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Who Said Affordable Hair Removal in Singapore Isn’t Possible?

Getting rid of unwanted hair and ingrown hairs have never been easier. Ads for hair removal services abound on social media. With so many different price points and packages, it can be confusing. Bewildering, even. But who said affordable hair removal isn’t possible? Here’s what we found out.

Types of Hair Removal in Singapore

IPL Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology uses light pulses on the hair root to remove hair. This laser hair removal technology releases light in multiple wavelengths in the skin. The intense light energy is then converted to heat energy. But it is still precise, damaging only the hair follicles while minimising its damage to the skin. By targeting hair follicles, the treatment induces the hair to go into the resting phase. After the hair falls out, the area of your body will grow less and less hair.

IPL hair removal is more suitable for people with coarse and dark hair because their skin and hair can absorb more heat energy. If you have fairer skin, you might need extra sessions to see its effects. That said, people with darker skin might have a slightly more painful time because the extra absorption of energy is translated to pain when the heat affects the nerves.

SHR Hair Removal

Super Hair Removal (SHR) Hair Removal has since taken over the prominence of IPL in hair removal technology. It’s more effective and less painful. This newer laser hair removal technology uses rapid low-energy diode lasers, but at a higher frequency. So the heating effect is gentler on the skin, and it’s more precise than IPL hair removal: 50% of the energy is targeted at the cells responsible for melanin production, while the rest targets the stem cells that produce hair.

SHR Hair Removal can target both fine and coarse hairs. So you can enjoy improved results and less discomfort during the treatment. That’s because the accumulation of energy in the skin is more gradual.

People with dark skin tone rejoice! So this laser hair removal works on everyone, no matter the skin type and hair type. Some even recommend it for people with sensitive skin, hence its popularity for Brazilian and Boyzilian hair removal treatments.

One tiny caveat: most salons would recommend you shave the areas you want to target for SHR laser hair removal the day before to keep pain and discomfort to a minimum. Because SHR laser hair removal is the most effective when the hair follicles are in the active growth phase (the anagen stage).


Sugaring is a safe, natural way to get rid of unwanted hair. It works by applying a sticky, gel-based paste to remove hair. The paste usually consists of lemon, sugar, and water. So it’s safe, natural, and uses no chemical additives.

Then, the paste is pulled off gently in the direction of the hairs growth. Because sugaring doesn’t pull at live cells, it won’t damage your skin. Instead, it removes hair follicles from the root (the base of the hair shaft) by using laser technology, which makes it particularly effective for ingrown or curled hair.

Still: Sugaring could hurt. Sugaring doesn’t stick to live skin cells — only to dead skin cells — which means less irritation and discomfort. But there’s still a bit of an ‘ouch’ factor when sugaring as it’s still pulling out hair from its root. And since sugaring thins the hair and damages the hair follicles, over time, the treatment will be less painful. Plus, many people do find it less painful than waxing.

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Affordable Hair Removal In Singapore is Possible

The more affordable hair removal prices can start as low as $49 per session for smaller areas of your body. (if you can find anything lower than that, drop us a DM). Prices could go up to as high as $200, or more. For large areas, prices range from $73 to over $300, depending on where you go.

There are so many different types of plans and packages in Singapore. Some are more upfront, listing all their prices clearly and concisely. Others would try, politely,  get customers through the door before letting you know about the prices, luring them with one-time-only promotions as customers try treatments for the first time.

The way salons charges for their hair removal treatments also varies between salons. There are salons that charge according to the amounts of shots you take. Another way of pricing is that salons would actually bundle it in a package with ‘unlimited’ use with its ensuing T&Cs, of course.

So here’s a taste of our price research for hair removal in Singapore:

So here’s a taste of some of the price research we’ve done:

Salon Name and SHR Treatments (for Small Areas)Pricing
True Aesthetics 
Underarm$68 ($680 for 10 visits)
Half Arm$98 ($980 for 10 visits)
Half Leg$188 ($1,880 for 10 visits)
SHR Small Areas (1-Month Plan)$59 (per session)
SHR Small Areas (3-Month Plan)$55 (per session)
SHR Small Areas (6-Month Plan)$53 (per session)
SHR Small Areas (12-Month Plan)$49 (per session)
Smuvve Aesthetics 
Lifetime Upper Lip SHR Hair Removal Package$68 (U.P. $128)
Lifetime Upper/Lower Arm(Elbow Inclusive) SHR Hair Removal$388 (U.P. $988)
Lifetime Abdominal SHR$328 (U.P. $628)
Lifetime Underarm SHR$248 (U.P. $428)
Lifetime Facial SHR$428 (U.P. $688)
Lifetime Half Arm SHR Hair Removal$388 (U.P. $988)
Ceramique Aesthetics 
Small Area – ala carte Session$120++ per part
Mode Aesthetics 
SHR – 6 sessions (Small/Large areas)$1,728 (Promo price: $136.96)
Bio Aesthetic – All SHR Includes both Limbs 
Half Arm$198 ($218 for Males)
Half Leg$188 ($218 for Males)
Underarm$128 ($150 for Males)
Upper Lip$78 ($88 for Males)
Laser Hair Removal Singapore Price (Small Areas)

Salon Name and SHR Treatments (for Large Areas)Pricing
True Aesthetics 
Full Arm$108 ($1,080 for 10 visits)
Full Back$178 ($1,780 for 10 visits)
Half Leg$188 ($1,880 for 10 visits)
Full Leg$228 ($2,280 for 10 visits)
Full Body$338 ($3,380 for 10 visits)
SHR Large Areas (1-Month Plan)$89 (per session)
SHR Large Areas (3-Month Plan)$83 (per session)
SHR Large Areas (6-Month Plan)$79 (per session)
SHR Large Areas (12-Month Plan)$73 (per session)
Smuvve Aesthetics 
Lifetime Full Back SHR Hair Removal Package$688 (U.P. $988)
Lifetime Full Arms SHR Hair Removal Package$688 (U.P. $1,288)
Lifetime Lower Legs SHR Hair Removal Package$988 (U.P. $1,688)
Lifetime Full Legs SHR Hair Removal Package$1,388 (U.P. $2,288)
Lifetime Full Body SHR Hair Removal Package$5,068 (U.P. $8,888)
Ceramique Aesthetics 
Medium Area – ala carte Session$220++ per part
Large Area – ala carte Session$320++ per part
Bio Aesthetic – All SHR Includes both Limbs 
Full Arm$238 ($258 for Males)
Half Leg$188 ($218 for Males)
Full Leg$298 ($318 for Males)
Laser Hair Removal Singapore Price (Large Areas)

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