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Top Best 25 Facial Wash that’s Exceedingly Good

Behold the power of facial wash. It is the true essential step in everyone’s daily skin care regime. Look for a cleanser that is hypoallergenic, free of fragrance, chemicals, or alcohol and has a non-foaming formula. It’s also important to avoid antibacterial soaps and cleansers with exfoliators such as salicylic or glycolic acid, which can all dry out your skin. We have rounded up the top best 25 facial washes for all skin types and of varying price ranges to suit your skin care requirements and budget. Facial wash for a brighter shine!

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1. CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Features: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser effectively cleanses and hydrates without disrupting the protective skin barrier. This non-foaming lotion, with 3 essential ceramides that healthy skin needs to help renew and maintain its natural protective barrier, and hyaluronic acid, gently removes dirt and oil while increasing skin hydration after just one use. 

About Company: The CeraVe story began in 2005 after experts noticed that many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin all had one thing in common: a compromised skin barrier. Developed with dermatologists, CeraVe offers a complete line of skincare products that contain three essential ceramides enhanced with a revolutionary delivery system to help restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Pricing: SGD 6.67 (3 FL Oz) / SGD 24.32 (12 FL Oz)

Website: https://sg.iherb.com/pr/cerave-hydrating-facial-cleanser-12-fl-oz-355-ml/96221?gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIya2lzLbz8QIVMZZLBR1E-QahEAMYASAAEgJKW_D_BwE

2. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Features: Gel to foam cleanser deep cleans to remove dirt, excess oils and makeup without stripping skin to leave skin feeling balanced. Clinically tested hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, so it won’t irritate skin or clog pores. Defends against five signs of skin sensitivity including a weakened skin barrier, irritation, roughness, tightness, and dryness

About Company: Invented in 1947, Cetaphil’s dermatologically formulated skincare range has strengthened and protected even the most sensitive skin for over 70 years. It is the #1 dermatological skincare brand in Singapore, and it is trusted by dermatologists and consumers alike.

Pricing: SGD 11.40 (20 Fl Oz) / SGD 0.57 (1 Fl Oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/3qUM8sV

3. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Face Wash Cleanser

Features: This daily facial cleanser for normal to dry skin gently removes face and eye makeup, dirt, and impurities. Its gentle cream formula helps restore skin comfort and retains essential moisture, leaving skin feeling comfortable and hydrated.

About Company: La Roche-Posay is committed to making dermatological skin care accessible to those who need it, by partnering with dermatologists from the development to the recommendation of their skin care products. They are committed to offering highly effective products that can be tolerated by even sensitive skin to improve the quality of life of anyone with skin concerns, from acne to aging, and to help spread the word on sun safety through high quality sunscreen and skin cancer awareness messaging.

Pricing: SGD 11.99 (6.76 Fl Oz) / SGD 1.77 (1 Fl Oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/3k06Vdn

4. L’Oreal Paris Skincare Revitalift Bright Reveal Facial Cleanser with Glycolic Acid

Features: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal Cleanser is a brightening daily scrub facial cleanser that gently exfoliates dullness and visible reveals radiance. This facial cleanser with gentle micro-pearls and Glycolic Acid, exfoliates dullness and impurities to improve skin tone, texture and clarity, revealing visibly brighter, more radiant skin. Revitalift Bright Reveal Facial Cleanser helps promote the texture of smoother and more refined skin.

About Company: L’Oreal Paris offers a wide range of skincare solutions for your beauty needs. Each of our skincare products are developed and rigorously tested with leading scientists. Indulge yourself in a luxurious and sensorial skincare experience. Cutting-edge innovations, proven by Science.

Pricing: SGD 11.67 (5 Fl Oz) / SGD 2.33 (1 Fl Oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/3i21hF1

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5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lightweight Hydrating Facial Cleansing Gel

Features: Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel boosts hydration for soft, supple skin. This lightweight gel cleanser transforms into a silky lather that effectively removes makeup and impurities. With hyaluronic acid, the formula is clinically proven to increase skin’s hydration level and lock it in, leaving skin refreshingly clean and touchably supple, every time you cleanse.

About Company: Neutrogena® the #1 Dermatologist Recommended skincare brand offers a wide range of skin and hair care products. Neutrogena.com is your online destination for great values, special offers, and the latest news on some of the world’s most loved beauty and skincare products.

