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Why Choose Tropika Club for your Beauty & Wellness Business?

Why Choose Tropika Club for your Beauty & Wellness Business?

  • Are you looking to increase the revenue of your beauty and wellness business?
  • Are you looking to fill up your empty slots and keep your team productive?
  • Are you looking to gain and retain your customers through a loyalty program?
  • Are you looking at increasing your SEO rankings on Google?
  • Are you looking for a partner that doesn’t charge you a single cent?

Welcome to Tropika Club, your online platform for customers to discover your services. Tropika Club’s mission is to match beauty and wellness services providers with customers. By allowing businesses to offer discounts for off-peak slots to customers that are available to try them, Tropika Club allows you to optimise and earn from your off-peak excess capacity and slots. It also allows customers who are near you to discover and try your services. Tropika Club’s search-by-map allows customers near you to discover your promotions and services in real time. With a customised For Her and For Him search, Tropika Club will help you reach out to both genders. Joining is FREE! Pay nothing, and Tropika Club only takes a small booking fee when a booking is made by the customer.

To sign up, fill in the Merchant Partnership Form at https://tropika.live/agreement or call/whatsapp/message Louis at 93826587

Tropika Club's Flamingo is the chief editor and curator for all newsfeeds, articles and guides for Tropika Club Magazine. Beside contributing content to the magazine, the Flamingo also helps to give our reward points to customers who have booked beauty, wellness and fitness services in the search directory.