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What to Buy for the Guy That “Doesn’t Need Anything”?

Gift-giving happens year round for all sorts of occasions. Usually, the process is straightforward: the person is easy to buy for, or they tell you what they want. But sometimes it can be stressful. Especially when that person says they don’t need anything. It can be even more complicated when that person is a guy. Don’t worry. Here are some steps from the Tropika Club team which you can follow to ease the stress and find a lovely present which he will (surely) love.

First: Describe

Consider the man in your life. In the list below, which words resonate?

  • outdoorsy
  • musical
  • techy
  • foodie
  • intellectual
  • mechanical
  • traveler
  • athlete
  • sports fan
  • young
  • retired
  • mid-life
  • career changer
  • graduate
  • father
  • grandfather
  • son
  • brother
  • significant other
  • friend
  • leader
  • business owner
  • creative
  • reader
  • writer
  • farmer or gardener
  • chef
  • talker
  • adventurous
  • humorous
  • … add your own!

Second: Categorize

Is this man a product guy or an experience guy? A product guy is someone who enjoys playing with stuff. He has the newest phone, a fancy computer, lots of books, gadgets, toys, and clothes. An experience guy is often donating goods, has a limited wardrobe, and tells great stories.

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