Pricing: SGD 8.17 (6 Fl Oz) / SGD 1.36 (1 Fl Oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/3yC9nKO

6. Clean & Clear Oil-Free Deep Action Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Features: Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub is designed to invigorate skin by cleansing deep down to the pores and gently exfoliating surface skin. This refreshing facial cleanser provides a tingly, cooling sensation as you gently massage the scrub on skin – the unmistakable, revitalizing feeling of deep pore cleansing action. The oil-free formula of this exfoliating face wash works to effectively remove dirt, oil and even makeup. Suitable for everyday use, this cooling face scrub rinses clean, so it won’t clog pores.

About Company: Clean & Clear is a brand that’s for teens, by teens. That’s why their skincare products are specially designed to treat your unique skin needs without stripping it of what keeps it healthy. It’s also why they are proud to have teens weigh in on their new Clean & Clear products, from how they look to how they feel. They were constantly working to improve teen skincare through technology, innovation, and listening to you. Because when you clear your skin, you clear the way for what’s underneath it.

Pricing: SGD 8.39 (7 FL OZ) / SGD 1.19 (1 Fl OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hMg4mX

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7. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Daily Facial Cleanser with Natural Salicylic Acid

Features: Help detoxify your pores for clean, healthier-looking skin with Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser. Suitable for acne-prone skin, this daily face wash gently removes impurities and helps improve complexion for fresh, clear skin. It penetrates deep into pores to detoxify and helps remove dirt, oil, and makeup without pore-clogging residue. The formula of this purifying facial cleanser includes 90% naturally-derived ingredients, including willowbark which contains naturally occurring salicylic acid and is known for its detoxifying properties. From the Neutrogena Naturals line of ecologically sensitive skincare products, this dermatologist-recommended face cleanser contains no harsh chemical sulfates, paraben, petrolatum, dyes, or phthalates. It is also non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores.

About Company: Neutrogena® the #1 Dermatologist Recommended skincare brand offers a wide range of skin and hair care products. Neutrogena.com is your online destination for great values, special offers, and the latest news on some of the world’s most loved beauty and skincare products.

Pricing: SGD 13.35 (6 FL OZ) / SGD 2.23 (1fl oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/2TPXrGF

8. Paulas Choice–SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant

Features: SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid is a unique, completely non-abrasive, leave-on liquid exfoliant for daily use on all skin types. It is our #1-selling exfoliant around the world—for good reason! It not only gently and evenly remove built-up layers of dead skin, but also increases hydration, skin smoothness, and radiance in ways you never thought possible. And, you can see the results from the first time you use it. This exfoliant has an optimal pH range of 3.2–3.8 and is formulated with additional soothing agents for enhanced benefits. It gently exfoliates built-up layers of dead skin, just like your skin did naturally when you were younger. It also effectively unclogs pores, optimizing skin renewal and clarity for remarkably smoother, perfect-looking skin, smaller pores, a refined texture, and less visible lines and wrinkles. You will see results the first time you use it! All Paula’s Choice products are 100% fragrance free, non-irritating, and never tested on animals.

About Company: Skincare visionary Paula Begoun founded the company with one goal—to help women uncover the truth about skincare. Over 35 years ago, she set out to discover which products would actually transform skin’s appearance and health and which were just fluff. True to that legacy, Paula’s Choice Skincare formulates effective products rooted in scientific research and backed by real results.

Pricing: SGD 14.04 (S$14.04 / Fl Oz) / SGD 41.41 (S$10.36 / Fl Oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/3jOWlWq

9. Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser

Features: 8 fluid ounces of Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser to gently and effectively cleanses skin without over drying. Suitable for acne prone skin, daily face wash works to removes dirt, oil and makeup impurities that can cause breakouts for skin that is clean, refreshed and healthy looking. Intended for daily use, this face cleanser features glycerin and ingredients derived from coconut oil and washes away impurities while rinsing clean

About Company: Clean & Clear is a brand that’s for teens, by teens. That’s why their skincare products are specially designed to treat your unique skin needs without stripping it of what keeps it healthy. It’s also why they are proud to have teens weigh in on their new Clean & Clear products, from how they look to how they feel. They were constantly working to improve teen skincare through technology, innovation, and listening to you. Because when you clear your skin, you clear the way for what’s underneath it.

