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best cafe in east singapore

Top Great Cafes in Bedok, Siglap, and East Coast of Singapore

These Top Great Cafes in East Singapore aren’t just for the coffee lovers. Each of them serves excellent coffee, be it if it’s a cup of their specialty coffee or a bottle of malty cold brew. The brunch crowd have quite a few choices too; anything from oysters to gelato. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee by the twinkling waters of Bedok Reservoir,  a quick bite that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, or even a hearty brunch, these are some of the Top Great Cafes in East Singapore where you can find your new brunch favourite.

Top Great Cafes in Bedok, Siglap, and East Coast of Singapore

1. The Forage Café

Introduction: Foraging is the process where bees scout for the best nectar. The Forage Cafe aspires to be the desired place to hunt for honey infused dishes. Using honey straight from their own farm to create new recipes with the sweet golden liquid. “Bee” thrilled to taste their honey, from savoury mains to desserts to drinks! It’s all about honey!


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • St Louis Pork Ribs & Pork Bratwurst
    • Smoked Salmon & Eggs
    • Granchio Pasta (Crab Pasta)
    • Forage Signature
    • 74% Dark Chocolate Tart

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://theforagecafe.sg/

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2. Hay Gelato

Introduction: Gastronomic gelato flavours naturally curated from the development kitchen of Brine Singapore. Amazing waffles – crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. A total of 12 flavours will be available at any one time, with interesting flavours such as Balsamic Strawberry, Truffle, Meyer Lemon, Yuzu Ginger and Smoked Hay.


  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Smoked Hay Gelato with chocolate textures & miso caramel
    • Uji Matcha
    • Laksa Leaf Cream with coconut gelato and kaffir lime meringue.
    • Hawthorn Flavour

Location: 136 bedok north ave 3 #01-148, Singapore 460136

Contact: +65 9663 4254

Website: https://www.facebook.com/haygelato/

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Introduction: Percolate works with both local and international coffee roasters who share their ideals & vision for specialty coffee. Explore their current seasonal line up today.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Long Black + Stroopwafel
    • Coconut Latte
    • Ginger Latte
    • Truffle Shroom Croissant
    • Gula Melaka Affogato

Location:136 Bedok North Ave 3 #01-152 Singapore 460136

Contact: +65 8259 0316


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4. Power Coffeehouse

Introduction: A humble establishment serving local fusion dishes with the flavours & comforts of home at bedok north
Beyond the flavours and comforts of home, Power Coffeehouse serves as a gathering for hearts and minds.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Ayam “Lu Rou” Don
    • Power Nasi Goreng
    • Laksa Hokkien Mee
    • Genmaicha
    • Cafe Latte

Location:84 Bedok North Street 4 #01-27
Singapore 460084

Contact:+65 6445 1011


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5. FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

Introduction: Sophisticated, Mysterious, Adventurous, Curious, Playful – characteristics of a CAT describes their approach in crafting frozen delights. Only a FATCAT would be able to uphold the name of this absurd little shop. Be sure to step out of your comfort zone to try their quirky flavours! Their vision is to craft impeccable frozen delights from fresh ingredients, creating flavours from scratch with a twist of their own creativity and bold cooking techniques.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Standard Flavours
    • Premium Flavours
    • Mysterious Flavour
    • Gourmet Charcoal Waffles
    • Original Brown Butter Waffles

Location:  Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-25 Singapore 460416

Contact: +65 6241 0830


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6. Haute And Cauld

Introduction: The new ice cream cafe, called Haute&Cauld, opens till 2am every day, making this an option for those who like to jio your friends for supper.

