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24 Nov, Tuesday
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Try This Japanese Online Social Distancing Game

Covid-19 coronavirus has us sitting at home with just ourselves and our own hobbies for entertainment. A number of us are cooking, some are studying while others are living through the pandemic in art and games. For Singapore, the Circuit Breaker has been extended till 1 June so there are more weeks to plan the time away. Adding to the series of online games found by Tropika Club, would be this funky Japanese Online game to teach you social distancing.

Inspired by the Tokyo government’s reaction to the pandemic, Twitter consumer Gunjo Chikin has created an 8-bit-style free online game called Mitsu Desu Game, or’Social Distance: The’ Game’. Offered in both English and Japanese, the boundless scrolling game casts you as Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike walking through crowds of people. Your goal is to achieve appropriate social distancing by simply clicking to move people out of the way. Each time you click, the Koike personality says’mistu desu’, the governor’s now-famous catchphrase for social distancing.

Try This Japanese Online Social Distancing Game



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