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Top 12 Best Translation Services in Singapore

Bid adieu to the wonky translation from Google Translation, The Best Translation Services in Singapore will help you by providing a wide range of professional translation services. Some of their quality translation services are even done by native translators. You can find experienced teams that can help you with document translation services, legal translation, business translation, medical translation, and more!

1. Chambers Translation Company

About Company:

Chambers Translations make companies to communicate by breaking all language barriers, since 1995. With six offices around the world, they offer excellent services for their clients to launch their products and facilities in the global market. They meet all the expectations of clients by offering Professional Translation Services in more than 80 languages in quick and flawless ways.

They take a personal interest in every project, their team of experienced Consultants, Translators and Editors are your best guarantee of quality and satisfaction. Their Quality process ensures that the intent of the original document will be communicated as effectively and thoroughly as possible in the target language. Inaccurate translations can cause companies considerable financial loss, embarrassment, as well as loss of prestige and credibility. They have the knowledge, the experience, and the professionals required to ensure their clients receive the best possible translations.


Location: 1 Sophia Road, #03-09 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149

Contact: +65 6339 1886

Where to Find: http://chamberstranslations.com/


2. Lingua Technologies International

About Company:

Lingua Technologies International, a leader in the translation industry with nearly two decades of experience is capable of scaling up to meet the translation and localization requirements of corporate, non-profit and government clients large and small.


Location: 79 Maude Road #02-00, Singapore 208354

Contact: +65 6576 0138

Where to Find: https://www.translationsingapore.com/

3. Translated Right

About Company:

Their world class translation service is the result of their strive for perfection for the delivery of consistent quality translation services for their clients. They pride themselves on having a fast & efficient process, cost effective rates and top quality translation service. They provide their Translated Right Quality Guarantee for every job, no matter large or small.


  • Website Translation
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Language Translation Services
  • Document Translation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • On-Demand Interpreter
  • ICA Translation Service
  • Notary Public Translation Service
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Location: 5 Peck Hay Road, Singapore 228307

Contact: +65 6977 9646

Where to Find: https://www.translatedright.com/


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4. Berlo International

About Company:

Berlo Translations is a translation company in Singapore that offers top-notch translation, interpretation and transcription services for businesses, institutions and private individuals across the regions. Founded on the desire to provide translation output that precisely and appropriately reflect the source in terms of content and format, Berlo Translations was established in Singapore to facilitate understanding among clients with backgrounds in Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages. They provide document translation, interpretation service for meetings and conferences as well as audio-video transcription.


Location: 20 Maxwell Road, 07-18i Maxwell House, Singapore 069113

Contact: +65 6221 3437

Where to Find: https://berlotranslations.com/


5. Asiatis Translator

About Company:

Their agency has worked with 2,400 professional translators across the globe over the past 20 years. Their teams are carefully selected based on their area of expertise, and they only offer translation service in the native languages. The network of their able translators delivers exceptional translation services in different languages such as Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and a lot more.

In their effort to provide outstanding services, two of the requisites for recruiting staffs into their workforce is a Diploma in Translation and a minimum of three years professional work experience in translation.


Location: 541 Orchard Road, #09-01 Liat Towers, Singapore 238881.

Contact: [email protected]

Where to Find: https://asiatis.com.sg/


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6. Professional Translation Services

About Company:

With over 10 years of industry experience, Professional Translation Services have been working alongside SMEs, MNCs and individuals providing wide-range solutions to problems in various fields of different magnitudes. Their team of project managers, linguists, professional translators and interpreters share a common love for language and are here to guide you with the best services required.

Cultural differences affect the way languages are being spoken and written worldwide. Allow Professional Translation Services to ease your worries with their expertise in providing skillful translation in various language pairs.


  • Document Translation
  • Website Localisation
  • Legal Translation
  • Certificate Translation
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Location: 151, Chin Swee Road, #13-04, Singapore 169876

Contact: +65 6737 3882

Where to Find: https://www.professionaltranslation.com.sg/


7. Letter Crafts Document Translation

About Company:

Letter Crafts Document Translation is a passionate team of professional Translators. With years of experience in translating over 80 language pairs and handling complex projects – They can cater to all your Translation needs. They operate with a single-minded focus to deliver high quality, fast and an affordable Translation service. As a translations company, they are conscious of the value proposition they bring to their clients and so they strive to do their best every-time a client engages them.


  • Certified & Notarised Translations
  • Legal Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Business Translation

Location: Servcorp, Suntec Tower Three, #42-01, 8 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038988

Contact: +65 6711 0135

Where to Find: https://www.lettercrafts.org/



About Company:

Wordsburg Translations is a leading language services agency based in Singapore & the UK. They offer fast, accurate & reliable content in over 100+ languages. With a professional team consisting of a global network of more than 5000 native linguists, QA specialists, project managers, localisation engineers and sales and marketing specialists.



Location: 105 Cecil Street, The Octagon, #13-28 Singapore, 069534

Contact: +65 6224 1987  l  +65 9478

Where to Find: https://wordsburg.com/


9. Malay Translation Services

About Company:

Singapore Translation Services provides professional language translation and typeset services with over 1,500 specialised translators delivering consistently for different translation fields.

Their vetted translators provide professional translation for many languages, including Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Malay, Indonesian and Thai.


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Location: 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower 1 Singapore, 038987

Contact: +65 3163 6576

Where to Find: https://singaporetranslation.com/Malay-translation-services/


10. Elite Asia (SG)

About Company:

Since its establishment in 2006, Elite Asia has evolved into a regional powerhouse that helps businesses navigate effortlessly across East Asia and Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Singapore with other translation companies in Asia countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan, they serve multinational companies and regional firms through their innovative language services and solutions powered by TECHNOLOGY and PEOPLE.


Location:  6 Shenton Way, #22-08, OUE Downtown 2, Singapore 068809

Contact: +65 6681 6717

Where to Find: https://www.eliteasia.co/


11. Eureka Translations

About Company:

Eureka Translations is not just about converting from one language to another, whether written or verbal, but also transforming your ideas to life. 80% of their works are in four of the major languages of the world, namely English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Most of their executives are themselves practitioners of languages, polyglots, skilled writers, content creators, or designers who had previously worked full-time or freelanced as translators/interpreters, video creators and editors, and/or graphic designers.


Contact: [email protected]

Where to Find: https://www.eurekatranslations.com/


12. VEQTA Translations

About Company:

The name VEQTA comes from the word ‘VECTOR’ which is a term used for categorizing images in Desktop Publishing; for example, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files. Some of their very first assignments involved Desktop Publishing in Malay and other Asian translation for billboards in the Asia-Pacific Region which required this scalable format.

Today their translation firm has grown to include a strong team with thousands of qualified translators and reviewers working under their umbrella. Today their core focus is providing translation services both in Asia and overseas as well as providing localization in over 50 different languages. They specialize in providing translation and localization language solutions for corporations and organizations worldwide.


Location: Singapore Land Tower, 37 th Floor, 50 Raffles Place, SINGAPORE

Contact: +65 6829 7058

Where to Find: https://veqta.com/


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