At night, the cafe’s lighting might remind some of their clubbing days:

It’s All About Taste, If You Are Cheap, Nothing Helps


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Pistachio
    • Brownies & cream
    • Route 88
    • Aroy Mak (Thai Milk Tea)
    • Golden Vanilla

Location: 740 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-3179 S(470740)

Contact: +65 8498 2982


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7. Scoop Of Joy

Introduction: The 20 seater-space of Scoop Of Joy has a simple white interior and equipped with simple wooden furniture pieces. Offering 16 gelato flavours at any one time, classic flavours include Cotton Candy Bubble Gum, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chips, Cookies & Cream, Raspberry Passionfruit and Strawberry Cheesecake.


  • Highlights from Menu include (premium flavours)
    • Ondeh-Ondeh
    • Coconut Gula Melaka
    • Earl Grey
    • Milo Dinosaur
    • and Dark Chocolate.

Location:Blk 122 #01-128 Bedok North St 2, Bedok Garden (S) 460122

Contact: +65 8292 9957


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8. Refuel Cafe

Introduction: The most popular cafe in Bedok Reservoir draws in the crowds with unpretentious, hearty food at pocket-friendly prices. The cafe is well known in the east, serving up delicious all day brunches. The service is really fast and wonderful.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Chilli Crab Pasta
    • Pulled Pork Benedict
    • creamy mussel seafood pasta
    • Meaty Mac & Cheese

Location: Blk 744 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3029 Singapore, Singapore 470744

Contact: +65 6448 0015

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Refuelcafesg/

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9. Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Introduction: Inspired by Dutch’s contribution to the history of coffee, Dutch Colony Coffee Co. was established to bring the best bean-to-cup experience, with its first retail store at Pasarbella, a rustic and open farmers’ market in Singapore. The space removed barriers, sparking passionate conversations and enabling sharing about coffee to take place and personal coffee experience to transpire.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Dutch Breakfast
    • Pastrami Bagel
    • House Pancake
    • Truffled Egg Mayo Croissant

Location: Multiple locations

Contact: Multipe Contacts


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Introduction: Food & drinks created out of passion, a quiet corner in Opera Estate, great for gatherings and catching up with old friends.  Black & Ink serves decent cafe food with certain dishes that you can try.

  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Smoked Salmon & Eggs
    • Big R’s Classic Bacon Cheese Burger
    • Char Bowl
    • Chicken & Egg Situation
    • Fat Otah Toast

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11. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee (Siglap)

Introduction: Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is a Singapore independent coffee shop serving variety of specialty coffee and mouth-watering brunches. Established since 2013, they are inspired to serve great coffees with quality beans, hoping to bring a great end-to-end experiences for their customers in this fast pace country. They do believe that every cup matters and they are serious when it comes to their passion in making coffee, not to mention their dishes, which are delicious and well presented on your table. Visit their outlets and grab a cuppa, tell them how do you feel!


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Break up Steak Burrito
    • Truffle Mushroom Scrambled Egg
    • Breakup Steak Sourdough
    • White Wine Prawn
    • Mr Craftsmen’s Burger

Location: Multiple locations

Contact: Multipe Contacts

Website: https://www.craftsmencoffee.com/

12. C&T Cafe Pte Ltd

Introduction: C&T Café was established since June 1, 2012. The café is situated below an HDB which makes it easy for residents to find a place to eat nearby their homes. As of the present day, the café contains 8 stalls- Beverages, Seafood, Fishball Noodle, Prawn Noodle, Rojak, Vegetarian, Roasted Delights, Five Fried which provides the customers variety of options to choose from.


  • Click link for menu
  • The must-try food stalls
    • Wen Ji Roasted Delight stall
    • Xing Guang Long Seafood stall
    • Vietnam cuisine stalls
    • Duke Congee
    • Fishball Noodle stall

Location: Blk 704 Bedok Reservoir Road#01-3624 Singapore 470704

Contact: 6848 2202

Website: https://ct-cafe-pte-ltd.business.site/

13. The Royals Cafe

Introduction: A casual, Halal-certified cafe, The Royals Cafe offers a wide range of local and westen delights. Local favourites include Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak , while the western menu features Braised Beef Cheeks and all-day breakfasts. There is also a selection of pastries and cakes available off the shelf to choose from.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Crab Cake Burger
    • Sliced Rib Eye Linguini
    • The Royal’s Signature Mee Siam
    • Spicy Ayam Charlocoal Burger
    • Nasi Lemak Katsu Chicken