Pricing: SGD 21.46 (8 FL OZ) / SGD 2.68 (1fl oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hqqMkd

10. L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Facial Cleanser with Charcoal for Daily Face Washing

Features: Face wash for men: Clear your pores of excess oil, impurities, and grime with this facial cleanser formulated especially for men; Captures dirt, unclogs pores, and leaves skin looking and feeling refreshed with a healthy look

Charcoal cleanser: Infused with Charcoal, this cleanser formula acts as a magnet on skin to capture and get rid of dirt (impurities, excess sebum)

Men Expert products moisturize and hydrate your skin; Men Expert skincare helps fight the key signs of aging while the Men Expert beard care line takes action against irritation from shaving.

About Company: L’Oreal Paris offers a wide range of skincare solutions for your beauty needs. Each of our skincare products are developed and rigorously tested with leading scientists. Indulge yourself in a luxurious and sensorial skincare experience. Cutting-edge innovations, proven by Science.

Pricing: SGD 9.53 (5 Fl Oz) / SGD 1.91 (1 Fl Oz)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hqznDa

11. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Daily Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Features: 12-fluid ounce bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin effectively cleanses face while leaving skin feeling moisturized and naturally soft. With its unique skin-nourishing polyglycerin formula, this hydrating creamy face wash cleanses skin and is ideal for sensitive and dry skin care. It makes a great addition to a daily at-home skincare routine.

About Company: Neutrogena® the #1 Dermatologist Recommended skincare brand offers a wide range of skin and hair care products. Neutrogena.com is your online destination for great values, special offers, and the latest news on some of the world’s most loved beauty and skincare products

Pricing: SGD 11.54 (12 Fl Oz) / SGD 0.97 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3yAywWw

12. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

Features: Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser: Cleanse daily with this gentle and effective gel type cleanser day and night, removing impurities while strengthening your skin barrier.

Cleanse for a Luminous Day and Silky Night: While refining the skin texture, the cleanser will help cleanse with no stripping. Great for all skin types, wake up to a firmer-looking skin while letting it rest clean during the night.

Key Ingredients: pH balanced, tea-tree oil, and BHA to soothe and strengthen for luminous and clear skin.

Inspired by Skin’s Natural pH level: Following your skin’s slightly acidic natural pH level, this cleanser helps balance your skin and protect it from trouble-causing irritants.

About Company: COSRX is a K-Beauty Brand with 8 product lines including FULL FIT, PURE FIT, SHIELD FIT, REAL FIT, ONE STEP, HYDRIUM, BALANCIUM, AC COLLECTION, and has won many overseas and Korean awards including Amazon Best Seller in Facial Cleansing Gels, Amazon’s Choice, Get It Beauty 2020 View Label, 29 BEAUTY AWARD 2020, and many other famous awards in the beauty industry.

Pricing: SGD 13.67 (5.07 Fl Oz) / SGD 2.68 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3AEs02U

13. philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Features: The #1 facial cleanser in America*- now formulated without parabens. purity made simple® one-step facial cleanser with meadowfoam seed oil is an award-winning cleanser that melts away dirt, oil, and makeup.

Deep-cleans pores, eliminates makeup buildup, and lightly hydrates and tones skin.

About Company: They are a wellbeing beauty brand where science and inspiration meet. They harness dermatological science and the power of nature to transform your skin. They inspire beautiful days with effortless scents, poetic words and their philanthropic initiative in support of mental health.

Pricing: SGD 35.10 (8.12 Fl Oz) / SGD 4.39 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hIuVPq

14. Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel Cleanser with Aloe Vera

Features: A lathering facial cleansing gel helps eliminate dirt, oil & makeup from skin Corrects cellular skin function Lessens acne flares, signs of premature aging & future photodamage. Leaves skin refreshed, healthy & youthful looking. Perfect for normal to oily skin.

About Company: Backed by over 30 years of clinical experience, Obagi is the foundation for a more confident and fearless future. Obagi Medical is a global specialty pharmaceutical company founded by leading skin care experts in 1988. Obagi products are designed to help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage and are primarily available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas, and other skin care professionals.

Pricing: SGD 60.36 (6.76 Fl Oz) / SGD 9.01 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3dVvnbJ

15. Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser with Pump Dispenser

Features: St. Ives has an all-new Coconut Coffee Face Scrub that deeply cleans pores and exfoliates for clean, smooth and glowing skin. Made with 100% natural exfoliants for your facial wash and skincare needs.

Wake up your senses with the amazing smell of Coconut Coffee Face Scrub. We use delicious coconuts grown in sunny destinations such as the Philippines. Each dollop delivers a high exfoliation factor for fresh, glowing skin.

