#1 is Yunos N Family 

Has been run the stall for nearly 4 decades, Yunos N family must really be experts at what they sell.They are famous for their Mee Rebus which is filled with a thick luscious gravy.

#2 is Inspirasi Stall

Managed by second generation hawker Rashid Bin Amat, 55, and three of his siblings, the stall’s roots can be traced back to 1970 when Amat’s late father first arrived from Indonesia and came up with Inspirasi’s recipes to make a living.

#3 is Rahim Muslim Food

Opened since the 1960s, the secret recipes for Rahim Muslim Food’s mouth watering dishes has been passed down through two generations.

#4 is Lina's Cafe

Muslim owned halal cafe aims to create a safe haven for families with ASD kids to dine in. They Served Traditional Mee Rebus & Halal bubble teas.