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Tropika Club is your #1 Booking Platform

Introduction to Tropika Club

Tropika Club is your #1 booking platform for beauty, wellness and fitness services in Singapore. With more than 2000 services (and growing) listed in our platform, and with many offering up to 50% discounts for off-peak periods, Tropika Club is your new way to discover great beauty, wellness and fitness deals in Singapore! Using location-based map search, you can move around any part of Singapore and find nearby services that’s suitable for you.

Tropika Club platform

Services You Can Find on Tropika Club

The services on Tropika Club are broadly divided into the following key categories:

  • Hairstyling and Hair Regrowth
  • Hair Removal
  • Facial and Aesthetics
  • Brows and Lashes
  • Nails and Makeup
  • Body Slimming
  • Massage and Spa
  • Fitness and Wellness

Great Features on Tropika Club Booking Platform

When creating the Tropika Club portal, we asked ourselves, “what key features should we included in the portal in order to create the best offers for customers? Also, how we can help our customers discover fantastic offers from services providers near them?”. With this key principles in mind, we created some amazing features on the Tropika Club platform.

Feature #1: Genuine Off-Peak Discounts

Off-peak discounts of up to 50%. Many service providers are actually quiet during off-peak or non-peak periods. Instead of leaving the salon or venue empty, why not allow them to provide off-peak discounts of up to 50% to attract customers like you, who might be available during these periods? With this, we get happy customers and happy businesses!!

Feature #2: Search by Map

Search by Map. Search for services and discounts near you based on our innovative “Search by Map”. Using the map, you can easily see all the services and discounts, if any based on the service categories.

Feature #3: Flamingo Reward Points

Flamingo Reward points. Earn 1 x Flamingo reward point for each service you book and complete on Tropika Club. Accumulate points to exchange for free booking credits. What’s more, accumulate 100, 300 or 500 points in your lifetime to unlock special treats, rewards and perks!

Feature #4: Flexible Cancellation Policy

Tropika Club offers free cancellations up to 4 hours before your booking. Get Tropika refund points to make your next booking.

  • Get 100% refund credits if you book and pay via NETS QR (DBS PayLah!, OCBC Pay Anyone or UOB Mighty)
  • Get 90% refund credits if you book and pay via Credit Card

Launch Promotion with Discounts of 30% or More

As part of our Mega-Launch of Tropika Club, we have lined up many merchants, who have committed discounts of 30% or more! So, if you are looking for a fantastic deal in the months of July and August, do come in and quickly book your services now!

Tropika Club's Flamingo is the chief editor and curator for all newsfeeds, articles and guides for Tropika Club Magazine. Beside contributing content to the magazine, the Flamingo also helps to give our reward points to customers who have booked beauty, wellness and fitness services in the search directory.