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://royalcakes.com/

14. PS.Cafe at East Coast Park

Introduction: PS.Cafe opened in 1999 as a cosy cafe hidden within Projectshop clothing store. PS.Cafe has been an iconic brunch spot in Singapore, known for its chic interior with lush greeneries, and signature truffle fries.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Herb Labneh & Truffled Honey
    • Garlic Truffle Butter
    • White Christmas Salad
    • Truffle Roast Chicken

Location: Multiple Location

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://www.pscafe.com/

15. Group Therapy Coffee

Introduction: Group Therapy began in 2011 as a collective events space within a restored shophouse along the gentrified Duxton Road. The space expanded into a day cafe and in 2013 found another home in the Katong neighbourhood. In March 2020, we moved from Duxton to Cross Street Exchange, where we continue to serve as a cafe as well as an events space.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Black Sesame Flatbread
    • Acai Bowl
    • Fried Daikon Bowl
    • Arugula Pesto
    • Truffle Ravioli

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://www.gtcoffee.com/

16. Carry On Cafe

Introduction: The café carries an array of pastries & sweets. Fresh buttery French butter croissant, pan au chocolate and bagels for breakfast. Fruity Greek yogurt w/ chia seeds for a healthier option. A selection of grill pressed wraps & sandwiches, and the occasional soup & salad for lunch and/or snack. To satisfy the sweet tooth, They have their specialty dessert Sans Rival which means without rival. Made with layers of cashew meringue & French buttercream makes it truly without rival. Their New York Cheesecake is baked the traditional way; slowly in a water bath giving it a rich, smooth & creamy texture.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Sundried Tomato Chicken Wrap
    • Tandoori Chicken Basil Wrap
    • Thai Chicken Wrap
    • Mexican Beef Wrap
    • American Beef Pie

Location: 348 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore, Singapore 437115

Contact: +65 6348 2495

Website: https://www.facebook.com/CarryOnSG/

17. Brawn & Brains Coffee

Introduction: Founded in 2013, Brawn & Brains Coffee is a local coffee roaster, café, wholesaler and retailer, based in Singapore. They endeavor to be one of Singapore’s leading cafés, dedicated to sourcing and roasting high-quality coffee with the primary focus of making good coffee easy to brew, easy to appreciate, and accessible to all.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Smoked Salmon & Avocado On Rustic Sourdough
    • Pepperoni & Cheese Sandwich
    • Crispy Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    • Espresso Gula Jawa Slice
    • Apple Streusel Slice

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://bb-grab-go.myshopify.com/

18. 2Six Cafe

Introduction: Picture yourself stepping into the place – the familiar aroma of the coffee bean; the slight crackle noise from the steamer wand; being greeted by your name as you proceed to your usual seat; tea and a cake you ordered as you anticipate the arrival of your companion. Such heartening café experience is what they offer.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Avocado Toast
    • BLT Sandwich
    • 2Six Breakfast
    • Bolognese Pasta
    • BBQ Jumbo Beef Burger

Location: 88 East Coast Road #01-10 Katong Square Singapore 423371

Contact: +65 6247 7548

Website: https://www.2six.com.sg/

19. Baker & Cook – Swan Lake

Introduction: First opened in 2012, Baker & Cook is Singapore’s only true artisan bakery & foodstore. Their bakery products are hand-crafted and made with time honoured processes with honest ingredients. Baker & Cook is the creation & pride of celebrated Global Baker, Dean Brettschneider.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • B&C Toasted Bagel
    • Nutella Sandwich
    • Spanish Omelette
    • Avo Smash
    • Good Ol’ Pancake

