense flavours and the warmness of family.

A Modern Peranakan Restaurant. Other than offering familiar flavours from traditional heirloom recipes in the lunch and dinner menus, Godmama puts a contemporary spin with its weekend brunch menu exploring unique and imaginative pairings.

Godmama also has a range of beverages comprising of a curated list of refreshing tipples and moreish bar bites that adds a Peranakan flair to classic cocktail, the first Peranakan restaurant to proudly do so.

Be it classic flavours for the curious palate, or contemporary mashups for the adventurous foodie, Godmama has something for everyone.

Menu: Menu (Brunch) | Menu (Lunch) | Menu (Dinner)

Address: Funan Mall #04-07

Website: https://godmama.sg/

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6. Hey Yummy by A-One

About: Established in 2008, A-One Group owns and operates a diversified mix of exciting Asian and Western F&B concepts. They are guided by their promise of creating delightful dining experiences across multiple food concepts to suit everyone’s budget and tastebuds.

Address: Funan Mall #B2-13

Website: https://www.facebook.com/HeyYummySG/

7. 5 Senses Bistro

About: A team of young entrepreneurs that love exploring new cooking techniques and ingredients. 5 Senses Bistro concept is to create affordable comfort food not only using the freshest ingredients but also every dish represents their chefs individually.

Their ethos is indulging their customer’s senses in the simple joys of comfort food prepared with passion and specially curated ingredients. Every meal is a refreshing culinary adventure that will delight and bring them back for more.

5 Senses food creates and leaves an impression on their customer’s 5 Senses from visual to smell; hence the name.

Menu: Menu

Address: Funan Mall #02-17

Website: https://www.5sensesbistrosg.com/

8. Afuri

About: Afuri was first started by Hiroto Nakamura in Tokyo in 2003 and has expanded the brand internationally to stores in Portugal and Canada. Takahashi Kenichi, CEO of Japan Foods Holding, had worked to bring Afuri to Singapore since 2012. His vision was finally realised seven years later, with the launch of Afuri ramen + dumplings in Singapore.

Afuri stands out from its competitors by making their signature ramen with yuzu, a small citrus fruit native to Asia. They are also crafted authentically to Japan’s specification, producing ramen that is thin, light and refined. Afuri ramen are soaked in broth boiled with ingredients such as chicken, kombu and dried bonito. A dash of yuzu in the broth delivers a refreshing twist to the taste of the dish entirely. The pork slices that top the ramen are cooked over lava stones locally, as compared to being grilled with charcoal in Japan, yet the depth of the flavour is still preserved. For a satisfying side dish, opt for Afuri’s dumplings that comes in a layer of crispy thin crust covering the bottom.

Afuri not only aims to share their passion for the process of producing quality and well-made food, but also to do their part in contributing to the community and so much more. Just as they are named after Mt. Afuri that stands steadfast and dependable, Afuri restaurant has one belief: “One ramen. One staff. Always Higher.” So make your way to their outlet in Singapore today for a hot piping bowl of ramen!

Menu: Menu

Address: Funan Mall #B1-29

Website: https://www.facebook.com/afurisg/


9. Hot Tomato

About: Hot Tomato Steakhouse is today’s steakhouse. They offer the best cuts of grilled steak and the freshest seafood, sourced with love from the best suppliers, all to give valued customers a slice of the good life. Truly, They love their steak and they love their pasta. This is the place for your comfort lunch, after work dinner and gathering with friends. They aim to please with friendly service and wallet friendly prices to match. For generations to come, they want to be the steakhouse you remember. 

Menu: Menu

Address: Funan Mall B1-24

Website: https://www.hottomato.com.sg/

10. Guzman Y Gomez

About: Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taquería burst onto the Australian dining scene in 2006, a time when quality Mexican cuisine could scarcely be found Down Under. One of the earliest ‘gourmet to go’ brands in Australia, it was the brainchild of New York native Steven Marks who saw a gap in the local market for the authentic Mexican food he had been brought up with and loved so much.With a menu built on traditional Mexican flavours made from only the best ingredients, the brand is a celebration of all things Latin – the food, the music, the art and the personality!

Guzman Y Gomez serves traditional Mexican flavors featuring hearty proteins resting on fragrant seasoned rice and zesty salsa. Come and try out their burrito and nachos now!

Menu: Menu

Address: Funan Mall #B1-35

Website: https://www.gyg.com.sg/

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