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26 Nov, Thursday
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Wellaboost Needleless Skin Booster Provides Results You Can Trust

A skincare treatment that uses an electrical field to make your skin more absorbent, and injects serums with high-pressure jet spray. No, we’re not talking about a scene in some Netflix sci-fi show. We’re talking about Wellaholic’s Wellaboost Needleless Skin Booster, which infuses the skin with one out of 4 serums to choose from though non-invasive technology. It promises to improve collagen production, as well as the skin’s hydration, regeneration, and healing. Tropika Club took a visit to Wellaholic to find out more about this seemingly miraculous treatment.


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The Science Behind Wellaboost

Wellaholic touts two separate case studies to substantiate its promises to boost the skin’s wellness: the research on Efficacy of a New Topical Nano-hyaluronic Acid in Humans and the Rejuvenating Effects of Facial Hydrofilling using Restylane Vital.

The researchers in the first study posited that the skin could more effective absorb hyaluronic acid of smaller molecule size. It was because the size of the conventional hyaluronic acids is too large (3000 nanometers) to fit into the intercellular spaces (around 15 nanometers to 50 nanometers), preventing it from penetrating deeper layers of the skin. 

To prove that, researchers enrolled 33 women around the ages of 45 years that applied nano-hyaluronic acid twice daily on a section of their skin. They had to report to the researchers every two weeks, where the researchers took measurements and pictures of the skin.

The results? The skin section where the nano-hyaluronic acid was applied was significantly more hydrated after two, four, and eight weeks of treatment. There were also considerable improvements in the skin’s elasticity.



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