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Top 15 Best Banh Mi in Singapore

These Top Best Banh Mi in Singapore will transport you to Vietnam with their authentic Vietnamese Coffee, Vietnamese Sandwich, as well as other Vietnamese Foods. When it comes to Banh Mi, you can expect a flurry of flavours with fresh ingredients such as pork belly, lemongrass chicken, pork floss, chicken floss, fresh vegetables, beef flank slices, and a sprinkling of seasoning sauce. Savour them in authentic Vietnamese Restaurants at convenient locations across Beach Road, Geylang Road, and even Suntec City. Satisfy your cravings for Vietnamese Street Foods with these Top Best Banh Mi in Singapore. Most of the time, there are vegetarian option and takeaway options too!

1. Que


Located in 111 Somerset, Quê is one of the best Banh Mi you can find in Singapore. They started from a kopitiam stall in Toa Payoh. Today, they serve authentic banh mi at one of the most glamourous malls in Singapore.


  • Bún Tươi, or fresh Vietnamese vermicelli
  • Bánh Mì

Location: 111Somerset, 111 Somerset Road, #01-K10

Contact: [email protected]

Website: https://www.facebook.com/QueSingapore/


2. Bami Express – Tanjong Pagar Plaza


BamiExpress is a husband & wife team. They wanted a place they can call their own. A place where they can share their passion in food with everyone, and at affordable prices. Why banh mi you would ask. Because it’s a simple yet hearty meal that is enjoyed by every household in Vietnam, a place where they come from.

Started since 2015, BamiExpress is made possible today because of their amazing consumers and vendors, with whom they’ve built such special relationships. They hope to bring you more Vietnamese cuisine in time to come. But right now, they are working hard to bring you the best banh mi you can find in Singapore!

They look forward to serving you from their heart for many years to come.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Bami Sai Gon
    • Bami Fried Eggs
    • Bami Pork Belly
    • Bami Fish Patties
    • Bami Smoked Duck
    • Bami Meatball
    • and many more

Location: #02-02 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Blk 1, Singapore 082001

Contact:  +65 64433079

Website: https://bamiexpress.wixsite.com/website

3. 233 Banh Mi


In 2008, a shop offering Vietnamese cuisines gave birth to 233 Vietnamese Kitchen. It used to be located at 233 Joo Chiat Road. They’ve now specialized in supplying Vietnamese bread, also known as BANH MI in Vietnam. As a result, the shop is known as 233 BANH MI.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from menu include
    • Vietnam Pate Chicken Bread
    • Traditional Vietnamese Bread
    • Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee
    • Bubble Iced Oolong Milk Tea

Location: 216 Joo Chiat Road #01-07 Singapore 427483

Contact: +65 66948109

Website: https://233banhmi.com/

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4. Bánh Mì Thit


Bánh Mì Thit at Star Baguette is housed in a two-story shop, which is slightly wider than usual and has a small footprint at the entrance. Thus, the restaurant has a dining space for customers to dine. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich made of crunchy neck-dipped baguette, pickled vegetables, green onions, cilantro / coriander, fresh chili, and seasoning sauce. It is a kind of fusion of Vietnamese street food, the raw material used is originally from ancient Vietnam and the French colony of Vietnam.


  • Click link for Menu
  • Highlights from menu include
    • Ham Banh Mi
    • Pork Banh Mi
    • Ice Authentic Thai Milk Tea
    • Hot Authentic Vietnamese coffee

Location: 543 Geylang Road Singapore 389498

Contact:  +65 69098340

Website: https://banh-mi-thit-vietnam.business.site/

5. Sandwich Saigon


The story begins with a Taiwanese guy meeting a Vietnamese girl and settling in Singapore in a new category. Passionate about food, they started their business from scratch, from idea to reality, to make their long-held dream come true, help them continue the story by supporting them. They urge all bread and sandwich lovers to try and show them if their store can really stand up to the established American bread chains. They appreciate all comments. Also, anyone who wants to enjoy something new in Singapore, give them a try, chances are you are a convertible Banh Mi just like them.


  • Click link for Menu
  • Highlights from menu include
    • Viet Bibimbap Rice – Mushroom & Tofu
    • Saigon Special (Pork Belly & Ham)
    • Low Carb Fresh Spring Rolls – Prawn
    • Rare Beef Pho (Pho Tai)

Location: 93 East Coast Road Singapore 428792

Contact: +65 63453849

Website: http://www.sandwichsaigon.com/home.html

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6. Banh Mi 888


United Square BanhMi 888 (Unit B1-06) is a new casual dining café specializing in fresh, healthy and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The menu and ingredients are carefully raised in Vietnam to ensure authentic taste. All dishes of Banhmi Sandwiches, Burgers, Mayonnaise and Rice Soup Noodles are prepared daily in our duty-free shop to ensure freshness and top quality. Food processing does not use MSG and preservatives. And ‘Banhmi’ (bread) is made naturally without the use of potassium bromate, realizing a healthy and delicious quality.