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts

Website: https://www.bakerandcook.biz/

20. Ninethirty (by Awfully Chocalate)

Introduction: Back in 1998 they decided they would give the boot to fancy French pastries (which were concoctions of everything but cake) that had invaded Singapore and bring the humble cake back to its glory days. They resolved to put the cake back into cake and they would make it chocolate. It was a simple resolve and they didn’t want to complicate it. 
So they started a cake shop selling only one cake – a simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge.
Real cake one could bite into, rich in taste yet moist and light. Not just mouthfuls of mousse or cream.
Not overly sweet but something you would find yourself craving for regularly and never tire of.
Since then Awfully Chocolate has grown from a one cake shop in Katong into a group of shops,
cafes and restaurants bearing their love for dark chocolate, both in Singapore and overseas.


Highlights from Menu include

  • All Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate Banana Cake
  • Chocolate Praline Cake
  • Caramel Butter & Sea
  • Baked Chocolate Melt

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts


21. 283 Cafe

Introduction: 283 Cafe sells sub-zero cold tap and bottled beers, varieties of ciders, soft drinks and homemade beverages. Besides that, they offer a great variety of fried tapas, local delights and western foods to satisfy your raging appetite. To provide a premium and exclusive chill-out environment for their deserving VIP members, they are equipped with cosy and comfortable furniture, large LED TVs to air LIVE soccer matches, amazing surround sound systems, a Pool Table, Air Hockey Table and etc.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Kirin Beer
    • Tiger Radler
    • Draft Denmark
    • Bulmers
    • Desparados
    • Strongbow
    • Pork Chop / Cutlet
    • Oyster Sauce Hor Fun

Contact: 8262 3333

Location: 318 Changi Road, Singapore 419793

Website: https://283cafe.com/

22. Marie’s Lapis Cafe

Introduction: Marie’s Lapis Café is a ‘fun to be at chill out’ F&B outlet with its first outlet at 537 Bedok North Street 3 #01-575. It has a siting capacity of about 15 customers with social distancing. The Café at Bedok North will provide the residents of Bedok with breakfast, high tea, evening chill time and snacks. They pride themselves with customer service and quality offerings. Their motto is to “Serve with love and prosper with compassion”. The premise will be fully air-conditioned for your comfort with music and free Wi-Fi. This café is unique, and they will bring you both tradition and a fusion of modern and tradition.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • Hostile Tac-Over
    • Vivia La Ngoh Hiang
    • Swedish Meatbball Penne
    • Mac and Cheese
    • Bacon and Waffles

Location: 537 BEDOK NORTH, STREET 3, #01-575 460537

Contact: +65 6970 8556

Website: https://www.marieslapiscafe.com/

23. A cup Of Time

Introduction: A sanctuary that offer traditional locally produce and homemade food, paired with specialty craft brew that brings back your memories, recharge your soul and find your inner peace. A Cup of Time is a café that strives to serve as a cosy place to recharge one’s mind and spirit. The cafe serves up traditional, locally-produced, and homemade food paired with speciality craft coffee and tea brews.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • White inspirations
    • Black Desires
    • Camphora
    • Cafe Au Poivre
    • Honey Rose

Location: 515 Bedok North Avenue 2#01-195Singapore 460515

Contact: +65 9635 2152


24. Bread & Hearth

Introduction: They create recipes to satisfy your delicate palette and they respect you as a discerning customer who appreciates quality. Handcrafted artisan bread is their bakery café’s signature style, where every bread and pastry is baked using traditional European methods. A great emphasis is placed on using age-old bread-making techniques, which may be time consuming, but yields distinct results that discerning gourmands will surely appreciate.


  • Click link for menu
  • Highlights from Menu include
    • The Big Breakfast
    • Avocatoast
    • Griddle Pancakes
    • Brownie A La Mode
    • Affogato

Location: Multiple Locations

Contact: Multiple Contacts


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