Top 10 Best Laksa in Singapore

#1 is 328 Katong Laksa 

It doesn’t help that beating celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay in a 2013 cooking showdown has made 328 Katong Laksa extra famous.

#2 is Janggut Laksa 

From the original makers of Katong Laksa, Janggut is a rebranded food stall whose quality and authenticity of the original noodle dish remains the same. 

#3 is 928 Yishun Laksa

Located near the bus interchange, this small coffee shop known for having the best laksa in the North sees lines forming all day long for its wallet-friendly bowl of laksa (from $2.80).

#4 is Sungei Road Laksa

Sungei Road Laksa is a humble stall in a coffee shop. The secret behind their gravy is that the store owner insists on cooking the gravy over a charcoal burner.