  • Click link for Menu
  • Highlights from menu include
    • Pork Roll with Pâté Sandwich
    • Spicy Beef Stew
    • Noodles with Spring Rolls
    • Vietnamese Original Sandwich

Location: United Square B1-06

Contact:+65 63543858

Website: http://banhmi889.wins.sg/home.html

7. Banh You, Banh Mi


When you think of Vietnam, you can think of drip coffee, hearty cannons, and Tosti banh mi. Introduced to Baguette during the French colonial era, the Vietnamese slowly integrated bread into local cuisine. The toasted bread, which is a mixture of grilled meat and pickles, offers excellent meals on the go. While working as a flight attendant, Ashraf visited multiple countries looking for an opportunity to start his own business. Banh You, Banh Mi Ideas! The idea that the Vietnamese wife first came up with was later conceptualized by him and his business partners into a banh mi halal stall.


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Rendang Beef Banh Mi
    • Butter Chicken Banh Mi
    • Salted Egg Chicken Banh Mi
    • Fresh Prawn Springrolls
    • and many more

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-144, Singapore 038983

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BanhYouBanhMi/?ref=page_internal

8. O Banh Mi


O Banh Mi, a Vietnamese franchise restaurant in Singapore. Despite its name, casual restaurants serve more than Banh Mi. The dishes served at the restaurant include raw spring rolls, pho, komutamu and Banh Mi.

O BanhMi, comes in a variety of flavors, including lemon chicken, omelette cheese, pork belly, stir-fried beef, and sour mustard roast pork. These flavor combinations are very unique, and you can’t seem to find them anywhere else! So check out O Banh Mi for a casual dining experience that serves up appetizing unique Vietnamese cuisine!


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Omelette Cheese Banh Mi
    • Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi
    • Sour Mustard Roasted Pork Banh Mi
    • Homemade Vietnamese Ham Banh Mi
    • Beef Tenderloin & Meatballs Pho Soup
    • Fried Beef Ribeye Vermicelli & Spring Roll
    • and many more

Location: 302, Tiong Bahru Road, #02-113, Tiong Bahru Plaza,, Singapore, Singapore 168732

Contact: [email protected]

Website: https://m.facebook.com/obmSG/

9. Co Chung


There are many Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore, so Singaporeans are no strangers to Vietnamese cuisine. Adding to the list is that Co Chung, which opened in Plaza Singapore in February of year 2020, is already drawing attention for its authentic taste. CoChung, which is well received by both locals and Vietnamese people in Singapore, seems to be comparable to popular chains such as SoPho and PhoStop for its delicious dishes at reasonable prices.

In terms of price, Co Chung offers excellent taste in all dishes. The only downside was Banh Mi, but unfortunately, Co Chung’s various menus would be more worthy to try.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Traditional Vietnamese Sandwich – Bánh Mì Thịt
    • Fish Cake Sandwich – Bánh Mì Chả Cá
    • Grill Pork Sandwich – Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng
    • Meat Ball Sandwich – Bánh Mì Xíu Mại
    • Shredded Chicken Sandwich – Bánh Mì Gà Xé
    • and many more

Location: Level B2, Unit 20, 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura Mall Singapore, Singapore 238839

Contact: +65 88768137

Website: https://cochung.oddle.me/en_SG/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=button&utm_campaign=shopn

10. Moc Quan


Here at Moc Quan, they bring to you authentic Vietnamese food seen on the streets of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. They believe that the best chefs in Vietnam are on the streets cooking in their one dish makeshift stalls which they spent their entire adult life mastering that one dish! For the past 3 years, they have been meeting these street chefs and learning from them their secret recipes. They also use the freshest ingredients. All their ingredients are brought over from Vietnam weekly where they fly over personally to hand carry back. They even imported a whole oven and Flour just to re-create the famous Banh Mi!

The decoration of Moc Quan combines both Vietnamese color and culture, they have brought to you a countryside feel when you step into the restaurant. All their furniture and decoration items are carefully sourced from Vietnam. Hence some of our customers will feel like they are back in the 1960s or 1970s.

At Moc Quan, they reproduce the delicious and crazy street food found in busy Ho Chi Minh City. Basically, authentic Vietnamese street food minus the honking and army of motor bikes on the streets.

Moc Quan is a restaurant, a coffee house and sandwich bar. Come lose yourself in a relaxing and relieve old memories from the past, and indulge yourself in authentic Vietnamese street food.


