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Your Handy Eyeliner Tips and Tricks Guide

Read our ultimate eyeliner application guide with tips, tricks, videos and step by step guides to help you perfect your winged eye liner every day! Discover how to apply eyeliner with this ultimate eye liner application guide, with videos, tips and our favourite products for achieving that perfect winged eyeliner. Master your eyeliner skills with this handy guide from Tropika Club

Which is better for Beginners – Liquid or Pencil Eyeliners?

Liquid may go on easier than a pencil especially if it is a liquid felt tip pen eyeliner. But if you plan on doing cat eyes, then it would be an unrealistic expectation for a beginner. For a simple look on the top lash line, liquid pen would be best. If you want a simple waterline then an automatic twist up pencil might be better. A good choice is gel with a brush. From tight/waterline to cat eyes you can really do everything with gel eyeliner. 

How do you put on your Eyeliner Properly? 

Eyeliner for Round Eyes: Round eyes are usually (and relatively) large and offer you a lot of space to work with. Start out by drawing the inner corner of your eye lid with a pencil liner. Begin by lining thinly and slowly but surely make it thicker as you reach the end of the eye. This has the effect of helping you define the shape of your eyes. You can use the same liner to draw the lower line of your eyes. By doing this, you highlight the eyes in a smart way which accentuates your eyes. 

Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes: If you have hooded eyelids or lids that droop, you can consider to apply the following method. A smoky eyeliner effect goes perfectly with this kind of eyes. Simply start by applying to your upper waterline. Next, use a pencil liner for the upper lid and smudge out the line by blending the colour with your finger tips or a small, blunt eye-shadow brush. Then, use a liner and stroke it on your bottom waterline. Adding a highlight colour in the inner corners or your upper eyelids will add a touch of perfection.

Eyeliner for Almond Eyes: A cat-eye look goes beautifully on almond-shaped eyes. The shape of the eyes is clearly visible when you sport almond eyes. First of all, try to apply a thin layer of liquid liner on your upper eyelid. Do this by starting from the corner or your eye. As you cover two-third of the lid, you can try to start to thicken the liner. You can leave the lower waterline empty or use nude eyeliner to finely define it. 

How do you apply winged eyeliner properly?

Winged eyeliner can be tricky and how you apply it can differ depending on the product you use. I help produce a beauty channel on YouTube called The Erin and Christa Show and we have a lot of makeup and hair tutorials. One of them is how to do winged eyeliner. It’s a pretty short watch and sometimes it’s easier to watch than to explain via text! See the video below: 

How do you get liquid eyeliner off more quickly?

There are two good methods to this. First of all, you can consider the use of petroleum jelly: Dedicate one petroleum jelly stick (lip balm without scent and colour) for wiping off your eyeliner. It takes good care of sensitive skin around eyes while removing the eyeliner without smudge. Anther method is the use of Cotton ear buds. They can be used to apply make up remover locally onto the eyeliner and help remove liner quicker than water.

How do you create the Perfect Straight Eyeliner?

Do you get wavy or even crooked lines when you attempt the winged look or cat eye when applying eyeliner? Never again if you get yourself a useful eyeliner stencil guide helper. Made of soft silicone material which is comfortable and easy in hand,the stencil helps you to create a perfect eyeliner without any difficulty. Just hold close to eyelid and trace along the line. Two different kinds of curves and angles at both sides of this template. You can choose one side with best effect for you. 

How To Choose Eyeliner Colour For your Eyes?

Just like the colour of your eyes plays a role in your eye makeup, it becomes important when choosing coloured eyeliners as well. While black is the universal eyeliner colour but when trying out eye pencils of other colours some basic rules apply. Coloured eyeliner shades for brown eyes : gold, pink, violet, purple, lavender, turquoise, aqua, and cobalt. 

Coloured eyeliners can brighten up your eyes in seconds. If you are tired of applying the same old black eyeliner, we suggest you start experimenting with coloured eyeliners. Try the most popular ones gold and blue eyeliner and the edgy ones yellow and green coloured eyeliner. Use them as single strokes or do eyeliner makeup without eye shadow, these looks are worth trying! 

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How do you use the White Eyeliner? 

This white pencil eyeliner is a must for making eyes look more youthful, awake, and refreshed! Lining your lower (and upper, if you’ve got steady hands) waterline with a white eyeliner creates the illusion that your sclera (the white portion of your eye) is larger. This illusion of a larger sclera makes it seem like your eyes are open wider, meaning more awakened.

How do I create a Flawless Eyeliner Look?

It’s tempting to squint when you’re bringing pointy objects (such as your applicator) towards your eyes. But if you’re exercising care and caution when applying eyeliner, there’s really no need to squint at all! Rumour has it that squinting can cause wrinkles down the road! If your lid always seems to tug when you apply liner, leaving you a panda-eyed mess, you might want to try a simpler route. Namely, drawing three dashes along your eye, then connecting them. You can blend the line together using an angled eyeliner brush, or simply clean up any unevenness with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover (or lotion). 

Clean your sharpener regularly with soap and water. This will help you to avoid not only cross-mixed colours, but buildup of bacteria and germs from previous eyeliners that have been sharpened in the past. Clean your sharpener by adding rubbing alcohol to the end of a cotton tip, then swiping the mouth and blades of your sharpener.

Take great care not to pull or tug the skin around your eyes when you are applying eyeliner. It is really easy to get caught up in your makeup routine, resulting in yanking and twisting your own face around to apply products. 

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