St. Ives scrubs are Dermatologist tested, Paraben free, Non-Comedogenic (not tending to cause blocked pores), and certified as cruelty-free by PETA.

About Company: At St. Ives, they use 100% natural moisturizers, exfoliants, and extracts to bring the joy of nature into their cruelty free skin products to give you soft, refreshed skin that glows! And they mean it, too! That’s why they celebrate the look and feel of real, natural skin and none of the models on their site have been retouched to hide any of their features that make them unique. Got it? Good! Now get your glow on!

Pricing: SGD 7.12 (6 Fl Oz) / SGD 1.19 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3ywYI4e

16. Kao Biore | Facial Washing Foam

Features: New and improved formula in this foaming cleanser uses less chemical agents and efficiently removes buildup of dirt, excess oil and makeup residue from skin. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients help to prevent breakouts. A light floral scent elegantly accompanies your cleansing routine, resulting in cleaner, softer and smoother complexion.

About Company: They offer skincare, haircare, and personal health care products that provide Kao’s distinctive value, which is focusing on the entire human body to contribute to healthy beauty and hygienic cleanliness. Here, they will deliver products that can help consumers continue a daily routine of hygienic habits and physical and mental care that can lead to a brilliant life without special effort. In this way, they help achieve truly healthy living where people around the world can freely express their individuality.

Pricing: SGD 21.06 (4.55 Fl Oz) / SGD 4.63 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hKBLUu

17. Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Exfoliating Daily Facial Scrub with Moisture-Rich Soy Extract

Features: From a dermatologist recommended skin care brand, this face scrub is soap-free and hypoallergenic. It is suitable for sensitive skin and everyday use, and is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores

Gentle enough for sensitive skin, it is also formulated with jojoba and castor oils and gives you smoother, more even-toned skin

The Aveeno Positively Radiant collection is designed to enhance your natural radiance and give you a lit-from-within glow. Each soy enriched product targets even tone and texture.

About Company: Aveeno is an American brand of skin care and hair care products owned by American consumer goods and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Aveeno was founded in 1945 by brothers Albert and Sidney Musher, and its first product was their Soothing Bath Treatment.

Pricing: SGD 18.54 (4 Fl Oz) / SGD 4.63 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hqDkYS

18. THEFACESHOP Rice Water Bright Foam Cleanser

Features: – Brightening, deep-foaming cleanser effectively cleanses away makeup as the whipped cream texture gently envelops the skin.
– Formulated with natural cleansing agents including Rice Extract and Soapwort Extract, it leaves skin looking clear and bright.

About Company: The Face Shop is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business. It is a subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care of LG Corporation. Its products includes body, bath, skin care and make-up aimed at both women and men.

Pricing: SGD 18.25 (5 Fl Oz) / SGD 3.65 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/2TPXJxf

19. Bioré Rose Quartz + Charcoal Daily Face Wash

Features: PURIFYING FACIAL CLEANSER – This cleanser dives deep into pores targeting daily dirt, excess oil, and impurities to seriously purify.

ENERGIZING FACE WASH – Unique formula purifies and detoxifies without stripping skin while absorbing excess oil and adding self-love to energize your skin.

INFUSED WITH NATURAL CHARCOAL – With deep cleansing, natural charcoal and Biore Skin Purifying technology, our acne cleanser helps to clear pores and prevent the development of new acne-related blemishes. Known for its ability to draw out & trap impurities.

GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER – Its non-comedogenic cleansing molecules target dirt and other impurities for a clean that’s 2x better than a basic cleanser.

WITH ROSE QUARTZ – Infused with rose quartz, the love crystal, and formulated for skin you’ll love.

About Company: Owned by Kao Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the Bioré® brand made its United States debut in 1997 and they continue to lean into their Japanese beauty heritage to this day. The Kao story begins in 1887, with a small face-care company founded by Tomiro Nagase. Nagase was on a mission to do things differently to make high-quality facial soap that was also affordable. He called it “Kao,” pronounced the same way as the Japanese word for “face”.

Pricing: SGD 9.08 (6.77 Fl Oz) / SGD 1.35 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3qVEy12


Features: Shiseido’s most popular facial cleanser, now available as a double set! Buy in bulk and save! Suitable for all skin types, Perfect Whip facial wash cleans pores gently and removes makeup thoroughly. Lather in hands and apply onto face. Wash off with water, and follow up with toner, lotion and/or cream. Use a foaming net for a richer lather and deeper cleansing experience!