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Banh Mi Thit Nuong
    • Banh Mi Op La
    • Banh Mi Bo Bit Tet
    • Banh Mi Bo La Lot
    • Banh Mi Thit
    • and many more

Location: 81 Clemenceau Avenue, UE Square Shopping Mall, #01-23, Singapore 239917

Contact: +65 67360123

Website: http://www.mocquan.com.sg/

11. Little Saigon


Chill Out Vietnamese-style at Little Saigon

Adorned with classic Vietnamese lanterns in navy blue and a playful splash of yellow amidst the warm dark-wooden setting, Little Saigon is as beautifully mesmerizing as it is welcoming. Embrace the alluringly sexy mood while you savour modern Vietnamese cuisine, sip wicked cocktails, and slither sensually to the intoxicating music by its live bands daily, all in Little Saigon by the riverside in Clarke Quay.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Banh Mi Bo
    • Banh Mi Ga
    • Banh Mi Thit Heo
    • Banh Mi Ca Chien
    • and many more

Location: Blk E, Clarke Quay #01-02, River Valley Road, Singapore 179024

Contact: +65 63377862

Website: https://littlesaigonasia.com/

12. Fat Saigon Boy


Don’t expect to get into Fat Saigon Boy and get your hands on traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Quietly nestled on Science Park Drive, this restaurant is run by Cang Lai, the owner of the chef who invented his modern take on wanting to serve Vietnamese cuisine here in Singapore, fusing Melbourne’s growth with Vietnamese traditions.

You can get a strong taste by procuring it from Vietnam and roasting it with roasted beans, salt, butter and vanilla before shipping. If you have high caffeine tolerance, don’t drink this at night, unless you’re more likely to stay awake until 3 a.m. like them.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Banh Mi Flyer Pig
    • Banh Mi Fat Pork
    • Banh Mi The Chicken
    • Banh Mi The Veg Roll
    • and many more

Location: 2 science park drive Singapore, Singapore 118222

Contact: +65 62216784

Website: https://www.facebook.com/FatSaigonBoy/

13. Cô Hai Bánh Mì


Prepare to embark upon a culinary adventure like never before. At Co Hai Banh Mi, they believe that each meal is an emotional experience, sparking sights, smells, and sounds from one’s personal memories. Your unforgettable meal awaits.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Co Hai Baguette
    • Roasted Pork & Pate Baguette
    • Stir-fried Beef & Cheese Baguette
    • Roasted Chicken, Pate & Mayonnaise
    • Mix Vegetables Baguette
    • Beef Stew with Smash Potato with Baguette
    • and many more

Location: 359 Beach Rd Singapore 199575, Beach Rd, 199575

Contact: +65 62916435

Website: https://www.cohaibaguette.com/

14. NamNam


Nam Q Nguyen is the Founder and Managing Director of Annam Pte Ltd in partnership with Les Amis Group. Annam Pte Ltd owns NamNam, a casual quick-service noodle bar that is one of the most popular Vietnamese F&B concepts in Singapore.

Nam spent the first seven years of his life in Phan Rang in the South-Central coastal province of VietNam before his family escaped to Denmark in 1979 after the VietNam War.

In 1989, Nam embarked on a new life of becoming a culinary student in Copenhagen Culinary Institute. Since then, he has worked in various award-winning restaurants and hotels around the globe – such as The Lighthouse in Singapore, one Michelin star Le Canard Oslo, two Michelin star Aquavit NYC and The Sukhothai Bangkok. During his tenure at The Lighthouse, a concept conceived by the Les Amis Group, Nam picked up a Rising Chef award in 2002 at the World Gourmet Summit.

With a highly creative mind coupled with strong determination, Nam is always operating on the edge of trends, constantly inspired to take a leap of faith with all his creation.


  • Two different menu
  • Raffles City/Wheelock Place/Plaza Singapura
  • Takashimaya
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Lemongrass Toufu, Fried Egg, Braised Mushrooms
    • NamNam Signature Cold Cuts
    • Caramelised 5-Spice Pork Belly
    • Sauteed Lemongrass Pork, Cream Cheese
    • Braised Australian Beef with Star Anise, Cinnamon
    • and many more

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Online form

Website: https://namnam.net/

15. The Kind Bowl


The Kind Bowl was born in line with the current global effort to ‘Go Green’ and the greater awareness of the health benefits “Let food be thy medicine“. They source sustainable ingredients to create a modern, convenient, affordable yet ethical menu. They as individuals believe that everyone can make an impact and make the world a better place by switching to even just 1 plant-based meal a month.

  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Crazy Baguette A.K.A Banh Mi
    • BBQ Delight
    • No-Moo Spicy Noodle
    • The Kind Pho
    • No Crab Noodles
    • Eat The Rainbowl
    • and many more


Location: 271 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239527

Contact: +65 68140808

Website: https://www.thekindbowl.com/

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