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Crop stylist drawing eyeliner on model eyelid

Your Handy Eyeliner Tips and Tricks Guide

Read our ultimate eyeliner application guide with tips, tricks, videos and step by step guides to help you perfect your winged eye liner every day! Discover how to apply eyeliner with this ultimate eye liner application guide, with videos, tips and our favourite products for achieving that perfect winged eyeliner. Master your eyeliner skills with this handy guide from Tropika Club

Which is better for Beginners – Liquid or Pencil Eyeliners?

Liquid may go on easier than a pencil especially if it is a liquid felt tip pen eyeliner. But if you plan on doing cat eyes, then it would be an unrealistic expectation for a beginner. For a simple look on the top lash line, liquid pen would be best. If you want a simple waterline then an automatic twist up pencil might be better. A good choice is gel with a brush. From tight/waterline to cat eyes you can really do everything with gel eyeliner. 



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