About Company: Shiseido Company, Limited is a Japanese multinational cosmetic company. Its product categories consist of: skin care, makeup, body care, hair care and fragrances. It is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world. Founded in 1872, the company celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2012.

Pricing: SGD 23.14 (8.4 Fl Oz) / SGD 2.75 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hIMpLr

21. SKINFOOD Egg Perfect Pore Cleansing Foam

Features: Egg Yolk Cleansing Foam – A facial cleansing foam allows you to give self-administered home care every day differently depending on skin concern and area. Pure Egg Yolk ingredients are excellent in providing healthy and smooth skin. Pore Refining Cleanser – Egg Perfect Pore line that uses 5 red and green food functions as well as a higher concentration of Egg Yolk, Albumin, and Hot Spring Water for a fresh poreless appearance. It helps thoroughly cleanses your skin with its fine and resilient foam. Safe For All Skin Type – Upgraded fresh pore-specialized foam that removes impurities and excessive oils for a smooth poreless complexion. Our food foaming cleanser is excellent, gentle, and safe for dry, normal, oily, and sensitive skin.

About Company: SKINFOOD is the first cosmetic brand to root itself in food. They believe that nutritive food results in nutritive beauty for healthy, beautiful skin. They food philosophy drives their product development to ensure that only the highest quality food ingredients are used to create a more beautiful, healthier lifestyle.

Pricing: SGD 13.99 (5.07 Fl Oz) / SGD 2.74 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3hIMqit

22. Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics Facial Cleanser Aqualuronic for Dehydrated Skin

Features: Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics Facial Cleanser is a hydrating and nourishing liquid foam face wash from Korean Beauty skincare experts. This cleanser expertly cleanses and removes impurities, yet is mild and gentle on the skin. Their face cleanser is infused with a triple-blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and French Seawater Face wash with lightweight foam thoroughly removes skin impurities, providing deep cleansing. Suitable for all skin types. Specially designed skincare regimen based on the Korean aesthetic clinic approach.

About Company: AHC is a contemporary skincare brand made for women all over the world, with roots in high-end aesthetic spas and dermatological clinics in Seoul.

Pricing: SGD 11.29 (4.73 Fl Oz) / SGD 2.39 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3jQ8oTn

23. MEDICUBE Red Foam Cleanser

Features: Provides a thorough, deep cleansing care to help relieve acne-prone skin. Formulated with 0.5% salicylic acid, this cleanser deeply cleanses skin while relieving acne-prone skin. Also manages dead skin cells, excessive sebum, blackheads and whiteheads. Works gently on the skin to remove residual makeup and impurities that clog pores.

About Company: Medicube has accomplished all of these feats within 5 years of launching. It would not have been possible without the support of their customer and the quality of their products. Just as you helped them attain these achievements, they will continue to lead the way in their mission to help you achieve happy skin.

Pricing: SGD 20.00 (4.05 Fl Oz) / SGD 4.94 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08Y5DPB8Y

24. Sweeteen Tartcherry Ceramide Hya Foam Cleanser

Features: Skin Balance Foam Cleanser. The soft creamy foam keeps your skin moisturized without irritation. Tartcherry, ceramide, and 8 kinds of hyaluronic acid protect the skin and balance skin’s oil and water level

About Company: Memory of women’s most beautiful, shining skin. RETURN KEY. It can be trusted by excluding animal-origin ingredients. Sweeteen work hard to create a product that can be used consistently. Start a healthy day every day.

Pricing: SGD 14.80 (6.4 Fl Oz) / SGD 2.31 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/3xv1yGQ

25. innisfree Pore Clearing Facial Foam with Volcanic Clusters Face Cleanser

Features: A gentle cleansing foam powered by Jeju Volcanic Clusters™ that helps cleanse skin and absorb excess oil for a clean, refreshed-looking complexion.

About Company: Innisfree is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju for healthy beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. Their logo represents Innisfree’s sincere endeavor to deliver healthy beauty with a typography that embodies their promise and strong commitments, and a color inspired by the bold green shades of the Jeju Bija forest that symbolizes nature’s vitality.

Pricing: SGD 23.14 (8.4 Fl Oz) / SGD 2.75 (1 FL OZ)

Website: https://amzn.to/36mYAYV

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